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November Marketing Pieces

This month we decided to focus on our new Interactive Floor Plan Software & Space Planner technology program that we are thrilled about. This amazing program is just one more service that will expedite sales and enhance your virtual tour business over any other competitors out there offering just plain old floor plans.

There is a brand new 2 page floor plan flyer as well as a interactive floor plan postcard connected to this topic to help you spread the word to your clients.

With the holidays are rapidly approaching, we created a simple “we’ve missed you” postcard that can be sent out to previous clients that you haven’t heard from in awhile. It is always a good idea to keep your company name fresh and in front of potential clients.

Lastly, dance studios are another business that you may have overlooked. This is a great example of a business that could benefit from a virtual tour. Take a moment and look in your local phone book, you will be surprised how many studios there really are.

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New Technology Release | Floor Plan Software

We’re very pleased to inform everyone that we’ve just gone live with our new Interactive Floor Plan system! We have created an all new system utilizing an amazing space planner technology!

This technology leapfrogs the floor plan technology of the competitors with its unique ability to add photos, panoramas, AND move furniture around!!

You’re now able to create unlimited floor plans and link them directly to your virtual tours. We’re also very happy to announce, by popular demand, we’ve brought back our Sketch & Fax service.

Take a moment now and check out the new system by following the link below:

For those of you that would like to hear about this system in detail you’re more than welcome to join us Tuesday, November 3rd at 7:00pm Eastern, while Jason LaVanture and Guest Speaker Steve Street from Icovia discuss the many “bells and whistles” built into the new Floor Plan system.

Sign up now and start practicing so you can be ready for this event!

Enjoy the new system!

Team RTV

3D Floor Plans by RTV

We are very excited to announce an increase in demand in provider floor plans over the last few months. Since launching the program last summer we have seen continued growth of the amount of RTV providers offering the 2D and 3D floor plans as add-ons to their virtual tour services.

Due to this surge in demand RTV will no longer be offering floor plan Sketch and Fax services internally as our network continues to to become more and more of a national virtual tour and floor plan service.

We will still continue to provide Full Service 2D floor plans to providers in available locations and will be more than happy to put you in touch with one of our many virtual tour providers around the world who may help you with your sketch and fax floor plans.

One of the more popular floor plan upgrades is the 2D Picture Plus plans. Picture Plus floor
plans offer our providers an innovative, interactive solution to displaying digital still images to
potential buyers. They are a great standalone product to offer outside the virtual tour

For more information on RTV’s internal 2D and 3D floor plan developments please give us a call today or visit the floor plan section of your virtual tour manager. If you are new to RTV and have not yet begun marketing your floor plan service be sure to download our floor plan infopack.

Good luck out there!
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Automatic 3D Walkthrough Praise

Dear Real Tour Vision,

I just wanted to thank your entire team for all of your hard work on making our dream a reality. It was amazing how quickly you put together our first 3d virtual walkthrough from the 2d Floor Plan sketches that we faxed you. I am so grateful to you for being so easy to work with and always responding quickly to our requests.

We are in the process of building and selling a home so naturally we are very excited to be able to show what they house will look before it is even built. In the past we simply had to show someone a floor plan and the customer would have to visualize which is not something that everyone can do very well. Your floor plan and 3D walkthrough service really made the house come to life before our eyes. We are so grateful to you for making this happen.

We have just started to use this tool and we will be sending in over 20 more sketch and fax floor plans over the the next week or so because we are so happy with the product that you have provided to us. We are very glad that we found you and your company and we will be talking to you soon about the new floor plans and the new builders that this tool will attract.


Sal Mercurio, Broker/Agent /Virtual Tour Provider
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FREE Virtual Tour Sofware Updates

Real Tour Vision is pleased to announce that our virtual tour providers worldwide are now able to control the pan speed and pan direction of the virtual tours. A pan speed of 99 is as fast as possible to the right and a pan speed setting of -99 is as fast as possible to the left. A pan speed of 0 will keep the panoramas from moving at all. This has been a very high request among our virtual tour provider network for some time now. Some want it slower while others wanted it to be faster. Overall the panning speed of a virtual tour is highly dependent on the processor speed of the computer, how many tasks are running in the background, video card quality and how much RAM is inside of a computer. Since this is very different from one machine to the next we have adapted our system to satisfy everyone on a per tour basis. This is just another free virtual tour software edit that we have made allowing our providers to better accommodate.

Finally by popular demand the Real Tour Vision TMS now auto populates Google Maps and Google Satellite upon upload. This is a switch from the Yahoo mapping service that was previously used. To remain the most flexible virtual tour system on the market we will allow all of our virtual tour providers to change over to any other mapping technology or satellite technology by dropping in a new link when editing a virtual tour.

Real Tour Vision delivers the best virtual tour software in the industry and has the World’s largest network.

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