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Automatic 3D Walkthrough Praise

Dear Real Tour Vision,

I just wanted to thank your entire team for all of your hard work on making our dream a reality. It was amazing how quickly you put together our first 3d virtual walkthrough from the 2d Floor Plan sketches that we faxed you. I am so grateful to you for being so easy to work with and always responding quickly to our requests.

We are in the process of building and selling a home so naturally we are very excited to be able to show what they house will look before it is even built. In the past we simply had to show someone a floor plan and the customer would have to visualize which is not something that everyone can do very well. Your floor plan and 3D walkthrough service really made the house come to life before our eyes. We are so grateful to you for making this happen.

We have just started to use this tool and we will be sending in over 20 more sketch and fax floor plans over the the next week or so because we are so happy with the product that you have provided to us. We are very glad that we found you and your company and we will be talking to you soon about the new floor plans and the new builders that this tool will attract.


Sal Mercurio, Broker/Agent /Virtual Tour Provider
Idaho Dream Properties
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Virtual Tours and Juicy Hamburgers

You’re watching TV, and an ad for “Joe’s Hamburger Shack” is on the screen. You read that Joe’s has the best, the juiciest, and the ad urges you to visit and taste for yourself. You see a picture of the front of “Joe’s” establishment.

At the next commercial break, “Tom’s Best Burgers” shows a video of a hamburger sizzling on the grill, then the juicy hamburger with a golden bun, a thick, bright-red tomato slice, pickles, onions and golden-brown French fries on the side. It makes your mouth water!

Now translate to Virtual Tours…

One of my earliest virtual tours in Naples was from a fairly new agent who picked up an expired listing. She told me that the former agency not only did not have a 360 Tour, but had only a couple of still images on MLS. They had the listing for 18 months.

In less than 2 weeks, she called to tell me the property was in contract. The buyers told her they had been looking for 2 years. They saw the Virtual Tour and knew they wanted to see this property in “real time”. They ended up buying.

Virtual Tours, and especially Real Tour Vision’s excellent virtual tour software technology, brings the “sizzle” to life. There is no better way to market properties in today’s market.

Paula Susi
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Happy Anniversay Mike and Candice Stolte!

Happy Nine Year Anniversary to Mike Stolte and his wonderful wife Candice. Mike and Candice have been a part of team RTV now for nearly two years offering virtual tours of Houston, TX.

Congrats Mike and Candice!!
Digital Tours and More
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Virtual Touring for a Vacation

Since Virtual Tours are only a small part of our business model I am probably not nearly as qualified to write for the RTV Blog but I thought I would submit mine anyways.

A couple years ago during a weekend getaway with the wife and some friends, I decided to shoot some virtual tours in a relatively close beach town. I packed my gear in my truck, grabbed a handful of business cards, some flyers, and of course the swimming trunks (in case none of the prospecting worked out). I had made phone calls, I had the town/businesses mapped out, and I had my salesman hat on. I was prepared.

The entire first day I was there I knocked on probably 90 percent of the local Realtor’s offices. I got some small nibbles, made some presentations, and even shot two Virtual Tours with the idea that more would be in store if I promised regular returns. Needless to say, I felt much better about our opportunities even if we were going to have to travel several hundred miles to get things done. At least it was near the beach. Day one ended with me sitting on the beach, enjoying the weather, and pondering what else I could do to drum up business while I was there. It didn’t take long for me to realize that including the real estate market, there was a real untapped resource in the local town, property management companies. Locally, property management companies were almost as plentiful as Realtors, and just as hungry to get a leg up on the next guy.

Day two found me in almost every property management company office in town. Quickly I found out that while most of them were running between 10-25 properties, some of the larger firms had upwards of 80-100 places. Goldmine. Of course, with most sales, results were about ten percent; but ten percent of 100 properties were far better results than what I had seen thus far. From the managers I spoke with and convinced of their clients needs for Virtual Tours, most were happy with either splitting the cost of the Virtual Tours with the home-owners or passing the cost entirely on to them.

By my second visit I was shooting properties and enjoying the beach all in the same trip. In my opinion, you can’t beat that. Now I try and make it out between four and five times a year during the off-season to shoot new properties, update existing ones, and prospect for new clients. Who would’ve thought two years ago that I would have created a way to get paid to visit the beach! It’s hard for me to have a bad day at work when I know that it will still end with the sand between my toes and a plate full of fresh grilled shrimp.

Viva la Virtual Tours!

Christian Ross

Quality Virtual Tours Do Sell Homes

For all my fellow REALTORS(r) – and specifically listing agents:

Interesting thing happened to me on my way to show some homes. As I perused our local MLS searching for listings to show my buyers, I came to the realization that 360 virtual tours actually do sell homes. Perhaps, I should qualify that – QUALITY virtual tours actually do sell homes (funky virtual tours and slide shows do a listing an injustice.

O.K, granted, I didn’t have quite the epiphany I describe above, since I must admit I have come to this realization before. Moreover, I understand, too, that once you know that I’m a real estate agent as well as a virtual tour provider you may think my positive view towards virtual tours a rather biased one. I’d need to stop you right there, though. Providing a virtual tour for each one of your listings is a no-brainer. When you look at the sheer numbers, and I swear it seems to go up a percentage point each month, there’s no disputing the fact that more buyers start their home search on-line than not. The actual figure was way past 70% at last glance. That’s a phenomenal amount of prospective buyers out there in cyberspace searching in earnest for their next home. I know this to be true since I work with buyers on a daily basis; they are extremely tech-savvy and ever searching.

So, here’s the deal – with my market experiencing a buyer’s market, there is entirely too much inventory to focus my searches on listings with no pictures, let alone no 360 virtual tour. And interesting thing is, my buyers feel the same way. The fact is that houses with the most pictures will generate the most interest and will get the most showings while those listings that have no pictures will get placed at the very bottom of the “to see” list at warp speed.

Case in point – on a recent weekend, I showed 31 houses to a buyer who was only in town (from Japan, I kid you not) for an extended weekend. There was absolutely no interest on his part in seeing anything without pictures (and believe it or not, there were many). Imagine if your picture-less listing was on our list and, therefore, at the bottom of the 54 that met his search parameters. What’s the likelihood of him seeing your listing? You don’t think he would’ve found his dream home among the previous 53? (His better half was searching homes from Japan on the internet and directed us to physically see the home they actually closed on last month. BTW, I just happened to do the virtual tour on it! I didn’t tell them until settlement, though.)

All that to say, the buyers market that we are experiencing right now will absolutely separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s time for you to be the best listing agent you can be, pull out your bag of tricks, rev up your marketing, call your virtual tour provider, and get your listings sold. Spend the marketing dollars necessary to get your listings in front of all those web-browsing buyers, then experience the return on your investment many-fold.

Lanette Branch
Lanette Branch Virtual Tours