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Virtual Tour of Restaurant

We received a call from a Realtor with a Restaurant/bar for sale. We were somewhat concerned that the restaurant would seem too dark, not only because lighting is inherently darker in bar/restaurants, but because it’s located on the Oregon Coast, where the weather is impossible to predict but for the most part, it’s raining :))

The restaurant owner LOVED the 360 tour. This gave us even more confidence that Real Tour Vision was the correct choice when deciding which virtual tour technology would work for every possible need.

Dawn Shaffer

Flash Tours by Real Tour Vision

Real Tour Vision makers of the best virtual tour software just got even better!! The new flash viewer has been deployed and is currently in use by the Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider network! The flash virtual tour viewer will nearly guarantee that everyone looking at Real Tour Vision virtual tours will be able to see them. With more and more people moving over to flash this was a very natural step for us. This update gives our virtual tour providers a BIG one up over all other technologies deploying only one viewing method such as java, active x, or quicktime.

Our flash tour viewer will currently default to opening in java mode which supports optical correction of the images and keeps them from appearing warped or bowed. Once viewing the tour if you have both flash and java on your machine you will be able to toggle between the two virtual tour views. If you only have one or the other our page will automatically feed you the viewing mode that your computer supports! That’s touring made easy.

You can see samples of our flash viewer by viewing demo tours off our home page:

Quite possibly the best feature that the flash player brings to the table for Real Tour Vision users and tour builders is its very compact size and lightning fast load speed. The virtual tour flash viewer will also provide a great base to work off of for many new upcoming technology releases over the next few months so stay tuned!