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Word of Mouth

I’ve done presentations, fliers, cards, emails; all the advertising out there, but the best and more efficient advertising is word of mouth. Word of mouth has been Perfect Images best advertising campaign. And what makes this work?, Being always on top of the game. Working with a company that is always up-to-date with the latest virtual tour software and offer the best customer service out there. In the last couple of months Perfect Images has received over 10 new orders from customers that have heard about our company and the efficiency with what we work, and they have been all recommended by other Realtors. This is only possible with the support of a company like Real Tour Vision.

I am very excited about all the new services Real Tour Vision is offering to us virtual tour providers so that we in return can offer to our customers. We can now offer floor plans with our tours and with the new TMS system. We can now offer a much faster 360 virtual tour turnover time here in the Treasure Coast and much more is on the way. All of this combined gives the Real Tour Vision provider the very best in virtual tour technology at a faster pace than ever before.

We get a lot of compliments for our tours, but the best part of it is that we work with a company that is always there for us and is always improving its technology so we can be the number one virtual tour company!

Best decision I have ever made! Real Tour Vision thank you for your support.

Claudia Jaramillo
Perfect Images
Virtual Tours of the Treasure Coast

Glass Half Full

I have been a fan of watching the news for many years now and am aware of how certain issues can be spun. There are many important issues being reported in the news lately, including one subject of interest to me; the housing market. It seems to me that we are only getting one side of the story.

Now I haven’t been accused of being a glass half full person by any means, but it occurred to me as I added my third new Realtor(R) client in a month, that maybe things aren’t as bad as the news is reporting.

I began to ask my clients how the market was. Much to the contrary of the national news reports, all but one real estate agent told me the market wasn’t what it was 3 years ago, but homes were selling and buyers were out there. The buyers were just a bit more particular about the properties they were buying. All of them said it is now a buyer’s market.

This buyers market should be considered an opportunity to sell our tours. We provide the first look most buyers will get at a property and with a buyer’s market; the property needs to make a great first impression, especially with a near record number of listings in many areas of the

One of my clients pointed out that the market they had 3-5 years ago was a booming market, not a normal market and a lot of Realtors got spoiled by the line of impatient buyers and full price plus offers. He explained that the market we are now in is a little slow, but is expected to grow steadily,this according to the NAR (National Association of Realtors).

Remember there are always two sides to every story and the housing market is no different. This is a great time to be a virtual tour provider with all of the homes on the market. Many real estate agents may have tight marketing budgets, but with a strong tour portfolio and a little salesmanship, you can take advantage of this buyer’s market.

Curt Richard
Launch Marketing

Virtual Tours Picking up in Florida!

Well RTV I have got to tell you all, Florida is waking up again. It seems like after 6-8 weeks of sluggish business Realtors(R) in the southwest Florida area are starting to wake up again. Every time I worry about not getting enough work, I start looking for a part-time job. Then, as soon as I do that I get a call for lots of virtual tours and I realize I don’t have time for another job. This is my opening year for my virtual tour company and I know that it will take some time.

I’m sure business is going to get very busy, very soon. I’ve definitely noticed an increase in calls just in the last week. I started working on my own providership full-time about 2 months ago. Since summer is typically slow for Realtors – because kids are out of school and family vacations are taking place – I decided not to panic and just keep plugging along.

Besides, the market in Southwest Florida has been in the headlines lately. A 2 year surplus of houses and no one buying homes created a serious slump. Some realtors here are even working as waiters and waitresses just to make ends meet. But somehow, things seem to be turning around. In the last week alone I have had at least SIX new clients!! I’m shooting 4 tours a day over the next 2 days. It just goes to show, if you make it through the dry season there is always an abundant season that follows. The slow season served me well because it gave me time to go through my learning curve on the virtual tour software and figure out which parts of the tour building process I was good at and which parts I needed to improve upon.

It gave me time to experiment too with manual photo stitching and lighting techniques. Now that business is picking up I can go forward with confidence. If Florida waking up is any sign to go by, the rest of the country should be waking up soon too. Good luck to all in the network!

Go Team RTV!

Yvonne Kurtz
Quantum Views Virtual Photography
Authorized provider for Real Tour Vision

May 2007 Columbian Home Book

A home we did a virtual tour for has been featured on the cover of the May 2007 Columbian Home Book. The magazine can be seen online at

Debra Kaufman has used our virtual tours since she learned about us. All About Virtual Tours has a “banner ad” across the bottom of her full-page ad. Her full-page ad says “View Virtual Tours At” ..

Ads like these reach both the listing agents and homeowners alike.

Dawn Shaffer
All About Virtual Tours

Single Property Website and 360 Tours

It is great to see articles such as the one below published by RISMEDIA today regarding single property websites. Many of our Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers have been purchasing domain names of their addresses and forwarding the virtual tour to the web address now for years. It is just now starting to go mainstream. It is great to see that our virtual tour providers are always staying ahead of the curve out there.

RISMEDIA, June 5, 2007-Per an article dated May 31, 2007 by Robin Morgan, published on RISMedia, “Eighty percent of all home buyers are searching online, and are looking for more information than ever before. The most important thing that a potential buyer wants to see is photographs, followed closely by detailed property information. Individual property Web sites allow sellers to provide exactly what these buyers are looking for.”

Dennis Handa, the owner of a site dedicated to developing individual property Web sites explained, “I was glad to see the article as it really reinforces this new concept.” He continued, “We are in a tough real estate market. There are fewer buyers and today’s seller really does need to market their home differently.”

“There are four primary reasons that an individual home Web site gives a home seller an advantage,” says Dennis.

1. They really attract buyers. For example: Most buyers will drive by a home and may like what they see, but don’t want to call and get involved. With our home Web sites, when a prospective buyer drives by, they only need to remember the from the sign rider. They can then log onto the Web easily, privately and see a complete presentation.

2. A home Web site is a 24/7 presentation. Buyers can access these Web sites whenever and wherever. An individual home Web site is first and foremost a live sales presentation, much better than just a flyer or show sheet.

3. A home Web site is both inexpensive and easy to promote and advertise. A Classified ad example: Incredible Florida Keys Estate, visit Nothing more needs to be said. Just a strong headline is required.

4. Individual home Web sites allow sellers to feature photos, virtual tours, Google maps and unlimited text in their property descriptions. When a buyer logs onto one of these Web-sites, he sees a complete description of the home and its features and benefits, plus he has the sellers contact info and e-mail address to ask further questions.

Using today’s technology to get to today’s buyer, Dennis concludes, “If you combine all the features and benefits of a home Web site, the benefits for a seller are incredible.”

By Real Tour Vision
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