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RTV Announces Remote Host Tours 2.0 now in 2D and 3D!!

Remote host tours now include four different viewers for the client to choose from: a fully branded version, an unbranded version, a 2D flash only version, and a 3D java only version.

The fully branded remote host looks very much like an online tour, although it does not have all the capabilities as an online tour, such as email, hit stats link, view my gallery, or download tour. The viewer will also have buttons to toggle between Java 3D and Flash 2D!

The unbranded version is simply our virtual tour with the control buttons around it. The virtual tour viewer will have buttons to toggle between Java and Flash.
The Flash only version is an unbranded version of the tour that plays only in 2D Flash. Because this version does not include Java, there will be no 3D support for the 2D Flash version of our remote hosted tours.

The Java only version is an unbranded version of the tour that plays only in 3D Java. Because this version does not include Flash, there will be no 2D support for the 3D Java version of our remote hosted tours.

This is a great asset to all RTV providers worldwide since the remote host tours can use more features than ever before, and that flexibility is exactly what the RTV solution is all about.

Friday Madness at RTV

Things can get a little crazy here at Real Tour Vision on Fridays. This morning things got out of hand right away. I snapped this picture of Jacque flagrantly disobeying a note left by our lead programmer.

She claims it was the cookies she was after, and not the forbidden computer, but I think she is all about breaking the rules. She won’t park (or color) between the lines either. But we love her anyway.

Later on today we are having a company potluck to celebrate Eve’s birthday. For those of you that don’t know, Eve is in charge of our nickels and dimes and making sure the lights stay on. Her birthday was actually in April but we are two weeks behind.

No doubt our long suffering virtual tour providers (whom we love and adore) aren’t surprised at all. They know how we roll here at RTV.

I don’t think our programmers get to come to the potluck. We have them chained to their desks working on a new flash viewer for our virtual tours. It will support flash in remote host tours also. It is in final testing so it should be released soon. Don’t tell anyone I said that though. Shhh.

So, Happy Friday from Team RTV! I hope all of you have a fantastic day.

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Flash Diffusion Product for Virtual Tours

I’ve been using a product called Light Sphere for a while now that I think has really good flash diffusion for my virtual home tours and stills and my other commercial photography work.

It is mostly designed for portrait type work with studio quality results, but I’m finding it’s diffusion is perfect for the interior shots and my virtual tours really look great. It really spreads the light out very evenly and softly across the scene, and has really helped almost eliminate “hot areas” and softens the hard shadows areas.

It comes in a couple of styles, a “clear”, which is a kind of a harder cooler color light and a “cloud” which is a more diffused, warmer color light. It is soft plastic, very easy to attach to my flash, it comes in fixed sizes ($40) for various flashes and a new “universal” to fit a large variety of photographic flashes and cost right at $50.

There are accessories for different lighting effects and even a silver device cap that directs the light. The inventor says will increase the light out-put of your flash by about a full stop.

This is a product invented by Gary Fong, a California photographer, you can go to his website and see his other inventions. A lot of his products are designed for flash diffusion, which is perfect for most photographic work. It comes with a DVD which explains how to best use the Light Sphere with several examples of its use.

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It’s great to be able to offer more!

A Realtor(r) recently wrote that the virtual tour we produced for her was great and she loved the still photos. In following up to ensure that she had everything she needed, she asked if it would be possible to receive more still photos than the dozen included in the virtual tour package she ordered.

Depending on the size of the real estate listing, it’s quite possible that we have taken hundreds of photos. We are able to “go back to the raw data” and retrieve extra high-quality photos for you.

We applaud real estate professionals for acknowledging the power of the first impression and feel honored to be part of your marketing team.

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Turning Up The Virtual Tours in Metro Oklahoma City

I am excited! I have been working on my marketing campaign to introduce my virtual tour business to Realtors in the Oklahoma City Metro area. I am using sponsored searches through Real Tour Vision’s Pay Per Click Advertising Program, with sponsored listings on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and more.

It is so cool to see my virtual tour business on the search results , and my website has had over 1000 visits in less than a month! I am also working on a direct mail campaign, offering two-for-one tours, and a phone campaign, using networking methods. I have discovered that almost everyone knows at least one Realtor! They are either family, friends, acquaintances, they go to the same church, their kids play sports together, whatever. So, I call them up, introduce myself, and say something along the lines of “I have a great new virtual tour for Oklahoma Realtors, and so-and-so suggested I call you and let you know about it, too.”

In a week, the phone campaign has yielded me several interviews, and I am going to be very busy introducing my virtual tour company to potential clients! I am also giving my business card out at every opportunity. To the grocery store clerks, on bulletin boards, to friends, to soccer moms, any time the opportunity arises. As I mentioned earlier, everyone knows at least one Realtor!