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If you are not a member of the RTV virtual tour company Facebook page, you need to be!
I have learned so much and received great help from fellow RTV virtual tour providers on our Facebook page.  It’s late at night, you are working on a virtual tour, support is long gone for the day, and you have a problem come up.  What do you do?  Go to the Facebook page and ask the other members for help!

They are always happy to lend a helping hand if they know the answer.  I have been so thankful for my RTV virtual tour family on Facebook at those times late at night when I needed HELP!  

Not only the help you receive, but ideas for virtual tour marketing, different styles of shooting photos, laughs, you name it.  I have been in the virtual tour business for 2 years and have learned so much more in the past year since I joined the RTV Facebook page.

The main tip I got early on was about “straight verticals.”  I had no idea what this member was talking about.  But he took a couple of my photos and fixed them in Photoshop for me and showed me the difference.  No longer were the sides of my walls looking like they were slanted.  This helped my photos immensely!  Not to mention my reputation, I felt like such an idiot.  So because of being a member of the RTV Facebook page I am a better photographer and a better business person.
So thanks to all of you on FB, I love you guys, YOU ROCK!

Mary Ourada
Creative Insight Photo
San Diego Virtual Tours
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Nova Scotia Virtual Tour Provider Expands Services

Nova Scotia Virtual Tour Provider – offers custom Facebook “Fan” Pages

Do you have a custom Facebook page for your virtual tour business? How is it doing? Are you pleased with results? It’s taken 2 years to build a successful, engaged audience at Supernova Studios

What do I mean by successful? 2011 was the first year we earned revenue as a result of this page. Now, if I were to divide that revenue by the number of hours I’ve invested in this page, well…. I’d have been paid in peanuts. But 2011 is just the beginning and each week we seem to be given a new opportunity. Opportunities from around the globe, ones we wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for Facebook.

Two years ago, when I first created the page, I utilized the “suggest to friends” feature to suggest to ALL my friends that they “like” my page.  I’ve got some good friends and more than half of them obliged and clicked like. Back in 2009 it was all about the numbers for me. I measured my success/reach by the number of my friends/fans.

A lot has changed since then. Most of the friends who clicked like on my page have since stopped following my page and the fans I have now, have come to me organically. These are the type of fans that make an engaged audience. These are the type of fans I crave. The ones that WANT to be there. The ones LOOKING for my SEM and virtual tour services.

Our latest opportunity came from a Realtor in Central Florida. This client was referred to me by someone who follows me closely on my Facebook page. I was pumped for two reasons: the referral was from a reputable marketer, and; I was excited to service clients in another country again.

Here is the custom Facebook fan page we created for Exit 1st Class Realty.


1) created a custom avatar
2) created a custom thumbnail
3) designed the 5 ads in the photostrip at the top of the page
4) created a custom Facebook landing page for new clients which points to their website
5) Installed “My Listings” which showcases their listings
6) Installed an opt-in
7) Fully optimized their site for search
8) Provided a work summary
9) Provided “Facebook Best Practices” a tutorial we’ve written, to ensure success.

We’re excited to offer this service as part of our repertoire at Supernova Studios. When we’re not selling virtual tours, we love to provide Realtors with any social media marketing needs they may have.

If you have questions about your Facebok page, feel free to post them to our wall at

Supernova Studios
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New Changes in Facebook

Did you know Facebook does things for you, they didn’t before?

The new changes in Facebook are taking some getting used to.  Some are evident, but others are hardly noticeable. Recent I was checking out what fellow RTV virtual tour providers were doing, hoping I’d get inspired to do something more.  While I was following the links to check out their businesses and actually see what their website and business Facebook page looks like, I noticed that the current employer link went to a blank page on many.
Sometime back I had built a custom Local Business page for my virtual tour company powerplaymmp.  Sometimes I use powerplaymmp or or the full name Power Play Multi Media Productions, same thing or different variations.  Anyway the point is on your info tab, Facebook links your current employer to a “Like” page for the exact spelling of your employer.
I changed my current employer to the exact spelling of my custom Local Business page (Power Play Multimedia Productions – and the link went directly to where I wanted it to.  There was all the bells and whistles I had created.  Still needs work, but at least you could see MY company page on Facebook and not a blank page.

Interesting.  Something you might want to think about.

Sandra Gibson
Power Play Multi Media Productions
South Central Michigan Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 517-610-7136

Optimizing your Newsfeed – Facebook 101

Nova Scotia virtual tour genie shares some tips for Optimizing your Newsfeed on Facebook.

Last fall Facebook changed the default view of its News Feed from a realtime stream back to an algorithmically-generated view. In the new “Top Stories” News Feed, stories are chosen for display based on a variety of undisclosed factors, including but not limited to “how many people comment and like” on stories, “who you’re close with,” and “who you interact with frequently,” Facebook says. “Top Stories” increases your visibility and is THE place to be in the Newsfeed.

What does this mean for Facebook Pages and Page administrators? Facebook says Page stories will be selected in the same way as status updates and application stories – i.e., depending on how much response the stories get and how much you interact with the Page. However, all Page managers should note that this now means that all of your Page’s updates will now no longer necessarily show up in your fans’ News Feeds in real time (in the Top Stories view).

Now, Page managers need to start thinking about News Feed Optimization (NFO) too. In other words, what do you need to do to maximize your Page’s updates in the News Feed? According to Facebook, comments from a user’s friends on a Page story is an important factor in getting it to show up, so encouraging comments and likes more is now more valuable. Keeping fans coming back to your Page as much as possible is also now much more important.

Page updates are indexed by Google. Google integrates Facebook Page updates into its real-time search results. Google started including real-time data in its search results in December. Facebook is only granting Google access to updates from its 3 million Pages, which are generally for celebrities, politicians, brands, and local businesses — not your average Facebook user. (That’s great news for those of us with fan pages)

Facebook is getting ready to link geo-location information to your actions although they promise to treat that like any other content you post (for example, it is subject to your privacy settings). You will be able to opt-in choice of whether you want to participate. Look forward to this and take advantage to use your Geo keywords often.

Finally, According to a new report from Dan Zarrella (The Social Media Scientist), the weekend is the best time to post content on Facebook as articles posted then are shared the most. One explanation for the phenomenon was that more than half of companies block Facebook.

Supernova Studios offers fan pages with dynamic content from $100. View our welcome page at

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