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Diversify your virtual tour business

Not every home or business is for sale, but they do have insurance. Thus, every one of them is a target for the insurance documentation/home inventory sector that can have virtual tours created for them. There may be a bit more work involved in these types of tours but you can also charge more for your efforts. Some insurance companies will provide the paperwork required for the client to fill out so all you may need to do is provide the virtual tours and still photos for the record. Introduce your concept to your local insurance companies to get their feedback.

There is a huge market out there waiting to be tapped into that could multiply the amount of virtual tours we are currently producing.

For all of you that live in regions of the world that are prone to natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods etc) this could be a big boost to your bottom line since the insurance companies and clients would be more responsive to the need.

Also, don’t forget that there are always two parties to any real estate transaction – the buyer and the seller. If you created a virtual tour for a specific property that a buyer bought due to the tour, then you know they are sold on its effectiveness. But they bought the home with all the seller’s furnishings, etc and not theirs! So why not hit them up for an insurance documentation/home inventory virtual tour once they are moved in? You have the address of every home you have ever done a virtual tour of right??? So why not start saving those addresses in your contact management system and target those people with a postcard in the mail? I know that team BlueLaVa, producer of Traverse City Virtual Tours is doing this right now. Check out their Home Inventory Services page off their site.

As more and more of our RTV companies start to gather this process let’s work this through as a team. There is great power in our numbers and thought processes. If any other providers are currently creating these types of tours, your input is greatly appreciated. Please contact Robo-Tours producers of Mesquite Virtual Tours. All of us working together on an industry like this is a plus for everyone involved!

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Traverse City Insurance Documentation Service

BlueLaVaMedia proudly announces the Insurance Documentation Virtual Tour Service! Did you know that when making an insurance claim a photo is worth as much as an actual receipt to your insurance company? Over the last ten years at RTV I have been hearing our virtual tour providers around the world show growing interest with the concept of the “home inventory tour”. To date only a select few RTV providers have actually put a program like this together. Now we are very pleased to announce that after many meetings with Traverse City insurance companies BlueLaVaMedia has officially launched our Insurance Virtual Tours. You can read more about this exciting new addition to our tour offering by visiting our home inventory virtual tour page found here:

“As we get closer and closer to the winter here in Northern Michigan it will be more important than ever to diversify as much as possible. Summer was great and filled with a good amount of real estate tours and commercial / business virtual tours. With this new addition to our product offering I plan on staying busy all Winter long especially with the incredible feedback that I have been getting from the insurance companies and adjusters. Basically as long as Jason keep coming up with these new income streams for our product I don’t see things slowing down that much!” said Jim Blue, manager and virtual tour coordinator of BlueLaVaMedia.

Each Home Inventory Tours Includes:
Up to 30 Rooms featured of your choice
Both 360 panoramic and still images
One full year of secure tour hosting
2 Virtual tour CD’s for off site storage
Insurance company contact information

BlueLaVaMedia is nearing our 200th virtual tour produced since our launch in May of 2008 and it is our goal to hit just over 300 before our one year anniversary. We plan on launching one more virtual tour type here in the near future so be sure to check back with us often!

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Traverse City Insurance Documentation Service
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Special Thanks to Rob Lenthe from Robo Tours for keeping this concept alive over the years

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Digital Insurance Documentation Services

Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Ike hit Houston, TX, people are still without power. The security of your home and business is challenged without question. Looters are a daily conversation on the Local channels. Ice is drying up and stores are restocking their supplies as fast as they can. People with power have started the clean up process.

Once people start cleaning up the debris, and remove the fallen trees and make everything safe they still have to make their insurance claim. This is a daunting task to do during a chaotic time in your life. Wouldn’t be easier if all you had to do is find a CD that had high resolution digital photos of your home and personal belongings? I’d say it would be.

Digital Tours and More can provide Digital Insurance Documentation service for you. Using the latest technology from RTV, Digital Tours and More can digitally capture your personal belongings and put them on a CD-ROM for you and your insurance agent. We also include a detailed list of serial numbers and other personal information that is also stored on CD. Please call Digital Tours and More for a free no obligation quote today on this service. Check out our website for info on our other services such as real estate photography and virtual tours.

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Digital Insurance Documentation Service in Houston

My wife and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary on September 12, 2008. As Hurricane Ike was about to hit our area of Texas, and we were having an anniversary, it was a good time to remember the good times, and also the more difficult times.

Dealing with natural disasters like a hurricane is definitely one of the more challenging things you can face. People prepare as much as they can, many evacuating their homes. One thing some people don’t think about when living in a storm prone area is to document their belongings before disaster strikes.

This is something that Digital Tours and More can provide for businesses and homeowners. Digital Insurance Documentation Services is what you need. Digital Tours and More uses the latest technology provided by RTV to get the job done.

We come to your home or businesses and digitally photograph your high end possessions and can even do a panoramic view of the interior of your business and home. We compile a list of serial numbers and photos to hand over to your insurance agent just in case something were to happen.

Any home or business owner needs this kind of documentation in case of fire or theft, but especially if you live in a tornado, hurricane, or flooding prone area you should prepare for the worst by documenting your belongings. If the worst were to happen make sure you have the documentation needed to make insurance claims. Give us a call today to get prepared at (832) 247-0634 or visit our website at

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