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Don’t Forget About Business Virtual Tours

Real estate virtual tours are a fast, easy, and high-volume way to build your virtual tour provider business. However, the temporary nature and quick turnover rates of real estate tours mean lower profits per job. When you bring business virtual tours into the mix, you can enjoy a huge revenue boost  along with the steady business of the real estate virtual tours.

Why businesses pay more for virtual tours
While real estate companies are out to attract buyers with virtual tours, businesses are after customers. A well produced interactive virtual tour can mean a substantial rise in business—so most companies are willing to make an investment in this powerful form of advertising. Business virtual tours are permanent presentations that can be used in multiple venues, both online and offline. They may also be more detailed jobs than real estate virtual tours, which means as a provider, you’re able to charge more for these services.

What kind of businesses use virtual tours?
You can market your virtual tour services to a wide variety of businesses across several different industries. Some of the biggest markets for business virtual tours include:

Hotels, motels, and lodges. While this category is similar to real estate, business and vacation rentals are considered businesses because ownership is not transferred when a customer rents a room, suite, or cabin.

Amusement parks and recreational facilities. These types of businesses use virtual tours to let visitors “experience” their attractions and entice them to come in for the real thing

Gyms and fitness clubs. These facilities can really shine with the opportunity to show prospective members their features, equipment, and more.

Of course, there are hundreds of businesses that can take advantage of virtual tours as a powerful marketing tool. Other examples include restaurants, malls and shopping centers, beauty salons, wedding venues, retail stores, campgrounds, parks and nature preserves, auto providers, marinas, colleges and universities, casinos, kennels, convention centers, libraries, and more.

Put more effort into marketing your virtual tour services for businesses this year, and watch your profits soar!

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Virtual Tour Possibilities

Are you tapping all possibilities? SeeItSellStudios, a Missisissippi virtual tour company, has found that our “other niches” are easier sales and more lucrative than focusing on real estate tours only. Businesses with web sites can often profit by having a virtual showroom added to their sites. Hospitals and manufacturing companies can use tours for recruiting purposes as well as featuring their physical properties. Churches have expanded into the internet age too. With a virtual tour on their website they can share with potential members the layout of their church campuses or send the tour to friends, family, and other churches that are in their conference area. Thinking outside the box has never had a greater importance than today, so don’t sell yourself short by focusing narrowly on one market.

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New From RTV Marketing

Your time is precious, so we at RTV have done some of the hard work for you. Each month we create several marketing pieces that will target specific businesses. These virtual tour marketing pieces will highlight the numerous benefits of virtual tours and are customizable within minutes.

All you need to do is insert your company name, contact information and logo. This month we created a 2 page flyer that targets virtual tours of small schools, a 2 page flyer that Realtor agents can provide sellers, 2 versions of a reminder for Realtor Agents that winter is coming and virtual tours Preserve listings throughout the year.

Last of all, we created a postcard that congratulates agents on their new listing and highlights the possible media marketing tools that you can offer. Our postcards can either be printed by a local printer or by using an online printer. It is important to support local companies, but we also recommend Vistaprint as an online option.

Are you an RTV provider that would like us to make a marketing piece that you’re not seeing in our marketing area? Try using our suggestion box and let us know what you need to drive your virtual tour business!
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Tally Tours Expands Offering

This is the first RTV blog from the (relatively) new Head Photographer at Tally Tours, Inc. With the departure of our President, Myles Lasco, from our base in Tallahassee, I have taken over the day-to-day operations of shooting and creating the virtual tours for the community of Tallahassee, FL. And with Myles’s recent vacation to the land down under, it has fallen to me to write this update.

While business is fairly consistent and surprisingly steady for us in these winter months, it does not seem to be the same for our partners in crime, the Realtors. We stay busy, of course, because the Realtors are doing everything they can think of to sell homes, and virtual tours are thankfully something that they think of. However, in these economically-fractured times, it seems that the more creative one can be with their small business, the more successful they will be. Therefore, I’d like to announce that Tally Tours, Inc. will be branching out from just the real estate community in Tallahassee.

We have developed the commercial side of our business and have begun to seek out clients who may not otherwise realize just how beneficial a virtual tour can be for their business. We will be reaching out to residential businesses such as apartments, hotels, and retirement homes but also to restaurants and other businesses that may host parties and functions and would like to advertise their beautiful facilities. Also, I was recently in San Diego shooting a tour for the San Diego Yacht Club (which you can see at their website Along that line, we’re going to be offering tours to resorts and golf clubs so that they can add virtual tours to their marketing and advertising strategies.

Finally, we are reaching out to local schools and churches, who I doubt have ever thought about having virtual tours created for them. This would help not only the schools (particularly the private schools) but also families moving to Tallahassee would be able to find these virtual tours and research their new community before they relocate. The community virtual tours, such as the schools and churches, will also be available to local Realtors to put on their websites which I believe will help them get more business from the relocating population.

Who can say how the future of the real estate market will affect the virtual tour business, but with this new commercial side of the business, we believe we can keep our small business steady and likely even grow significantly in 2009.


Kevin Wohlgemuth
Head Photographer
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Virtual Tours and Free Golf – The Best of Both Worlds

Recently while speaking with another RTV provider about branching off into various other markets for virtual tours, the subject of golf courses came up. Being that I have done more than a few already in different states, we continued to talk about how to get in with courses to produce tours.

It may be intimidating for some to walk into a high-priced golf course and speak to the management, but it isn’t as difficult as one may think. They are humans just like the rest of us and they don’t own the place so just go with that in mind. Once you explain your objective and show them an example of a golf course virtual tour it’s really an easy sell. Sometimes it’s not an immediate decision but they will steer you to the right person to speak to if they are not the decision maker. In that case it’s probably someone from corporate management and that’s even better! Why? Because then you have the right person to speak to for multiple courses they handle. (I offered to create a quick mini-tour at one course to give them a better insight. It worked and I still use that example for other courses.)

I have not paid for a round of golf in Las Vegas for over 2 years since I barter part of the invoice for free golf. In fact, I’ve even taken a pitching wedge, putter and a couple balls to play the short game since I’m the only one out on the course while shooting! It’s looking like there may be other courses lined up for next Spring that are from referrals. I’ve even picked up more business by getting paired with other golfers at the course that become interested after conversation. Nothing better than playing free golf at premier courses while still making some money as well. Even though my game is not up to par, I’ll gladly spend a day on the course rather than out working…especially when it’s free!

So if you have a passion for golf and want to reduce the costs of the game, you may want to consider talking to the course managers in your local area. The worst that can happen is they will say no. And since you’re already at the course you might as well play a round!
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