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Did Your Virtual Tour Make My Bed Skirt Wrinkley?

We recently did some professional hotel photography to and a hotel virtual tour.  The owners had several weeks to prepare for the photo shoot and when we arrived, they had chosen their very best rooms for us to shoot.  They sent their head housekeeper with us to make sure everything was absolutely perfect.  After we delivered the pictures and virtual tour, they wrote back and complained that the pictures made the bed skirt look wrinkled in one of the rooms.  Really, you think it was the camera that did that?

We all know that age old question that we women use to paralyze our husbands — “Does this outfit make me look fat?”  Deep down we know the truth — the outfit doesn’t make us look fat, our fat makes me look fat. The pictures didn’t make the bed skirt look wrinkled, the wrinkles made the bed skirt look wrinkled.  The real question that we are asking is really, “Does this outfit make me look as good as I possibly can considering how fat I really am?”

Our goal when taking pictures for our commercial virtual tours and real estate virtual tours is to make every area look as good as it possibly can while honestly representing the space.  Our virtual tour pricing includes basic staging and basic Photoshop editing which is mainly decluttering and color correction but what we don’t do is alter the pictures to misrepresent what we are shooting.

Greg does a great job of taking the pictures from the best possible angle to showcase the facility or home in the best possible way but we feel it is dishonest and unethical to totally alter what we shot with Photoshop after the fact.  It is the responsibility of the home owner or business owner to make sure that what we are shooting is ready when we arrive.

As any man knows who has ever been asked “does this make me look fat” sometimes diplomacy is the best course of action but as a good husband also knows, the truth may hurt both of you but it’s always the best policy.

Virtual Tour Testimonial

I have been with Real Tour Vision virtual tour software digital marketing company for almost two years. Prior to joining RTV I looked at other virtual tour companies and took great care in deciding who to join as a partner. Every other virtual tour company out there had just enough difference that making a final decision was not easy.

I’m here to say that my decision with which network and company to partner with for my technology has turned out to be correct. RTV is constantly helping my virtual tour business grow and is continually providing training and virtual tour software updates us providers.

I have studied photography for over 30 years and thought a refresher class would be a bit of a bore. Well I was wrong! It’s great that they cover parts of photography that becomes natural, I’ve been doing the same thing for years. One virtual tour webinar that RTV just held reminded me of a depth of field function that I had not used in years. Great stuff!

I’m very pleased that they bring new software products to the webinars. I wouldn’t have known about Photomatix until much later. The fact that they find products that are free like FastStone has been a huge help to me, not to mention free. The support is by far the best in the industry and the costs are very fair. I couldn’t have found a better virtual tour company to have partnered with.

RTV is about to release their new tour builder software 4.awesome and it is all online! It looks and functions great. This update will keep RTV at the top of Virtual Tour companies.

I love providing virtual tours to the various Real Estate offices as well as the business that have an understanding what a virtual tour can do for their website and bringing in new clients. Here is a before and after shot that would not have been possible without being part of the RTV provider group.

My photography has improved since I joined RTV and I’m confident that is shows in my work.

Ben Knorr

Real Tour Vision
Virtual Tour Software

Tally Tours Expands Offering

This is the first RTV blog from the (relatively) new Head Photographer at Tally Tours, Inc. With the departure of our President, Myles Lasco, from our base in Tallahassee, I have taken over the day-to-day operations of shooting and creating the virtual tours for the community of Tallahassee, FL. And with Myles’s recent vacation to the land down under, it has fallen to me to write this update.

While business is fairly consistent and surprisingly steady for us in these winter months, it does not seem to be the same for our partners in crime, the Realtors. We stay busy, of course, because the Realtors are doing everything they can think of to sell homes, and virtual tours are thankfully something that they think of. However, in these economically-fractured times, it seems that the more creative one can be with their small business, the more successful they will be. Therefore, I’d like to announce that Tally Tours, Inc. will be branching out from just the real estate community in Tallahassee.

We have developed the commercial side of our business and have begun to seek out clients who may not otherwise realize just how beneficial a virtual tour can be for their business. We will be reaching out to residential businesses such as apartments, hotels, and retirement homes but also to restaurants and other businesses that may host parties and functions and would like to advertise their beautiful facilities. Also, I was recently in San Diego shooting a tour for the San Diego Yacht Club (which you can see at their website Along that line, we’re going to be offering tours to resorts and golf clubs so that they can add virtual tours to their marketing and advertising strategies.

Finally, we are reaching out to local schools and churches, who I doubt have ever thought about having virtual tours created for them. This would help not only the schools (particularly the private schools) but also families moving to Tallahassee would be able to find these virtual tours and research their new community before they relocate. The community virtual tours, such as the schools and churches, will also be available to local Realtors to put on their websites which I believe will help them get more business from the relocating population.

Who can say how the future of the real estate market will affect the virtual tour business, but with this new commercial side of the business, we believe we can keep our small business steady and likely even grow significantly in 2009.


Kevin Wohlgemuth
Head Photographer
(850) 491-3909

Professional Photography Service from RTV

RTV is excited to announce that it now offers Nationwide Professional Photography Services! With this new service, companies that need high quality high resolution still photography can contract with us to handle all their photography needs for them.

It will allow them to streamline their photography, minimize their administrative duties and give them a consistency they wouldn’t have if they used multiple vendors at multiple sites.

With our vast network of Professional Photographers we can guarantee national photography service coverage, even in the smallest of towns.

Working with our network of photographers across the nation, I’ve come to see how wonderfully talented they are. I’ve sent a photographer out to shoot a virtual tour of a ranch and received not only the virtual tour, but also a whole host of stills shot from expert angles and expansive shots taken from the roof. These photographs are not “snap shots”, they were high resolution, high quality well shot photographs worthy of magazine covers.

So when I had an inquiry from a national company looking for high quality still photography only, I didn’t hesitate to say we could do it. Seeing the amazing shots I get every day I had no qualms telling them that we certainly were able to provide them what they needed. My work with this client opened my eyes to the lack of National Professional Photography Services available today.

With that in mind, RTV decided to step forward and take the initiative in establishing a high quality, reliable national virtual tour network that will provide consumers with a single point for ordering commercial photography for sites located across the nation.

To showcase the wonderful work our photographers do for us we created a gallery of some of their work. Below is a slideshow that is just a sampling of the excellent photos I get in every day.

Jacque Burke
Team RTV
National Virtual Tour Photographer Network
Order a virtual tour – 866-947-8687

Commercial Virtual Tours are Out There

For several years now I’d always concentrated my virtual home tour efforts toward real estate agents. A lot of my work came from referrals so I really didn’t have to do a lot of marketing. The market I started my business in is a very hot virtual tour market.

It has been very different since I moved to Knoxville. There isn’t that “want it” for virtual tours as there was back home in Houston. The virtual tour work I found so easy before is now hiding in and around Knoxville and East Tennessee and its waiting for me to come and find it.

RTV has been a great business partner. Their support system encourages us to get out of the Real Estate box and find another box that can benefit from our virtual tours and marketing.

This is really a great time for RTV providers, the markets are all suffering, causing all of us to worry about the future, but we have to believe in America and be optimistic about what the future holds.

Right now the markets are having to change and evolve and there are many places looking for new and different ways to market what and how they sell their products. We all have the knowledge and experience and the tools, and all we need to do is go out and get it.

I’m going to the places I had thought about approaching before but I never acted on it. Everyday or so I receive the emails, and I read about how RTV providers are getting the commercial work thats out there, its all very encouraging. It seems to be just a matter of just doing it!

Mike O’Neill
Knoxville Virtual Tour Company
Order a virtual tour – 865-688-1030

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