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RTV Announces Google Trusted Agency Status and the press release is featured by CNBC

RTV virtual tour software company officially announced on Thursday December 9th 2014 that they have become a Google Trusted photographer company. This press release was picked up and reported by CNBC. They are excited to provide Google Street View | Trusted photography to our national accounts as well as providing a venue for our nation wide network of photographers to begin selling Google Street View | Trusted shoots to small and medium businesses across the country

As a Google Trusted Agency, RTV is also allowed to perform hotel virtual tours for the Business View program. Google currently only allows a select few agencies and photographers to perform these virtual tours with in their system.

Photography for Choice Hotel properties has begun in Texas, Virginia, and North Carolina. We anticipate our photographers will begin photographing other southern states in the next 30 to 60 days, and our northern tier properties in the spring.

Business View Tours are popular for small and medium businesses such as restaurants and retail stores, due to the immediate impact on search engine visibility. A potential client or customer can “walk through” a business they are considering visiting , creating a sense of familiarity and comfort before they ever stop foot on the property.

Read our Press Release Below

City Virtual Tour Software & Photography Service Company
Google Trusted Photography Agency Certification
TRAVERSE CITY, MI, December 9, 2014 – RTV, Inc (RTV) a Traverse City
based virtual tour software and photo service firm announced today they are
officially a Google Trusted Photography Agency. Google Trusted Photography
Agencies must go through rigorous testing and training to ultimately manage a
group of professional photographers that are used to photograph, create, and
publish Google Street View | Trusted virtual tour productions.
A Google Street View | Trusted virtual tour allows Internet users to “Step
Inside” a local business from any computer, laptop, or portable device.  When present, a Business View virtual tour
will be prominently displayed within the Google search results next to the business
contact information, directions and reviews. 
Upon clicking “See Inside” users are able to take an instant virtual
tour of that particular business giving them an experience similar to that of
the Google Street View technology.
RTV will be leveraging their well-established network of over 1000
professional photographers around the world to offer both the RTV virtual tour
product as well as the Google Street View | Trusted product to thousands of local businesses
throughout the USA, Canada, and other countries. 
With the project just sixty days underway, RTV already has nearly two
hundred photographers on their way to being certified as agency photographers with
more new recruits showing interest in the program every week. The catalyst
driving this intensive push to quickly become a Google Trusted Agency came in
October of 2014 when a national hotel chain awarded RTV with 1500 + hotel
shoots, each requiring 30 professional photographs and a Google Street View | Trusted
virtual tour of the hotel.  RTV is
estimating this initiative to be completed by July or August of 2015.
“We just knocked out five hundred hotels in ten weeks for another major
brand earlier this year,” said Jason LaVanture, VP and Founder of RTV. “Fifteen
hundred hotels with Google shoots by August should be doable assuming we keep
up our current pace. It’s one thing to get a few people to do something all at
once, but another altogether trying to get a thousand photographers to purchase
the special equipment, take Google photography classes, pass the Google quizzes,
and attend our weekly webinars that we’re currently holding on the subject.
“Right now it’s nothing short of a miracle that we have so many loyal
photographers running down this path with us. It’s great!”

Team RTV
RTV, Inc
Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training

What Happens in Vegas

With RTV What Happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas but will translate into money in your pocket with new Choice orders across the country.  Pictured above is Ben Knorr working his magic at the Choice National Conference.  Last year, RTV pulled in almost $20,000 in new contracts and with Doug and Ben Knorr running the show we expect to double that this year!

At RTV we do our best to put more money in your pocket and help you grow your business.  Thank you to all the virtual tour providers who participate in the Choice photography program.  If you aren’t currently approved for Choice or would like more information on becoming Choice Approved, click the following link

Tour Track Information and Orientation

Thanks ~ RTV
International MLS & Virtual Tour Company

RTV at Choice Hotel Convention

RTV had a booth at the Choice Hotels International 55th Annual Convention that ran May 11th through the 13t at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center near Washington, DC. With over 5000 owners, general managers and other hotel staff members attending, RTV had a great opportunity to meet people looking for photography and virtual tour services. We came away with loads of new orders (more than we anticipated) plus we had a chance to meet organizations that own and operate large networks of hotels both within and outside the Choice Hotels brand names. RTV closed a number of exciting new deals involving multiple properties and have plenty of leads with people that want to pursue having an ongoing relationship with a trusted network of photographers to provide services throughout the US and Canada.

Besides all the new orders, the great news that came out of the convention was the overwhelming positive feedback I received from Choice Hotels management regarding the outstanding service and quality that the RTV and its providers have delivered to the Choice Hotel sites. They love our customer service and our flexibility to work with their properties. Further evidence of our growing relationship with Choice is the fact that we were informed at the show that Choice had finalized our contract for taking RTV services into Canada which represents another several hundred properties.

Thank you to all of you that have participated in the Choice Hotels program. RTV is continually gaining more and more momentum and look to have more Tour Track business coming your direction all the time!

Rick Simons
RTV, Inc
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