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SuperNova Studios Going SuperNova

Nova Scotia virtual tour provider ~ Supernova Studios couldn’t be more excited to announce our mobile virtual tours! Check out our blog  to see the full announcement and view one of our tours on your mobile right now!

We’re pretty sure this is the best thing since we announced the stand alone HD slideshow . Check it out here:

Since our decision to join RTV in 2009 we have continued to provide Nova Scotia real estate agents and local businesses with the very best virtual tours Nova Scotia has to offer. In this challenging real estate market, the proper presentation of listings has become increasingly more important. With 85% of home shoppers turning to the Internet before they pickup the phone it is now more important than ever to increase your reach online and deliver a lasting impression.

Whether you are a listing agent or an owner of a local business large or small our services are just what you need to turn heads and make you look your very best. Our wide variety of services include state of the art interactive 360 virtual tours, professional photography services, powerful slideshow presentations, interactive 2d and 3d floor plan services, 3d walkthrough video presentations, colorful and vibrant listing flyers, panoramic sign riders, single property websites, listing syndication services, professional voice talent and so much more!

Our services also include consulting in social media strategy, website design and consulting, online presence and technology training, and social media graphics.

Supernova Studios was created to help companies like yours maximize their business potential . Our passion is to bring Nova Scotia businesses online and connect people with each other in ways that are valuable, meaningful, and convenient.

Contact us to book your Nova Scotia virtual tour or discuss your social media marketing needs.

Nancy Bain

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Virtual Tour Convention HUGE Success!

Just a brief note to let you know how much I, and everyone else I talked with, enjoyed the First Annual RTV Virtual Tour Convention in your beautiful city, Traverse City.  From the first moment after arriving, I felt that we were all members of a large family attending a barbecue or some other familiar family event.  Other providers were easy to meet and friendly.  It was such a rewarding experience to meet others who are building their businesses just like me. 

The ideas, thoughts, and plans exchanged with other providers has been invaluable and I’m going back to Calgary with intention of implementing many of them into my virtual tour business.  And, believe me, the new AUTO RTV HDR processing bullet, announced on Saturday,will certainly put holes in our competition!

Special thanks to Jacque, Ben, Eve, and Jim and all the presenters for their coordinated efforts, professionalism and dedication to making “our” first convention such a success! 

To all providers who couldn’t make it this year:  Start planning now for the next conference.  If you are serious about building a lasting business for yourself, you absolutely, positively must attend the Second Annual RTV Convention 2012!

Thanks again RTV.

Barry Blick
Spinnermax, Inc. Real Estate Photography
Calgary Virtual Tours
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London Ontario Virtual Tours

Hello all in RTV Land and welcome to my blog submission. Today brings on another facet to my existing business – Virtual Tours. As a current business owner of Professional Photography in Portraits and Wedding, I have over 13 years in serving the London Ontario business base.

My skills behind the camera and computer combined with current photographic equipment and latest software allow me to complete tasks at hand quickly and efficiently. Years of satisfied customers allow me to enter this new facet of business with confidence to service my new customers with quality, reliability, and speed. Don’t forget to inquire about our introductory special.

We perform London, Ontario virtual tours and surrounding counties. Thanks for checking this out and let the experience begin. Have a Great Day.

Robert Miedema
London Virtual Tours
Order a Virtual Tour (519) 933-9382