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Building a Sales Pipeline Takes Time

We accomplish most of our virtual tour sales with “cold-calling”. It has been said that things move slowly (like at a snail’s pace) in the South. Being “Yankees” (not to be confused with Damn Yankees), we were accustomed to moving at high speed in every aspect of our lives. What have we learned after living 3 years in the South? Sales take time!

Our longest time from start to finish was over a year. Sometimes, however, you need to just “start” the virtual tour and build upon it later. That’s what we can do for you at, your North East Mississippi Virtual Tour Provider

That was our experience at the gourmet restaurant “Park Heights” We are not yet finished with this virtual tour—it is a work in progress. To see what is now available go to:

First , we stopped in one day to drop off our card. Second, we sent an informal email with examples of our work as well as a narrative regarding the benefits a virtual tour offers a business. Third, we set up a meeting with the owner to demonstrate the 360 tour features. Finally, we began the virtual tour with some banquet room 360 scenes. We put in writing that we would be completing additional scenes as the areas of the restaurant were “staged”.

We will be doing some additional patio 360 scenes as well as their roof-top dining. This is a fantastic restaurant. If you are ever in Tupelo, MS., perhaps visiting Elvis’ birthplace, you simply must have a meal here.

Moral of this blog? Sales occur when you forge a relationship; they cannot be rushed.

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The FORMULA 27 – The Tour Disc

Are you actively spreading seeds around your community? Seeds are anything that have a long shelf life and have a chance to sprout you up some new virtual tour business down the road.  In our line of work, seeds could be your active online craigslist ads that have links back to your website, your trade show handout CD’s, a glossy handout, a postcard and finally my personal favorite, the Tour Disc.  

Jim and I, as well as many other highly successful RTV virtual tour providers out there, mail a Tour Disc to the home seller once the virtual tour has been posted online.  The Tour Disc is mailed directly to the home seller as a gift on behalf of the listing agent and your virtual tour company.  When anyone puts the Disc into a CD ROM or DVD ROM a nice presentation begins showcasing the listing agent, your website and of course that specific virtual tour.

Tour Discs that are sent to home sellers have an amazing impact on you and your customers.  Do you know how many phone calls RTV gets from home sellers who have moved into their new homes and would like to have a copy of their virtual tour?  LOTS!!  

Homes are highly emotional material items that are the playground for many of our past memories.  A Tour Disc will cost you roughly .40 to create and will most likely bring you business down the road. Imagine being in business for two or three years and having your Tour Discs in over 1000 homes in your area.

Since we  get calls all the time from RTV providers asking how to make these awesome virtual tour CD’s we decided to have a show that’s 100% dedicated to the Tour Disc creation process.

Please join me at 7:00 Eastern on May 4th for The FORMULA 27 – The Tour Disc as we explore how to add this delightfully subtle marketing seed (and free gift) to your property marketing company.

See you on the show!

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Bidding Your Business and Commercial Virtual Tours

I just took a phone call from one of our virtual tour providers. He was working on bidding on a HUGE assisted living facility and was looking for my opinion. He certainly got it! Distributed by Tubemogul.

Check out my virtual tour pricing at

If you ever need help bidding out a deal just give me a shout!

Good Luck Out There!!!

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