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3D Walkthroughs for ANY Budget!

Real Tour Vision is shifting gears on our 3D technology and we now offer what we feel is the industries finest 3D products at the most affordable price. First off if you would like to order a custom 3D walkthrough or Animation the Real Tour Vision team is the industry’s best. Just one look at some of our STUNNING custom 3D projects is keeping those developers wide eyed and asking for MORE.

With our new 3D Walkthrough technology, prospects and literally ‘walk-through’ a property in 3D on the web just as if they were really there in person. Our 3D Animation, 3D Walkthroughs and 3D renderings are all taking on breathtaking lifelike formation right on your computer screen, kiosk, or high definition television. While most of our custom 3D walkthrough projects start off at several thousand dollars we are now also offering a low cost solution for all of our virtual tour providers both In-House and Full-Service!

Our new automated 3D walkthrough technology is built directly into our virtual tour management system and is accessible 24/7. To create an automated 3D walkthrough with the Real Tour Vision virtual tour solution you simply log in, draw your floor plan, convert it to a 3D floor plan and convert that to a 3D walkthrough. The conversion to a 3D floor plan and the 3D Walkthrough is simply a push of the button on your end and on ours is simply the processing time it takes on the servers. The conversion to a full 3D walkthrough animation will take approximately 24 hours and is delivered to you via hyper link.

The automated 3D-Walkthroughs are essentially computer rendered and auto generated videos based on the 2d and 3d floor plans that you draw from within our system. The end result is not the quality you will find in our custom 3D Walkthroughs and Animations but it is several thousand dollars less and it still lets anyone from around the world experience a home and get a realistic feel for its size and layout. Multiple furnishing styles are used in the presentation so as the visitor ‘walks-through’ the home, room styles change in their furnishing and decorative styles. One moment the sitting room is bold and funky and the next moment it has faded into a calm and restful environment. The automated 3D Walkthrough really is the ultimate property marketing tool while our custom 3D Walkthroughs are the perfect for developments and high end presentations.

“I have never seen anything like this in my life. It is a magical experience and the 3D Walkthrough video is like somebody moving through the property with a video camera. However this is light years ahead of anything that a video tour could ever accomplish since the clarity is amazing and as a visitor on the automated 3D Walkthrough I am able to jump from one room to another simply by clicking on the name button for each room. At the end of the 3D Walkthrough tour I can even see photographs that show exactly how the home looks today.”
-Morgan Makowski

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Boone NC Virtual Tour Attraction Distraction

Well the worst happened the other day when I got back from shooting virtual tours in Boone, NC.

Yes oh yes an entire folder of photo’s a 6 bedroom 7,000sq home was deleted from my computer and went off to photo Heaven without passing Go and I did not collect $200.00! Yes folks I have to go back with my tail between my legs and do it ALL over again.

I did look into having it restored from the hard drive of my computer but it would have cost me more to have it retrieved from my computer than to go back and shoot it again. OK the agent is cute and single but I promise you all that really has nothing to do with it, I think…

Wish me luck and just watch that delete button.

Good Shooting Folks…Douglas

Douglas Meyers
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Do It Yourself Virtual Tours With Real Tour Vision

Hello Real Tour Vision,

Once again, thank you for your superior virtual tour software product and service! We are a new Evansville, Indiana real estate company, and with Real Tour Vision, we have become a trend setter in our market. Other local companies are trying to catch up with our superior online marketing approach of offering a 360 degree virtual tour for every listing but we have the best virtual tour system available.

During recent open houses, guests have mentioned that they have seen the virtual tour online, and wanted to see the home in person. This is clearly the response we are looking for.

Thanks for the continuous innovations, and always friendly customer and technical support.

Geri Terry
ET Realty
Evansville, Indiana Real Estate
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FREE GOLF With Real Tour Vision Virtual Tours

Are you an avid golfer? Don’t want to pay the high greens fees at courses you’d like to play? Why not contact golf club managers and ask if they would be interested in a virtual tour?

Not only can you shoot the virtual tour of the golf course itself, but many clubs have a driving range, putting green, banquet facilities and clubhouse that can be included in a tour. Some managers won’t want to spend the money for a virtual tour, but are more than willing to barter for free golf!

I have produced Virtual Golf Course Tours for premier clubs in Las Vegas that have traded for free rounds of golf, plus received payment as well. It’s a win/win opportunity for all involved. The golf club gets to showcase their facilities online and you get to golf for free! The only thing you’ll have to spend is time…doing what you love!

Rob Lenthe

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Sunday Open House – A Thing Of The Past?

Are open houses outdated? Real estate agents who sit in the houses Sunday after Sunday afternoon could certainly tell you where they’d rather be. Will open houses soon be remembered as fondly as home milk delivery and telephones with dials?

It seems so.

According to a recently article published by RISMedia, ”Open houses have been declining in attendance for several years – they’re a relic,” so says Rudy Mayer, a Realtor of ERA The Masiello Group of Nashua, NH.

“With a record number of properties on the market, record gas prices and easier access to multiple photos and virtual tours online, buyers are less inclined to go out and drive around to traditional open houses,” Mayer says.

360 Virtual Home Tours create the 24/7 open house. It is more convenient for everyone, from the home seller, home buyer, and the agent that is representing the property.

“Since attendance is down (or non-existent) at most open houses, many buyers are also weary of being the only open house visitor and being made uncomfortable by a potentially hungry agent following them from room to room,” Mayer said.

The article explains how a webcast is going to create the virtual open house. This is truly experimental. It probably will take some time to refine and format. In the meantime, agents can create virtual open houses for all their listings, and take Sunday afternoons off, just by offering virtual tours on all their listings.

I am doing virtual tours in Lancaster, PA and I am waiting to see the first Sunday newspaper add that says something like, “Our Open Houses are always open because we always use virtual tours.”

George Sheldon
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