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New High Tech 3D Guided Tours

RISMEDIA, Dec. 19, 2007- GeoData Technologies recently introduced SiteSeer3dTM, a Web-based real estate sales solution that gives agents and their customers the ability to digitally tour a home, a business or acreage in 3-dimensional (3D) through up-to-date satellite imagery that shows terrain and structures along with buyer-selected data choices in relationship to a specific property. Using SiteSeer3d agents can attract, serve and satisfy more clients simultaneously, drive time out of the sales cycle, and improve their close rate.

“Agents digitally ‘fly’ prospects around the property, showing the site and landscape from a very up-to-date, 3D perspective,” says Bill Cady, GeoData Technologies Co-founder. “Buyers literally visit the site-including the neighborhood, schools, parks and businesses-without setting foot on the ground. Further, there is simultaneous access to live data sources related to services and lifestyle. Agents use SiteSeer3d to quickly shortlist buyers down from dozens of long shot properties to a just a handful of real possibilities.”

According to the company, with SiteSeer3d, the buyer can tour independently from the agent’s Web site, sit side-by-side with the agent, or the agent can guide a distant buyer using SiteSeer3d’s remote tour guide capabilities. On a guided tour, the buyer ‘rides along’ via his or her computer as the agent drives using SiteSeer3d to explore properties from the brokerage or office.

SiteSeer3d guided tours are invaluable with out-of-town prospects hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

“SiteSeer3d is a brilliant high tech sales solution,” says Greg Manship, chief executive officer of the Intermountain MLS in Boise, Idaho. “I believe our membership will enjoy immediate positive results using this unique and powerful real estate sales tool.”

The company says that SiteSeer3d adds star appeal to the agent, broker and MLS Web presence. In the crowded real estate market space, discerning buyers and sellers are looking for a high technology differentiator in the hands of a high performance agent and company.

For more information, visit or call 208-255-7215.

I thought this was a great article showcasing 3D technology. It really highlights how important this kind of imagery is in our society today. Real Tour Vision is proud to offer high quality 3D walkthroughs of not only an area, but an interior of a building or home. Check out more info our 3D walkthroughs.

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Virtual Tours on Pull More Traffic

Our interactive virtual tour technology is pretty advanced, but recently it blew me away….again!

Believe it or not, one of my favorite 360 virtual tours, a million-dollar-plus home in Ridgefield, WA, has received more hits (viewings) from than our local MLS.

Take a moment and click on the small blue circle at the bottom of the tour to examine this hit report.

Now, think how reassuring it is to the homeowner to be able to see for themselves that their real estate professional is “putting the tour out there for everyone to see.” — AND they can click on it whenever they want to!

It used to blow me away how few real estate agents would pay the $25 to link virtual tours to their listings. Hopefully, now that they can see for themselves that it works, they’ll consider it.

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3D Walkthroughs as a Sales Tool

3D Walkthroughs are becoming an increasingly popular way of showcasing interior spaces. A few tips to keep in mind when selling a 3D Interior Walkthrough:

1. Displaying the 3D Animations on your Web site will encourage people to contact your business.

2. Mail or drop off a DVD of sample 3D Virtual Interior Walkthroughs to prospective buyers to increase inquiries to your services. Make sure to follow up your mailing with a call. This gives the prospect an opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

3. Consider including a price sheet with a low starting price to ensure interest through affordability.

4. Let the prospect know how the 3D Walkthroughs will act as an aid in their sales process by creating a visual for the prospect.

3D Animations are a perfect way to create an emotional connection between the buyer and the home while helping them visualize their new residence.

Interested in a Virtual 3D Interior Project to showcase your interior space? Let us help you! Click here to fill out a form to contact me about 3D Walkthroughs and 3D Animations!

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Virtual Tours and Beyond

Real estate agents have to stand out above their colleagues more than ever to retain and satisfy their clients by selling their property in a reasonable time frame. Homeowners are skeptical about which agents to hire and sign on the dotted line with. After all, a fairly big commission is being paid to that agent; the homeowners want to know that they are effectively getting their money’s worth by having their home marketed properly-in tune with today’s current online trends.

Scheduling a 360 virtual tour is the first step in gaining a great online presence. 360 tours are so economical when you see what you are getting. After all, with Real Tour Vision technology anyway, they stay online for two years and then you can still renew for another two if you choose to. Can you say that for your local newspaper? A solid one year ad in the paper for every house would cost you around three to four thousand dollars while a 360 virtual tour photographed by a professional will only cost around $100.00 for a full two years! A virtual tour costs nearly $.27 per day while an ad in the newspaper runs nearly $13.00-$15.00! With 85% of home shoppers starting their searches online I know where I would put my marketing dollars in 2008.

A professional virtual tour photography company is the way to go with virtual tours. Most Do-it-yourself kits don’t offer the bells and whistles, and your photographs will be obvious they came from you, not a true professional using professional equipment. Having their home photographed by a pro is impressive to clients and is not something to be skimped out on. Todays homeowners are smart enough to find a new agent if you are not impressing them right from the start.

Upgrades are a fantastic way of going above the virtual tour experience. By adding a 2d or 3d Floor plan, a viewer can get the actual layout of a home. This may be important to parents wanting to see where they would put the nursery relative to their own bedroom and away from the stairwell. It also gives those looking at investment properties the tools they need to get started on their next project.

Floor plans with 2 D Picture Plus Technology showcase the home from the sellers point of view…giving viewers a floor plan with clickable photo icons, allowing a viewer to scroll their mouse over the icon and obtain an actual photograph of the room directly from the floor plan! This photograph can then be enlarged for advanced viewing capabilities.

3 Dimensional floor plans are also a great upgrade to enhance the standard 2 Dimensional plan, making the plan easily understandable. 3 Dimensional plans are absolutely impressive. A great feature to add to any tour and is sure to enhance an agent’s online presence with giving great service.

Going above and beyond, an agent will order a 3 Dimensional Walk through. This is an awesome feature! It gives the viewer a computer animated version of the house using the floor plan. Furnishings are added to give the viewer a clean interpretation of a property’s potential. This feature is also well sought after in the building community. Builders can have their floor plans converted into 3 Dimensional walkthroughs giving the viewer the sense of what the home will appear like when it is finished being built.

Upgrades are the complete package when showing a client they are working with a top agent. It shows the homeowner that the agent has stayed abreast o f technology and will spare no expense in marketing their home to its fullest potential. The best part? The agent just has to find a great virtual tour company in their area that is a true 360 degree virtual tour company, using Real Tour Vision Technology, so they too can take advantage of these remarkable features. The company does all the work and the agent can sit back and concentrate their time on getting more listings!

As a top virtual tour company in Media, PA and by using Real Tour Vision Technology with the integrated floor plan software and other upgrades like the single property websites and the panorider we simply make the visuals come to life and provide our agents truly state-of-the-art advertising!

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Virtual Tour Sales – The Secret To Success

There are many roadblocks to success when starting a virtual tour company. Whether you are experienced in sales or a first time at bat rookie, you have probably experienced low points.

In such challenging circumstances, some salespeople, despite great talent and potential, find it difficult to pick themselves up and get back in the game. They seem to lack the elusive quality of motivation—the ability to soar above these temporary obstacles and keep moving forward. They lose momentum, avoid making calls, and take refuge in the safe havens of their offices or automobiles.

On the other hand, there are salespeople whose motivation and resilience enable them to make every customer call as enthusiastically as if it were the first. These individuals’ desire to succeed allows them to leverage even “ordinary” skills and abilities to achieve extraordinary results.

For the majority of us who, perhaps, fall somewhere in the middle, there is an opportunity to increase our motivations and desires.

Whenever I think of motivation the first thing that comes to my mind is the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. While this may seem odd to some people the most common cause of lack of motivation is fear and lack of confidence. So how do you conquer that Cowardly Lion that we all have within?

The solution—courageous action! Whether you go knock on a few For Sale By Owner homes in your area, drop in local realty offices to set up appointments, or try to upgrade a virtual tour to include a 3D floor plan or add an individual property website and Panorider, you need to conquer your fears to be successful. Constantly summoning the courage to move forward in the face of fear is unquestionably the most important attribute of highly motivated achievers.

By making sure you are constantly motivating yourself, through prospecting for new clients or following up with current virtual tour clients, the motivational engine for sales success will always be going!

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