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RTV 3D Takes Its Talent to Las Vegas

The Grande Image, an outdoor advertising company, was looking for a way to excite potential advertisers about their new prime advertising location in Las Vegas, NV.

This unique advertising space offers a giant billboard on the side of a hotel in a very key location of Vegas. Since the hotel is currently under construction The Grande Image (TGI) needed a way to show the key vantages points that make this billboard a prime advertising opportunity and begin pre-selling the ad space.

After discussing the project and submitting a proposal, TGI made the decision to purchase a RTV 3D custom animation and 3D renderings. After much planning and many hours of labor we are very excited and proud to unveil the completed 3D animation for TGI.

Visit our 3D animation and 3D renderings on our website. Click the link below and check out sample number 6 to see our new Las Vegas animation.

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3D Renderings that Impress

A church in California just finalized the planning for the new addition to their current facility. After many meetings, and many hours of planning the floor plans were completed. The carpet, tile, paint, lighting and appliances had all been picked out but they had a problem. They needed a way to show the congregation what the final construction was going to look like.

They really wanted to get everyone excited about new addition to their facility. After searching the internet for creators of 3D Renderings they contacted Real Tour Vision’s new 3D department. After hearing about their project and budget we decided that 3d renderings would be the best fit their needs. They signed the proposal, supplied us with floor plans, elevations, and the names of the paint and carpets they were going to use. Within a short amount of time RTV completed the high quality 3D renderings.

When they received the final product they were ecstatic. They were impressed with how real the renderings looked and were very excited to be able to present them to their congregation.

“Now everyone will be able to see what the inside will look like and catch the vision for this project”, they said.

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3D Walkthroughs – Another Income Source

Real estate virtual tours are the largest section of the virtual tour market and a renewable income source as new homes are built and people move. But what do you do for the home builder that lists a spec home? Do you wait until the home is complete and hope that you get a chance to shoot a virtual tour of it before it sells? What if it sells before construction is complete?

The MLS is full of spec home listings with nothing more than the floor plan and/or maybe a sketch of what the exterior of the home will look like. For most buyers a floor plan is not enough information to help them really visualize the size and layout of the home. Since the home hasn’t been built yet you obviously can’t shoot a tour of it so what do you do? Are these lost opportunities? Absolutely not! RTV’s 3D Walkthroughs are your answer.

A 3D Walkthrough is a high quality computer generated video that allows a viewer to tour a home that hasn’t been built yet. The 3D Walkthrough allows you to see both the exterior and interior of a home in stunning 3D imagery giving you a realistic feel for size and layout. You will feel like you are really there. What a great concept! Now you can provide virtual tours for homes not yet constructed, but how hard is it to create these 3D Walkthroughs?

A 3D Walkthrough is easier to create than you think. It all begins with you creating a 2D floor plan. The online floor plan software makes it easy to create a 2D floor plan. Click and drag a box on the graph paper and you have created your first room. Drag a base unit and sink from the options to the left and now you have turned your room into a kitchen. Drag over a tub and shower from the options and now you have a bathroom. Drag in doors and windows and your floor plan is complete. Once you have built your floor plan you submit it to be processed. After your 2D floor plan has been processed you simply click to upgrade it to the 3D Walkthrough. The best part is that the system automatically adds in furniture, wall color, pictures, decorating accessories, and it generates the 3D Walkthrough movie. All that you had to do was create the basic 2D floor plan and click to upgrade.

Don’t let these opportunities pass you by!

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PRESS RELEASE – Kalamazoo Virtual Tour Company

Real Tour Vision(TM) Announces New Virtual Tour Company in Kalamazoo, MI

KALAMAZOO, MI VIRTUAL TOUR COMPANY- February 10, 2008 — Kaleidoscope Photography & Virtual Tours (KPVT) has recently partnered with Real Tour Vision(TM) (RTV), the world’s largest and fastest growing virtual tour software provider. As a RTV full service provider KPVT offers state-of-the-art virtual tours and innovative online marketing solutions to local real estate agents and businesses.

Dawn Frees, RTV Provider and owner of KPVT stated, “It’s very exciting to be partnered with Real Tour Vision. Being a professional photographer, I take pride in creating not just a virtual tour, but a work of art. Photo quality is just as important as the tour itself! If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are your photos saying? KPVT is here to make sure they say GREAT things!”

Since 2000, RTV has continually led the way in the virtual tour industry with marketing implementations such as their proprietary interactive software, RTV PanoRider(TM), single property websites, on-demand HitStats 2.0, 2D/3D interactive floor plans, animated walk-throughs, custom websites, TourTrack(TM), tour audio solutions, TourDiscs(TM) and Sketch-and-Fax(TM) services. For more information call 616-877-3415, email an inquiry to the email address below or visit their website.


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A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

With the popularity of searching for homes online, having good pictures is more important than ever

By Anna West
C & G Staff Writer

As more and more consumers turn to the Internet to shop, first appearances are the most important impression, especially when it comes to selling a home.

“A photo is worth a thousand words,” said David Elya, president of the Metropolitan Consolidated Association of REALTORS who works at Realty Executives Group in Shelby Township. With listings now available online, quality photography of a home is a major marketing tool, he said.

Elya, like the majority of Realtors, takes pictures of his clients’ homes himself with a digital camera. He suggests playing up a home’s best features and taking wide-angle shots of the front and back of the house, as well as key rooms including the kitchen, family room or great room – and skipping less inviting areas such as bathrooms and basements. If the house is seated on a corner lot, take a panoramic shot of this valuable asset. Keep outdoor photos up-to-date with the current season, and make sure all indoor shots are free of clutter.

“Stage it in the best way,” Elya added.

Ruth Clevers, a Realtor with Weir Manuel Snyder & Ranke in Birmingham, agrees.

“You want the composition to be good,” Clevers said. Clevers also photographs her clients’ homes herself so she’ll have better control over the quality of the pictures, which the marketing department at her company can adapt to best fit their Web site.

“Nighttime pictures with the house lit up are becoming very popular,” she noted, adding that these pictures usually turn out very well. For vacant houses, which are hard to display in pictures because of the large empty spaces that may be visually unappealing, Clevers seizes the opportunity to capture images of the house’s backyard and neighborhood, giving the consumer something more positive to remember the house by.

She also uses a computer program to stitch together panoramic shots into a virtual tour of the home, another popular feature of online listings.

“I love the ones that have the virtual tours,” said Susan Dahlstedt of Bloomfield Hills, a client of Clevers’ who is looking to purchase a home.

For Dahlstedt, online tours of homes save a lot of time in the house-hunting ordeal. Clevers sends her listings of homes that she might be interested in through the Internet, and Dahlstedt can check each house out on the Web site before deciding whether to actually visit the home.

“Some houses don’t have any pictures online,” Dahlstedt said, “which seems so surprising.”

It is surprising, especially given the fact that, according to a recent online research study, the average number of words in a house listing is just 32.

Article Source

It is great to see articles out there that encourage more imaging. Images, both interactive virtual tours and high quality still images, are essential to effectively marketing homes.

Real Tour Vision has a vast network of virtual tour providers that can not only create a high quality 360 virtual tours, but also provide beautiful still images for print or web use.

Our virtual tours also have some great add on features to really highlight a property and make it stand out. Our virtual tour providers can add 2D and 3D floorplans to a virtual tour. We can even create custom 3D walkthroughs for a location. These are an amazing tool for showcasing any kind of property. Another great add on we have are single property websites advertised with a Panorider. The Panorider is a sign that hangs under the yard sign. It has a full color panorama of the property and includes a website that uses the home address as the website name. This is definitely an attention getter, especially for driveby/passerby shoppers.

Contact Real Tour Vision today to learn more about our virtual tour services and to find a virtual tour provider in your area. We have full coverage across the United States as well as providers in other countries.

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