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Virtual Tour Communication is KEY

Hi Everyone! I have been shooting Virtual Tours with RealTourVision for a little over 3 years now. From time to time I have had customers request that something be removed from a tour or even go back and retake one of the 360 scenes. I have always complied with their wishes even if I didn’t think moving a chair to a different location or straightening a wall portrait was going to make much of a difference! I just figured it was a good business practice and keeping my customers happy was goal number one.

Last week, one of my Realtors(r) asked me to shoot a tour of a riverfront home. She said the owners were out of town so I could come by her office and pick up the key and shoot the tour at my convenience. The Realtor wanted my Deluxe package which includes up to 7 spins and 10 stills for $99. I built the 360 tour with 7 spins and emailed 35 stills to her at no extra charge.

Here is the link to the tour: 360 Tour

Last night the Realtor forwarded this email to me. Here is what the Owner’s thought of my tour and stills.

*****Letter from the Owners to the Realtor*****

The virtual tours are great for what they cover. We wish we would have been here to clean up prior to his shooting each area.

The pictures are also well done but have the following problems:

#1941-Citronella candle on table should be removed & replaced with Champaign & glasses.
#1944-Both candles, etc.
#1953-Stuff on counters would have been removed
#1955-Vacuum cleaner & other stuff would have been removed
#1959-Folding ladder, etc. should have been moved.
Some others had similar smaller problems that were, hopefully, not as noticeable.

Pictures of the following need to be added to justify the investment:

1. The courtyard with fountain running.
2. The gate & walk leading to the courtyard
3. The tree & garden area behind the garage & ginger plants along the neighbors wooden fence.
4. The private entrance to the Guest Quarters
5. The Guest Quarters bath
6. The dining area in the Guest Quarters & second private entrance off the patio.
7. The front entrance to the house with fountain running
8. The house North side with gate & flowers lining both the house & neighbors wood fence
9. The 4 sided fountain in the garden that is in front of the sun room.
10.The street entrance shots should include:
– light topped entrance posts with large pompous grass, etc
– mail box post the same color as the house, entrance posts, garage & driveway.
– mail box planter area that includes flowers, elephant ears & century plants
– the diamond shaped palm island that includes 3 varieties of palms & is solar lit for a soft look in the evening
– the garage that is also night lit to show the street # in white above the window against the sea foam green house color.
– The Landscape Timber curb that is the only curb in the subdivision, adding a crisp clean look to the property
11. We also talked about getting some night shots of the tree and landscape lighting that is unmatched in the neighborhood both in front & back of the house as well as along the natural wet land river bank.

Considering the price range of the house, doing the above and some other things, that I’m sure you will come up with is more than worth the effort.

Prior to any more photos being taken, we welcome your input with regard to what we should do to make them more effective as well as any other suggestions.


This incident has inspired me to create a very simple handout entitled “Virtual Tour Preparation” so each of my customers can share this information with home sellers before I show up to shoot the virtual tour. This will establish reasonable expectations in that most of us virtual tour providers are not home stagers and it will also prevent situations like this from happening in the future. On a further note I have also recently found that offers a toll free phone number that your real estate agent client can give to the home seller prior to the virtual tour provider showing up. When the home seller calls this phone number they get a recorded message establishing virtual tour expectations and gaining in preparedness.

Enjoy the weekend!!

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Happy Anniversay Mike and Candice Stolte!

Happy Nine Year Anniversary to Mike Stolte and his wonderful wife Candice. Mike and Candice have been a part of team RTV now for nearly two years offering virtual tours of Houston, TX.

Congrats Mike and Candice!!
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This article was recently published in the San Francisco Chronicle. We thought it would be great to share this with those who frequent our virtual tour company blog as it reflects the growing desire for us to experience 3D walkthrough like technology and 3D animations. Recently the Real Tour Vision 3D department has been very busy working on many new projects with our 3D Animation crew. Some of our current work may be seen on our 3D walkthrough page of our website. Enjoy the article and remember that the Real Tour Vision Animators are industry best!

San Francisco Chronicle

By Tom Geller, Special to The Chronicle

The weather is perfect for an open house. The listing agent greets you at the door and you enter the clean, rambling home, its lofty rooms done tastefully in muted cream with brown accents. Touring upstairs, you remark to a winged white tigress that the bathroom would look better with colored lighting; she touches a panel on the wall to make the change, considers, then agrees.

This isn’t Narnia; it’s Second Life, a virtual world where more than 1.5 million “residents” use computers to control graphic representations of themselves and interact with others as they wander through realistic landscapes that other residents have created.

The game’s large audience has attracted real-world businesses, such as Circuit City, Toyota and Sears, that attempt to attract customers to their Web sites by “building” stores in Second Life.

Now, Second Life is a venue for selling another big-ticket item: homes.

The appearance of real-world home models in online worlds such as Second Life acknowledges that Americans are spending more time in virtual spaces that go beyond the Web. Sites such as already provide home buyers with basic property details, photos, and occasional movies of prospective properties. But immersive, 3-D online experiences such as Second Life, Google Earth and Google SketchUp go further by allowing visitors to fly over the city, stroll around the neighborhood, and even walk in the front door – without leaving the computer keyboard.

Last month, a Seattle-area Coldwell Banker office created a virtual model of a real-world 5,700-square-foot new home on Mercer Island, listed for a little more than $3 million. While several real estate companies have used Second Life to advertise their services, this is believed to be the first time a real home has been available for touring in this environment. Listing agent Suzanne Lane (“Suzanne Ibanez” in Second Life) said she’s been happy with the response.

“We’ve had tremendous interest. About 3,700 people have come in and walked around, including quite a few who are capable of buying this level of home,” she said. “It’s a property that does command a worldwide market, so we’re really excited about this new avenue because it’s more worldwide.”

She’s still not sure whether Second Life will ultimately help her sell the house. However, she’s optimistic about the project as a general marketing tool. “I’ve fielded quite a few questions from people who say they’re potential buyers,” she said. “The actual home is sort of a launch pad for more information.”

The real-world house was left unstaged, its empty rooms devoid of furniture, art, and the cliche breakfast tray in the master bedroom. The home’s Second Life version could have been filled with such homey touches at a tiny fraction of the cost of a real-world staging, but Charlie Young, Coldwell Banker’s senior vice president of marketing explained why it isn’t.

“We made a decision to represent it exactly as it exists in the real world,” said Young, who is known as Spuds Carter in the virtual world. “Even the handles on the kitchen cabinets are the same. If you look out the back window, it’s the real view. Just because you’re not actually in the listing doesn’t mean you can’t experience what it’s like.”

The Mercer Island home is part of a larger strategy for Coldwell Banker, which opened its Second Life office in March and revealed that it had secretly been buying virtual property for development and resale.

Read the full article is HERE

Ready Set Tour

After my official “go live” date of 1 September 07, I will be using the Pay Per Click Advertising service offered through Rock Pointe Marketing to further improve my site’s visibility. And, of course, I will continue to contribute to this blog, which is having some amazing results so far! My goal is to have a Page Rank of at least a “3” and be on the first page of Google’s results inside of six months. Locally, I want to be THE go-to website for real estate listings and virtual tours in Oklahoma. As one of only two RTV Full Service providers in the entire state, ( and nearly no other competition) I think I’ve got a pretty good shot!

Quality Virtual Tours Do Sell Homes

For all my fellow REALTORS(r) – and specifically listing agents:

Interesting thing happened to me on my way to show some homes. As I perused our local MLS searching for listings to show my buyers, I came to the realization that 360 virtual tours actually do sell homes. Perhaps, I should qualify that – QUALITY virtual tours actually do sell homes (funky virtual tours and slide shows do a listing an injustice.

O.K, granted, I didn’t have quite the epiphany I describe above, since I must admit I have come to this realization before. Moreover, I understand, too, that once you know that I’m a real estate agent as well as a virtual tour provider you may think my positive view towards virtual tours a rather biased one. I’d need to stop you right there, though. Providing a virtual tour for each one of your listings is a no-brainer. When you look at the sheer numbers, and I swear it seems to go up a percentage point each month, there’s no disputing the fact that more buyers start their home search on-line than not. The actual figure was way past 70% at last glance. That’s a phenomenal amount of prospective buyers out there in cyberspace searching in earnest for their next home. I know this to be true since I work with buyers on a daily basis; they are extremely tech-savvy and ever searching.

So, here’s the deal – with my market experiencing a buyer’s market, there is entirely too much inventory to focus my searches on listings with no pictures, let alone no 360 virtual tour. And interesting thing is, my buyers feel the same way. The fact is that houses with the most pictures will generate the most interest and will get the most showings while those listings that have no pictures will get placed at the very bottom of the “to see” list at warp speed.

Case in point – on a recent weekend, I showed 31 houses to a buyer who was only in town (from Japan, I kid you not) for an extended weekend. There was absolutely no interest on his part in seeing anything without pictures (and believe it or not, there were many). Imagine if your picture-less listing was on our list and, therefore, at the bottom of the 54 that met his search parameters. What’s the likelihood of him seeing your listing? You don’t think he would’ve found his dream home among the previous 53? (His better half was searching homes from Japan on the internet and directed us to physically see the home they actually closed on last month. BTW, I just happened to do the virtual tour on it! I didn’t tell them until settlement, though.)

All that to say, the buyers market that we are experiencing right now will absolutely separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s time for you to be the best listing agent you can be, pull out your bag of tricks, rev up your marketing, call your virtual tour provider, and get your listings sold. Spend the marketing dollars necessary to get your listings in front of all those web-browsing buyers, then experience the return on your investment many-fold.

Lanette Branch
Lanette Branch Virtual Tours