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3D Renderings Merged With Virtual Tours

Merging RTV Technologies

Merging 3D renderings with virtual tours to create an interactive online map. The client that was working on this project has finished the website and provided us with the links so that we could take a look at the finished maps. This interactive map project turned out great and we wanted to share it with you. The maps will really help new customers get acquainted with the facility making it easier for them to find their way around. Potential customers also get a firsthand look at what this facility has to offer. As an RTV provider you can take this same concept one step further with these RTV advantages.

Here are the links to the two different maps:

Preston Road, Dallas

Craig Ranch, McKinney

The RTV Advantage

The first advantage you have as an RTV provider is the start scene control for the RTV tour window. This feature allows you to create only one tour with several start scenes rather than multiple individual views like the sample. You create and upload just the one tour with all the images for all the lots. Then using the start scene control you create separate links for each hotspot to open the tour with the image of that lot as the start scene.
(See the Tech Tip below from Tour Talk Issue 40)

Tour Talk Issue 40 – Tech Tip

This month’s tech tip is about controlling the starting scene of your tour through the tour link. Normally a tour will start with the same scene each time. Some providers have expressed a need to temporarily control the starting scene so we programmed in a way to do that. A parameter can now be passed in the tour link that forces a tour to begin on a certain scene.

This is a normal tour link:

The virtual tour provider chose to begin the tour on a still shot of the north side of the home. The realtor may have a need to showcase the stunning pool area and could use the modified link below.

Or use this link to show off the spectacular Master Bedroom.

You’ll notice in each example that a question mark follows the tour id, then the parameter startspin=, then the scene name. Always type in the scene name exactly as it appears in the drop down box of the tour but replaces spaces with the + sign.

The second RTV advantage that you have is working directly with your business partner, Team RTV, who is standing by to help you succeed.

Contact RTV’s 3D department to see how we can help you with your custom 3D project today!

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RTV 3D Takes Its Talent to Las Vegas

The Grande Image, an outdoor advertising company, was looking for a way to excite potential advertisers about their new prime advertising location in Las Vegas, NV.

This unique advertising space offers a giant billboard on the side of a hotel in a very key location of Vegas. Since the hotel is currently under construction The Grande Image (TGI) needed a way to show the key vantages points that make this billboard a prime advertising opportunity and begin pre-selling the ad space.

After discussing the project and submitting a proposal, TGI made the decision to purchase a RTV 3D custom animation and 3D renderings. After much planning and many hours of labor we are very excited and proud to unveil the completed 3D animation for TGI.

Visit our 3D animation and 3D renderings on our website. Click the link below and check out sample number 6 to see our new Las Vegas animation.

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3D Renderings that Impress

A church in California just finalized the planning for the new addition to their current facility. After many meetings, and many hours of planning the floor plans were completed. The carpet, tile, paint, lighting and appliances had all been picked out but they had a problem. They needed a way to show the congregation what the final construction was going to look like.

They really wanted to get everyone excited about new addition to their facility. After searching the internet for creators of 3D Renderings they contacted Real Tour Vision’s new 3D department. After hearing about their project and budget we decided that 3d renderings would be the best fit their needs. They signed the proposal, supplied us with floor plans, elevations, and the names of the paint and carpets they were going to use. Within a short amount of time RTV completed the high quality 3D renderings.

When they received the final product they were ecstatic. They were impressed with how real the renderings looked and were very excited to be able to present them to their congregation.

“Now everyone will be able to see what the inside will look like and catch the vision for this project”, they said.

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3D Renderings by Real Tour Vision

Real Tour Vision’s latest completed 3D rendering project was for a developer in Bonaire, an island in the Netherland Antilles located just north of Venezuela. The developer had some raw land and plans for a subdivision. He contacted RTV to have his ideas and plans turned into 3D renderings that he could use in marketing materials and on billboards to generate excitement for his new development. The assets he provided were some photos and a plot map.

Within a relatively short amount of time RTV turned his assets into the beautiful 3D rendering you see here.

If you come across anyone who has an architectural design or development for any type of 3D rendering project have them contact Ben Knorr at Real Tour Vision .

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Virtual Tour Camera Migration

I started my virtual tour business in Lawrence with my nice Point and shoot digital camera, but I was not getting the “professional look” that I was aiming for since I had little or no experience nor example on my website to show off. I decided to jump into the SLR world and of course it’s more complex than what I thought.

One mistake that I made and quickly learned from:

A point and shoot is automatically turning on to the widest angle possible which is how you should take your pictures for your 360 virtual tour. Even if you take it the camera off of the Real Tour Vision rotator to do a nice still picture, set it down and let it turn off, that digital camera will always set itself back to the widest angle setting where it was left at. This I quickly found was not the case with my digital SLR. At least mine anyway.

The Real Tour Vision tour builder manual says on the quick shoot checklist – BE SURE YOUR CAMERA IS ALWAYS SET TO THE WIDEST ANGLE POSSIBLE BEFORE EVERY VIRTUAL TOUR SHOOT! If you don’t follow this simple rule once you’re back at home trying to stitch them up it won’t work. For everyone out there just going into the SLR world be sure to always check that you have your camera set to the widest angle possible before every shoot. Especially after taking it off the tripod to zoom on a detail!

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