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Simple Solutions for Today’s Online Marketers

I am brand new to the virtual tour software. I am a Realtor, and had six new listings to do virtual tours on. After looking at the cost involved to pay someone else to do my virtual tour, I would be better off purchasing the software myself to do my own since I have enough free time to do my own. At first I was a little hesitant as to if I would be successful. My concern was soon gone when I went through the training session on using Real Tour Vision virtual tour software. They were able to walk me through the 360 tour software, giving me the confidence I could do this.

Virtual tours are becoming necessary with today’s market. We as Realtor’s are becoming not only Realtors, but also a marketing agent. With a lot of buyer’s relocating across this great country, with the use of virtual tours, families are able to see and make decisions about the biggest event in their life, with less stress and more confidence.

One of my clients was being transferred from Toronto, Canada. He would bring his video camera to record the homes we went through to show his family upon his return home. Well needless to say, the videos were very hard to show a true picture. The homes with virtual tours were much more true pictures. The home that was finally decided to purchase was the home I had listed with a 360 virtual tour.

Thank you Real Tour Vision for being there for agents in needed of a usable product. I look forward to the future updates and the magic of the virtual tours in the future.

Dan Hammar
Remerica Country Homes
Detroit Area Realtor

Improving the Virtual Tour Experience

Take the next step in the virtual tour experience and add an interactive aspect. Some virtual tour providers allow comments or recorded voice-overs to guide viewers through a non-interactive presentation. But, if you added an interactive aspect to it, you now get the complete package. So, why not add interactive hotspots on the tour and allow viewers to become immersed in their ‘own’ interactive tour of the home? With a simple point-and-click of a mouse, viewers can ‘walk’ from the kitchen to the family room.

Not only do you give potential buyers full control over their own ‘personal tour’ of the home, but you can also allow them to hear a professional pre-recorded informational message highlighting key features of the home. Want to see it? Just point-and-click!

The pivotal key to any business is the ability to bring in customers and keep them happy. Giving your potential clients the ability to not only view, but also ‘control’ their own tours gives you the ability to ‘personally’ introduce homes while allowing clients to ‘walk’ through the home at their leisure. Once they find their dream-home, the next step is to refer their friends! The question is, to whom will they refer them?

Cheryl Waller
Treasure Coast Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours Your Way

By far the most satisfying part of owning our virtual tour company is the flexibility to offer our clients a choice.

I’ve personally done 360 virtual tours/slide shows/photo shoots of over 300 homes. It occurred to me that unless a realtor has done the same, I can take a lot of worry off her hands by doing it for her.

For larger homes with virtual tours, we will supersize the number of still photos so Realtors have a variety to choose from for their flyers and MLS. Some agencies have “built-in” slide show programs available for use, and many of my clients Supersize for that purpose.

For smaller homes which are not suitable for 360 virtual tours, we offer slide shows. Slide shows are a great way to get around the local MLS 8-still-photo limit.

We will advise against virtual tours when a tasteful slide show using our crystal clear, “page flipping” RTV technology would serve the property better.

We’re not all about getting your cash. We’re all about gaining you as our client.

We have a portfolio of some of our work on our website and you are welcome to kick off your shoes (that’s what we all do up here in the Pacific Northwest) and tiptoe through these homes 🙂

Dawn Shaffer
All About Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours Google Style

Great googley moogley I thought to myself the first time I saw the virtual tour camera in the article below. Leave it up to Google to get into virtual tours and utilize a $100,000.00 virtual tour camera! I recommend that everyone read the article below as it gives great insight to what we are all a part of and where this journey is taking us.

Each and every person involved in Real Tour Vision as a Full Service provider or an In-House provider is a part one of the biggest movements ever as we continue to make our entire world a virtual place to be explored and documented. While Google is using this for street mapping, Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers are able to take it one step further as they go inside of the homes, shops, malls, hotels, restaurants, and corner stores. It is truly great to see virtual tour technology and the benefits that go along with it become the status quo.

I remember years ago walking around in an online environment and the computer printed on the screen (Yes, in white letters only on a black background!) what was around you. The graphics were then left up to your imagination. Alas here we are 15 years later and on the brink of being able to go anywhere in the world with just a click of our mouse. It is great having so many members on the Real Tour Vision team all marching together as one in this movement. Thank you and enjoy the article.

Getting Google’s Street Views
Immersive Media is the Canadian outfit behind Google Maps’ new 360-degree images. What will its unusual cameras shoot next?

by Douglas MacMillan

Full Article is here

Maybe you’ve seen one cruising the streets in your city: A platinum gray Volkswagen Beetle with a camera that looks like a small disco ball fixed to the roof. They’ve been driving the streets in major cities across the country, snapping some 125 million images to be digitally woven into 360-degree views of everything from New York’s South Street Seaport to San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

The fleet of VW (VOWG) Beetles is the brainchild of David McCutchen, a 56-year-old entrepreneur who has been trying to make the Web three-dimensional. He’s the co-founder and chief technology officer of Calgary (Alta.)-based Immersive Media (IMSVF), a company that may have a good shot at doing just that. For example, Street View, the popular new feature on Google (GOOG) Maps, is made possible through an exclusive license with Immersive.
When 10 Lenses Just Aren’t Enough

Welcome to the world of immersive imaging, a nascent technology still being perfected by a handful of patent-holders. Immersive Media is one of the pioneers in the field—it began developing digital 360-degree still images and videos in 1994. The technology is used in security and real estate applications, but may be ready for more extensive consumer tasks.

Immersive Media’s secret weapon is an 11-lens camera, called a Dodeca 2360. It takes 11 simultaneous video or still shots, which are seamlessly stitched together by a software program so that viewers can shift continuously from one perspective to the next. “There have been a lot of people trying to do this since the camera was invented, whether [with] a fish-eye lens or with a dozen cameras strapped together,” says Immersive Chief Executive Myles McGovern.

Immersive manufactures the Dodeca and holds numerous patents on the device. What makes it unique is its dodecahedron (12-sided) shape, which captures images consistently in every direction. Anyone can buy one for around $100,000, but only a handful have been sold—mostly to government agencies.

More 360 Virtual Tours Please

When it comes to Virtual Tours or even the Internet, less is never more. Think about the last time you visited a website. Were you satisfied finding out that a company you never heard of says they carry the product you are searching for with no additional information or you see a page with just a single picture of a product and a basic, introductory type description.

If you are like me you were hoping to find more information such as product specs, additional views, compatibility with other products, performance, capabilities, etc. Not happy with the limited information you were given, you began looking else where. We want visuals and imaging to feed our imagination and satisfy curiosity. Buyers are seeking to find as much information as possible, instantly. 360 Virtual Tours have the same purpose as a website, they provide information. Since buyers are looking to find as much information about a potential home as they possibly can, the tour needs to provide it. Every panorama and every still picture highlights a part of the home giving the buyer another reason to continue to consider this home.

Ben Knorr
Real Tour Vision Lens Engineer