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Appealing to the International Buyer

With the availability of online presence, agents in the U.S. can use their online marketing tools to appeal to buyers all over the United States and the WORLD. Our interactive virtual tours can be e-mailed and viewed anywhere in the world. They can also be posted to the MLS, your personal broker site,, and many other sites as well. Virtual tour syndication and distribution channels are key.

I created a virtual tour for a Real Estate agency here in Lane County for a United Country Real Estate site and it was seen by buyers in China. The buyers liked what they saw on the virtual tour and came and purchased the property after viewing it in person. With the interactive tours that we create, buyers can see and direct themselves from room to room and get a feel for the layout of the home. It is for this interaction that my clients choose my technology daily over any video virtual tours. Now is the time to use our interactive 360 virtual tours as a marketing tool to appeal to buyers all over the world. According to the Associated Press (AP), now is the first time since 1976 that the Canadian dollar is equal to the U.S. dollar. The AP also said that this could mean an influx of real estate buyers from Canada. Now is the time to use your online virtual tour to bring them your way.

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3D Walkthroughs as a Sales Tool

3D Walkthroughs are becoming an increasingly popular way of showcasing interior spaces. A few tips to keep in mind when selling a 3D Interior Walkthrough:

1. Displaying the 3D Animations on your Web site will encourage people to contact your business.

2. Mail or drop off a DVD of sample 3D Virtual Interior Walkthroughs to prospective buyers to increase inquiries to your services. Make sure to follow up your mailing with a call. This gives the prospect an opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

3. Consider including a price sheet with a low starting price to ensure interest through affordability.

4. Let the prospect know how the 3D Walkthroughs will act as an aid in their sales process by creating a visual for the prospect.

3D Animations are a perfect way to create an emotional connection between the buyer and the home while helping them visualize their new residence.

Interested in a Virtual 3D Interior Project to showcase your interior space? Let us help you! Click here to fill out a form to contact me about 3D Walkthroughs and 3D Animations!

Morgan Makowski
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3D Walkthroughs Offered by Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours

Rebecca and Gary Bolda with Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours in Shreveport, LA are now offering the finest 3D Walkthroughs available from Real Tour Vision. The 3D Walkthrough capability was recently added as a way to continue to offer clients cutting edge technology. According to Gary, “It makes the average property really shine.”

Click here to see the 3D Walkthrough.

In addition to 3d Walkthroughs, 3D Floor Plans, and 2D floor plans can also be added to virtual tours. 3D animation is also available for high end properties and business developments.

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Year One – A Quick Look Back

Hello fellow Real Tour Vision providers around the World. I would say this has been a very exciting year. The 16th of October 2006 was our first Virtual Tour.

I did it free of charge for a Friend of mine. In one year we’ve done 150 Real Estate Tours, 10 FSBO, commercial and business tours. Amazing!!

We started this virtual tour business out of desperation, and despair. Nothing was working with Real Estate. The market was starting to plunge and investors were watching there investments disappear.

We were thinking about having our own Treasure Coast virtual tour company for a while, but did not have the impulse nor the capital to start in our new journey. We found Real Tour Vision and everything seemed so simple. We actually borrowed our investment in order to start. It wasn’t much, but for us at that moment, it was a fortune. It was amazing how quickly we made back that borrowed money and continued establishing our business in our quaint and quiet town. Thanks to Real tour Vision we managed to survive the Buyers market we had found ourselves in.

Real Tour Vision helps you through all the process, with their excellent customer service and supportive staff. Anyone can be a part of the success. You only have to take the chance and see your world change. We are proud to be a part of Real Tour Vision providership. The greatest Virtual Tour company in the world.

Now there is no more looking back. Think Shift Grow – RTV!

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Virtual Tour Camera Migration

I started my virtual tour business in Lawrence with my nice Point and shoot digital camera, but I was not getting the “professional look” that I was aiming for since I had little or no experience nor example on my website to show off. I decided to jump into the SLR world and of course it’s more complex than what I thought.

One mistake that I made and quickly learned from:

A point and shoot is automatically turning on to the widest angle possible which is how you should take your pictures for your 360 virtual tour. Even if you take it the camera off of the Real Tour Vision rotator to do a nice still picture, set it down and let it turn off, that digital camera will always set itself back to the widest angle setting where it was left at. This I quickly found was not the case with my digital SLR. At least mine anyway.

The Real Tour Vision tour builder manual says on the quick shoot checklist – BE SURE YOUR CAMERA IS ALWAYS SET TO THE WIDEST ANGLE POSSIBLE BEFORE EVERY VIRTUAL TOUR SHOOT! If you don’t follow this simple rule once you’re back at home trying to stitch them up it won’t work. For everyone out there just going into the SLR world be sure to always check that you have your camera set to the widest angle possible before every shoot. Especially after taking it off the tripod to zoom on a detail!

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