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Aurora Ontario Virtual Tours

As a Real Estate Agent, your most important is job is representing your client fully…but do you ever stop to wonder, who’s representing you?

Before you give your clients referrals to lawyers, painters or home inspectors, you do your homework. You know the quality of their work, price and dependability. Not only do you have to ensure your client is getting the best service, you also have to ensure your stellar reputation stays intact. You wouldn’t refer ‘Just Anyone’.

But when you book virtual tours…do you know who is in your client’s home, representing you? Did the company send ‘Just Anyone’? 

Would you recognize the face that represents your business if you passed them on the street?

Most likely, the answer is no. You don’t know who was with your clients, if they were home. Or who was alone in their home, if they were not.

As we create Aurora Ontario virtual tours much of the focus is on the quality of the virtual tour…none of the focus is on the service of the provider. That’s how we’re different.

In addition to having the highest quality of virtual tour available on the market, we understand that as your provider  we represent you in everything that we do – from our professional attire and demeanor, to respecting your client’s home by turning off the lights, locking up and not letting the cat out.

Our Mission Statement has always been:

Here at PanaPix, we aim to be the very best in our field – never, ever wavering on our commitment to providing superior service, quality and dependability while we create your virtual tour!

We mention the service. It’s important. And we mean it.

When you choose PanaPix Virtual Tours as your virtual tour provider, not only are you choosing the highest quality of virtual tour available on the market, you are choosing the best possible service for yourself and your clients…and if you want to see the faces that will represent your business, visit our website…and if you’d like to meet us personally, please give us a call to set up an appointment to discuss your virtual tour needs.

PanaPix — Virtual Tours is a local Aurora Ontario based virtual tour company with a clear understanding of the real estate market, servicing York Region and the surrounding area.We are committed to providing the very best in service, quality and dependability while we create your real estate or business virtual tour.
As a virtual tour provider using Real Tour Vision technology, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality of interactive virtual tours available.

Our real estate virtual tours are chosen over the competition on a daily basis by intelligent business owners who demand the best virtual tours to showcase their properties online.
Stand out from your competition….We do!

PanaPix Virtual Tours
Don’t just show it – Show it off!
Serving the GTA, Specializing in York & Simcoe Regions
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Tallahassee Nancy Addicted to Fusion

Dear RTV,

Things have been moving quickly with Sunlight Photo Creation’s Virtual Tour business.  After going through your extensive training program I now realize how far I have come since my virtual tour company start up this past July.  You know, I had realtors asking me for the service and I knew and that was a very big sign for me. I knew after that first I call I was going to offer virtual tours as a business and was ready to move forward…not knowing fully what to expect.

I jumped in with both feet and hands moving faster than my brain could keep up.  I was so excited with my first virtual tour and then excited when that home had 2 contracts on it with 48 hours of the virtual tour going out.  I thought I could get use to this!  Then the call came from a local real estate agent who handles property at one of lakes which is about a 3O minute drive for me.  She had 3 homes and wanted me to do all 3 real estate virtual tours in one day.  When I met her at the lake that morning she told me she actually had 5 and wanted me to do them ALL five virtual tours that day. 

I had no idea how long it would take and not sure I really knew enough yet to do everything correctly, but I did them. FIVE VIRTUAL TOURS IN ONE DAY!!! And I was new at this! The amazing Fusion virtual tour software system was changing faster than I thought I could keep up since I was working the virtual tours between studio appointments and other job. All five virtual tours turned out great, the home owner was happy and the realtor was happy. Next thing I know its October and I have completed dozens of virtual tours since my first Tallahassee virtual tour on August 12.  I am amazed at this virtual tour system and I am enjoying my work way too much at times. 

I had eye surgery last week so I had to go a whole week without taking photos and I realized by Friday that I was addicted to the Fusion system! I couldn’t wait to shoot another virtual tour so I could build it on Fusion.   As a Realtor myself, I know the importance of marketing and Fusion does it all!  I have spoken to groups of Realtors twice now and have two more office presentations lined up. I’ll tell you what, all the features packed in this puppy make for an an easy going and action packed fifteen minute presentation. I am so excited to be a part of team RTV and I am looking forward to being a part for years to come. I hope as the Realtors see and learn just what Fusion can do they will take advantage of the whole system.  I shot 2 commercial real estate virtual tours yesterday that will be for sale by owner and she is so excited about all the features. 

So after a few months of doing the virtual tours, coming to all of your extended education webinars, rummaging through the hundreds of amazing marketing pieces and setting up my profitable virtual tour business over the last two months, I just wanted to say Thank You for all that you do. Have a great day.

Nancy Conoly
Sunlight Photo, Inc
Tallahassee Virtual Tours
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Yes You Need a Virtual Tour!

Yes, You Really Do Need A Virtual Tour and now is the time to take a good look at Virtually Tours, your premiere Caledon virtual tour provider.

Photography has always been an interest of mine from the time I was younger.  Back then it was always a hobby, however I recently decided to make it a professional career by combining my love of photography and passion for real estate.
After the sale of our first home I developed this obsession with real estate.  I remember spending countless hours on MLS checking out the homes that were for sale in our area.  My husband and I were not quite ready to purchase another home at the time. It was uncertain times and we decided to wait to see what was happening with the market.  Even though we were not going to buy a house for another year or two, I continued to search online.  I became quite intrigued by 360 virtual tours.  It was a great way for me to view homes without leaving the comfort of my home.

I remember browsing online and when I came to a listing that did not have a virtual tour I would become disappointed and then skip over the listing. As a potential buyer what was important to me was that I was able to see exactly what the house looked like from the inside out.  I wanted to see everything virtually and if it satisfied my criteria only then would I make a decision to go see it.

Our second home purchase would not have happened had I not seen the virtual tour first online.  Back then there were not too many people doing virtual tours and in my area there were none.  After we purchased our home I decided that I wanted to be the Caledon Virtual Tour provider.  It would allow me to combine my love and skills of photography and computers with my love and passion for real estate.

Virtually Tours is a virtual tour company providing photography and high quality tours for real estate and commercial businesses in Caledon, Orangeville, Brampton & Mississauga.

Carmen Joseph
Virtually Tours ~ photography & design
Caledon Virtual Tours
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The FORMULA 65 – MyBrand Private Label Tours

The FORMULA Virtual Tour TalkshowPlease join me Tuesday, October 9th at 7:00 PM Eastern as we discuss how to setup your MyBrand private label feature in the Fusion virtual tour system. Setup is quite simple and anyone with basic internet skills should be able to follow along during the show.  Take a look at your RTV provider tour gallery once MyBrand is setup:  and of course once activated MyBrand allows you to automatically generate unique tour URLS directly off of your domain like this


We’ll also be going over some of the many new features that Fusion has to offer and what’s to come.

Phase One of Fusion is coming to completion in the next week and we’ll be moving on to Phase Two which will include literally fifty more amazing features. Get ready to make your competitors heads spin. Dominate your market with Fusion! See you on The FORMULA 65!

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Interactive 360 Virtual Tours A New Era For Businesses

Interactive 360 virtual tours are changing forever both with current and future virtual tour technology…What really makes an interactive 360 virtual tour experience a true experience and most importantly what does all this mean to you the business owner?

Let’s start with the old days, I personally was not in the business in the 80’s or 90’s but what I can gather from the residue, is that the virtual tours where pretty much just a 2 inch by 2 inch slideshow. Believe it or not, some of this technology still lingers out there today. Sure, they may have blown the socks off folks in the 90’s but in 2012 they are drastically dated. In today’s market and especially with the emphasis that we now put into our mobile market local business owners must constantly be on the lookout for powerful marketing weapons like one of our interactive virtual tours.

Today the standards have changed. Good images shot in true captivating HDR and enhanced with the latest state of the art software, combine professional stitching, utilize professional voice overs or true to life CG automated voices.  Ultimately this helps to create the smoothest and cleanest 360 virtual tours. One can easily begin to see that our virtual tours are not like just any other virtual tour out there but more like a powerful tool to be able to assist in creating the ultimate viewing experience.

The bottom line is that really good virtual tour systems of today can help you create a true interactive 360 virtual tour experience for you and your customers alike and can assist greatly in you being found online. This equals exposure and sales for your business. They really do offer a truly new experience that one has to see to believe.  Give us a call today and see for yourself. Our interactive virtual media presentations are literally a work of art!

Mirage Virtual Tours Inc  is based in Southern California and specializes in 360 Interactive Virtual Tours and support to make your Interactive 360 Virtual Tour Experience a true Experience.

Mirage Virtual Tours Inc
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