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Dallas Virtual Tour Company – New RTV T4 Provider

RTV is pleased to announce that Jack DiMaio of Argyle, TX has reached T4 status.   Virtual Tours Dallas offers the very best professional Commercial and Residential Real Estate photography. We do 360° virtual tours, aerial and video solutions in Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton area and is owned and operated by Jack J. DiMaio of Argyle, Texas.

Our location makes us the perfect choice for Dallas/Fort Worth, Rockwall, Collin and Denton business owners, real estate agents/brokers, and home builders, looking to partner with a professional virtual tour provider.

OUR GOAL is to create and/or assist our clients to take their business to the next level. We are providing the highest quality virtual tours that allows you to showcase your property or business .?A virtual tour is more than just pictures on the screen; it brings your home or business alive in the eyes of prospective buyers. It is a fact that 60% of the impact of any presentation given to someone is “visual” or can be called “virtual”.

In addition to state of the art interactive 360° virtual tours, our Dallas Based Virtual Tour Company offers a variety of services such as residential real estate and commercial photography, weekly traffic reports colorful listing flyers, full screen slideshow presentations, panoramic sign riders, single property websites and more!

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let Virtual Tours Dallas be your premier virtual tour provider and with our exceptional attention to detail and outstanding customer service, we will help you look your very best!

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Private Label Your Virtual Tours

Can I Host My Own 360 Virtual Tours? Yes you can!
If you are currently a virtual tour business owner, then you know that creating your own brand and marketing is extremely important.

All 360 Virtual Tours created with the RTV virtual tour software system are hosted directly on our servers by default, but we do offer two very unique options that other virtual tour companies just don’t offer.

Remote Host – The RTV virtual tour software system was designed so you can always say “Yes!” when asked if your virtual tours can do something.  With our remote host solution you can literally host all of your virtual tour productions on your own server.  This will however require a bit of extra work on your part as you’ll need FTP access to your server and you’ll want to have a basic understanding of HTML and web design.  A Remote Host version of your virtual tour is alwasy available to you in your deliverables section of your virtual tour manager.  Be advised however that when offering a remote host version of the virtual tour the virtual tour owner will not receive weekly traffic reports and they will also not be able to make fast updates to the virtual tour production.

MyBrand – Something great that can help you personalize your virtual tours and still get all the bells and whistles is to use the RTV MyBrand feature. Using our MyBrand feature, users will have the ability to direct traffic to a designated website allowing you to promote your virtual tour business and website.

This useful feature is great for any virtual tour business who would like to create a gallery of their best work and host it on their own website, while using their brand name. So instead of having your tours played through the default fusion URL, you can customize to specifically match your own domain. Any webmaster can utilize this option by simply navigating to MyBrand section located in the Settings tab of your Fusion virtual tour manager account. Just follow the easy steps and make the correct changes within your web host dashboard.

To show you a great example of MyBrand, visit this BlueLavaMedia virtual tour –

As you can see, the virtual tour is private labeled to match the BlueLaVaMedia look and feel right down to the virtual tour URL. Focusing on the Internet to market your business is a huge part of what determines a successful virtual tour company. Do not overlook this great option that is available to you and take advantage of it today!

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Promoting Virtual Tours With CD’s – Yep it still works!

Virtual Tour providers entices customers by finding new ways to market their products and services.  Virtual Tour CDs are capable of holding a great amount of information and hundreds of virtual tours! In addition they are small enough to distribute through the mail or distributed by hand.  Always have some available on your person ready to hand out.

What can you do quickly to maintain and increase your clientele?  Why not take all of the elements of your virtual tour business such as your information, your 360 virtual tours, website, email address, along with the products and services you offer and format them into attractive compact disc for distribution?  Upload 25 of your best still and panoramic photos.

It’s as simple as producing your own virtual tour using RTV virtual tour software and using previous tour pictures to produce a personalized CD.  You would also have the tour available for Tour Track, providing a tour for national account business prospects. You can also add a narration.  Your audio could include a welcome to the prospect in the beginning and also serve as directions of the various business elements on your CD.

Promo disc can be purchased inexpensively and copied by your computer. Your overall production costs is probably around $.30-$.40 per unit.  You can even use a program that will produce pictures on the CD.                          

If you distribute say 300 CDs at a cost of $120.00 and you gained 20% new clients, which would be about 60 new prospects. Would you agree that would be a worthwhile investment?

Did you ever wish you could get in with a realtor or builder that has pages of listings but is so busy that they don’t have time to meet with you for presentations?  What a great idea to type a small note to the realtor and drop off a CD, containing all of your information for them to view at their convenience.

At Accents Virtual Tours, a CD is given to the homeowner as a gift for thanking them for letting us provide a tour of their home and multiple CDs are made for any agent that requests them for open house showings.

Virtually, everyone, and all areas in your community has a computer and your CD should certainly differentiate you from your competition.


Brenda Stewart

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Are you Doing Great Work?

This morning, I am inside writing this blog while my husband is outside in the rain and snow and mud photographing and videoing a huge farm equipment auction. We had to get up at 5:30 am to be here which was a feat in and of itself. Oh and it’s 34 degrees out there and Greg has 25 360 virtual tours he needs to build.

There are times when our virtual tour business and work gets frustrating. There are clients who drive us crazy. There are things about being self employed and owning our own virtual tour business that are hard to deal with. There are days when I want to quit and go get a “real job”. Yesterday was one of those days for me — today may be one of those days for my husband…I’ll ask him as soon as his teeth stop chattering.

What keeps us motivated at times like these is the realization that despite the ups and downs and the frustrations and the challenges, what we do makes a difference and allows us to live a fantastic life. It is our VISION that keeps us focused on why we do what we do. Sometimes it is the vision alone that keeps us going.

In the words of Steve Jobs, “The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” Despite occasional frustrations, we know that we found “it”. Doing great work is less about our sales and photography skills and more about the vision quest. On most days, we love the mechanics of what we do but even more importantly, we ALWAYS believe that what we do makes a difference in the lives of our clients and knowing the WHY is more important than mastering the WHAT.

People hire us to photograph virtual tours for many reasons. Our real estate virtual tours have helped people sell their homes after a job loss or a death of the homeowner. Our behavioral healthcare virtual tours help people through the difficult decision to get help for mental illness or drug and alcohol addiction.

Our business virtual tours help small business owners just us to grow their businesses and attract more customers.
Are you doing great work? Are you doing something that you love – at least on most days? If not, what is stopping you?

Mississauga Virtual Tours & Real Estate Photography

Anyone who has ever tried to sell anything online knows that it is very tough, if you don’t have a great photograph. And I believe if a photograph says a 1000 words, then a virtual tours says a 1000 photographs.

In this day and age, virtual tours have become one of the most important tools for selling a house and drawing shoppers into a business. Just imagine having a 24×7 open house available online without agents or the home owner having to show the property. We at GTA360Tour are helping you and consumers per-qualify properties, saving everyone time.

We are offering our professional photography and virtual tour services in the Mississauga, Ontario and surrounding areas. Because we are a small creative company, we are highly flexible and can respond quickly to your every need. We believe in giving excellent customer service, from the quotation stage right through to delivering the finished project, fulfilling the client’s requirements is our top priority.

We believe styling a room for an interior photo shoot is an important step in the process. Just like models need time to apply makeup for studio shoots, you need to allow time to clean the room and prep for the shoot. De-cluttering the space is very important, and helps remove distractions for the eye. Watch out for piles of stuff on the coffee table or kitchen clutter. We treat every photo shoot as if we were shooting for a magazine.

AT GTA360Tour we believe; IF you’ve GOT IT, then FLAUNT IT!

Because our high resolution 360 virtual tours are ideal for highlighting what you have. Allow your leads to virtually interact with your business or your online portfolio and flaunt what you are so proud of !

Check us out on our website and call us for a presentation today!

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