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QR Codes for Internet Marketing?

What are QR Codes?  QR codes are a 2 dimensional barcode that is readable by QR scanners, some phones with QR scanners and virtually all smart phones.  The technology was developed in Japan in 1994 by Denso Wave.  It was originally designed for to track parts for cars but recently has been adapted to the mobile marketing market.  It is used to market URLs,  text messages, phone information, expanded contact information with a memo or just a long string ot text (up to 3000 characters) in a way that is easy for mobile movers to capture. This technology is very prevalent in Japan and becoming more prevalent in Europe now. 

The reason it is important in the US is that it is being heavily marketed by mobile marketers and people who want to make information conveniently available to phone savvy, technology savvy consumers.  The software needed to do this is also free on both the QR code generation and the on the reader side.  As a matter of fact the reader software is a staple free software of the various smart phone app stores and can be also found easily by searching  Google for “QR codes”.. 

Google recently got behind this technology by sending premade QR codes out to their 1000 largest clients suggesting that they embrace this technology as Google plans to promote it as well.  Through a simple file extension Google will produce a QR code for any website!

The Empire State Building recently used QR codes to activate a multimedia exhibit. 

Calvin Klein has used QR codes to on billboards to activate a multimedia ad campaign in Los Angeles and New York to promote its jeans 

How can a virtual tour provider use this to their advantage?  That is a question for the creative mind but a few places to start are on anywhere you want to market your business to people but may not want to leave information openly exposed or any place where you can introduce your company and want to provide a quick way to address a URL or message that you want to hit a phone.   Another place you may want to use it is a place where you have a web page that has constantly changing information but the URL remains the same such as a tour blog feed.  Your interested party can come back to that QR code time after time whenever they want to see the most current update and don’t have to go through the trouble of reentering the URL.  You may want to use this tool as a vehicle to send interested people a message of up to 3000 text characters.  I envision using this in the affiliate box of the tour window alternating between my linked logo and a QR code that provides more information about my company. 

Exposure Elements expands on the virtual tour industry by leveraging the photos and YouTube videos in our mobile marketing auto-responders to provide our customers with a complete internet marketing system that includes both mobile and desktop internet marketing.  We believe that QR codes will be an integral part of a complete solution we provide to our clients.  The technology is free on both ends (code generator and code reader) so start introducing the technology to your clients then build your value as an internet marketing expert. 

Stan Davis
Exposure Elements
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Making an RTV HD Slideshow is a Snap!

This month’s tech tip pertains to the new RTV HD Slideshow.  This amazing new option has already become very popular with our providers and their clients.

Below is terminology that will help you along the way:

Ken Burns – Ken Burns is a documentary director and cinematographer. The “Ken Burns effect” is the slow zooming in and zooming out of still photography to portray a sense of motion. When Ken Burns is selected for a slideshow it creates an interesting effect for still pictures where the photos randomly zoom in and out.

Pano- A selection used to play a scene as a panorama so it scrolls from left to right.

Fit Long – The photo is cropped so that the entire width of the photo is displayed in the viewer. Some height may be lost.

Fit Short – The photo’s smaller side, generally the height, is shown completely and the width of the photo may be cropped or have a blank border on the right and left sides. For still photos you are most likely to see the whole photo using this setting but it will not fill the screen.

Below are the directions to add a slideshow to an existing virtual tour.

1.  Log into TMS

2.  Locate Tour

3.  Click Pencil icon

4.  Click Slideshow – There will be a pause while the images load. Important – Be sure to create the slideshow after you have added HD images if you are including them in the tour, otherwise the low resolution images will be in the slideshow.
On the left all your pans and stills from the tour will be listed.

5.  Click Move All to Slideshow to add all the scenes to the slideshow. The title and Spinfo will be brought over also.
If you want to only add certain scenes then drag those scenes onto the gray area on the right and drop them in.
Once you have all your desired scenes from the tour in the slideshow you can choose to upload more scenes from your computer (up to 30).

6.  Click Upload and browse to your folder of images. If your images are over 1080 pixels high then we will automatically resize them, compress them, and sharpen them. If you do not want that done then make sure they are under 1080 pixels high!

7.  Highlight the image(s) and click Open – The more you select the longer it will take to upload. There will be an indicator showing you the upload status on the right. Any uploaded image will default to the Ken Burns effect. If you upload pans you will need to change them to Pano under Select Type above the image name. You can also choose to set all the scenes to the same effect next to Set All Types in the upper right of the screen.

These uploaded images will appear on the right with your selected scenes from the tour. You can rename them if you wish or add Spinfo.

8.  Once you have the scenes you want in the slideshow you can drag and drop them around on the right to change the order.

9.  Once you are done click the Continue button.

10. On the next page you will see your agent info on the left. This is carried over from the tour.  On the left are the slideshow colors. The colors are carried over from the tour as well. Type in the code for a color if you wish to change it or click on a box to change that color. A color picker will open. You can use the slider in the middle to choose a general color and then pick up the small round circle in the color area on the left to fine tune the color. Once you have the color click on the ‘rainbow’ dot in the lower right and the color will be added. Once you are done click Continue.

11. This page will have a View button in the upper right so you can immediately view the slideshow. If you have changes to make you would click the slideshow button again and make your changes. This last page will also show a standalone URL. Copy and paste this if you need it or it will be in the Deliverables.

12. Go into the Buttons editor and put a dot in Yes for the slideshow and click Save at the bottom of the page.

You are done!!

 You may also want to visit today and purchase our all new Standalone HD Slideshow Module.  For a limited time this new technology from RTV is only $249.00 / Year for unlimited slideshows with unlimited scenes!

Thanks for your continued support and dedication to our product line!

Team RTV
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Can you do the “Splits”?

Next greatest thing to sliced bread!  That is ‘SLICED MONITOR’     Perhaps I’m talking to the choir here, but I just discovered a super way to work on my San Antonio virtual tours and also will be good for the new RTV HD Slideshows. I bought a used 32” flat screen TV (cost at $200) and it was refurbished. Got it at a TV repair shop. Hooked it up via HDMI to my laptop and went into controls (in Vista its personalization) and expanded the screen to number two screen. 

Now I can work the virtual tour workup on the one screen and on the laptop I have the source pictures folder open.  This keeps me from having to minimize, open, close, etc, etc all the time. Also I proof my panos with the exported HD images and the 32” screen really allows me to QC carefully and to see the small infractions. It also helps in touch-ups using photo shop 6.  It really saves a lot of time!!  Now for the slideshows, well, if you check  it out, you can have a virtual tour showing on one screen and a slide show on another.  Great for those trade shows.  The other plus caveat to all this is the TV is cabled in and I only need switch the source to get the cable TV feed and watch what I watch, w/o having to crane my neck or go to the other room to see what’s on, you know, the weather,  NATGEO, Animal Planet, etc. 

Good luck out there! See you on the RTV webinar tomorrow night!

JIm Hoback
Alamo Area Virtual Tours
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Alburquerque Virtual Tour Company Announced HD Slideshows

DragonFly 360, an Alburquerque Virtual Tour Company Announces High Definition Slide Show Service

Albuquerque, NM August 10, 2010 – DragonFly 360 Imaging , a producer of Albuquerque Virtual Tours as well as property marketing services  is proud to announce the addition of High Definition Slide Shows  to its line-up of on-line marketing tools. The addition of HD Slide Shows to DragonFly 360 Imaging’s current services will allow their current and future clients to have the competitive edge in marketing their property listings and businesses utilizing these advanced marketing tools in the Albuquerque-Rio Rancho area.

Dale Hart, Owner of DragonFly 360 Imaging stated: “We are excited to be able to offer this new service to our clients. Our HD Slide Show is certainly first in class. It is built using the very latest flash based engine; it loads at impressively timely speeds, and displays full screen HD images with grace and elegance. With the ever growing demand for professional photography, the need to have those photos displayed in a uniquely impressive format has never been greater. The addition of HD Slide Shows to our already powerful line-up of marketing tools will give our clients the competitive edge they need in this tough market.”

Sample a new DragonFly 360 Imaging HD Slide Show:

Since mid 2008, DragonFly 360 Imaging has continually led the way in their market producing Albuquerque 360 Virtual Tours with other marketing implementations such as interactive HD virtual tours, virtual staging, panoramic listing sign riders, single property websites, listing syndication, mobile TXT marketing, virtual tour traffic reporting  and social networking training. For more information call 505-962-2207 email Dale AT DragonFly360Imaging DOT com or visit their website  at  http://www. . Those interested in sampling this new technology with DragonFly 360 Imaging are encouraged to visit their website for more information.

About DragonFly 360 Imaging
DragonFly 360 Imaging is a locally owned Albuquerque virtual tour company with Dale Hart at the helm. Dale Hart has nearly 30 years of professional photography experience. He has completed hundreds of commercial assignments for major companies in the NYC area and over 1500 Virtual Tours in NYC and Albuquerque in the past 6 years.

Dale Hart
DragonFly 360 Imaging
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Become a Picture Path Provider | More Exposure

I got my first virtual tour client from a lead that RTV gave me back in January of this year, having personalized and printed out most of the virtual tour marketing materials available from Rock Point Marketing.  He purchased one of my 360 Virtual tour packages and paid an extra $25 for the “Exposure Engine”.   All you gotta do is put the Virtual Tour on and presto, it goes out to 93 other websites. 

Here is my problem. oops, I mean, opportunity for growth…
My first client was a property management company with 44 properties, none of which were for sale.  I found out that a property must be for sale, with an MLS# to be on  I really didn’t understand the difference in the 3 distribution options.  I created Postlets (and later used and put them on Craigslist.  The client still didn’t get the results that he desired (he was expecting distribution to 93 websites), until I wrote a rather long email to each of the onsite property managers, explaining how they were to use and keep the postlet/ vfler distributed on Craigslist and any other website they could find that wasn’t already a part of the syndication list.

This one of my virtual tours that I’m particularly proud of.  (The 3rd picture of the entry fountain was replaced by a photo that the manager took, so it’s not in HD)  Check out the hit stats, the manager of this complex (Ambassador Inn) is really on top of keeping the ad distributed.  Some of the other apartments that I did a tour for are only getting less that 5 hits a week, while this one is consistently getting over 100, peaking at over 400 hits in the week that I sent the email that I mentioned in the previous paragraph..

I called last week and they verified what I was told a few months ago.  Then, while I was revising my contract and price list to include RTV’s awesome new HD Slideshow and Broker/ Agent websites, I noticed that BlueLaVaMedia was a “ Approved Vendor”.  I called back to ask what this meant and was told that BlueLaVaMedia simply used RTV’s Picture Path portal to allow us RTV providers easy pushing to  I began to think that maybe I could just become a Certified Picture Path provider too and gain additional exposure for my company. You can post photos and tours to a property thats on the site.  You will need the five documents that are in a ZIPPED file on to become a vendor. It’s really that simple!  If you give them your credit card, they will charge you $20 per tour that you posted in the previous month, on the 15th of each month.  This is why you’re charging the client $25 to offset this minimal charge. does have an affiliate program to promote rental properties at  If an apartment building has less than 75 units,  they charge a flat monthly fee of $30/mo. per floor plan for the showcase listing (ex. 2 floor plans at one address = $60/mo.) with unlimited pictures.  If an apartment building has more than 75 units,  then they do an unlimited floor plan showcase listing for $100/mo. for the first 4 months (until 12/1/2010 -50% off our normal rate) with unlimited photos and floor plans.  Both include: Link to your virtual tour, Link to your website, and a Toll free call source number for tracking, with NO contract, 30 day notice to cancel at anytime

Make sure you understand the adversting guidlines.  The 3rd one is directly related to our affiliate ads and single property websites.  Any affiliate ads have to be requested and or approved by the realtor and cannot be for services competing with what provides. 

Duane Williams, President
Urban Design Studios, LLC
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