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Virtual Tour Provider Shares Testimonial

“I would like to share my experience in meeting, working and getting to know Stan Davis at Exposure Elements a San Jose virtual tour company.  Having worked with 3 other virtual tour photographers in the past, (prior to meeting Stan) I honestly thought my experience with these other photographers was what I thought, great service, professional work.  Let me tell you the difference between working with other photographers and working with Stan was like night and day.  From the moment I met with Stan I could see and feel the difference about how much he loved his work.
He immediately started asking me questions about what I wanted and not just all about what he was going to do for me.  At that point,  I knew he really cared about my expectation.  Normal photographers are in and out of the home shoot within 20-30 minutes.  The first time working with Stan and every time we have worked together since we started he spends time making sure the pictures he is going to take will look their best.  Others come in and just start shooting.  Stan goes above and beyond what is asked of him.

The results of his virtual tours, YouTube videos and photo’s are absolutely the best I have ever seen.  I am excited to work with Stan because his work helps sell all my homes fast.  His turnaround time in getting the work done and in my office is second to none. This guy does not mess around.   I look forward to a long working relationship with Exposure Elements because of Stan Davis and his attention to detail and professional photography.”

– Julie Richards

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Wasilla Virtual Tours on Advertising

I have found one of the most effective forms of advertising a virtual tour for real estate agents is to include the QR code or the virtual tour tour address in their print advertising.  When the only place an agents 360 tours can be found is their personal web page, they are narrowing the chance that a potential client will even stumble on the tours. Especially if they’re not very savvy at blogging or SEO. Inclusion in their MLS listings is also very important; however, I believe that smart home buyers are looking at all avenues for their dream home.  I know my wife and I looked around for two years until we found ours!  I only wish Wasilla virtual tours were more prevalent back then.

This last summer a friend of ours sadly had passed away. Her mother was a retired real estate agent from out of state and came to town fix up the home and sell it.  Her father spent lots of time making improvements to the already nice home, but because the mother was no longer associated with an agency, she was selling it as a private owner.  She had tried for two months to advertise it with fliers posted around town and ads in the newspaper classifieds, so when I heard this, I immediately offered to give them a virtual tour.  Since she had no website to add a link to, I added it to my own sample gallery on my site and gave her a simple address that was easy to offer in her classified display ad.  In the first week she had more calls than she did the previous month. 

The couple who finally bought the home claimed it was because of my 360 virtual tour.  They had inquired their own agent about the property, but were told that it wasn’t that great.  They went back to the tour and called the seller directly.  If it wasn’t for the virtual tour, they wouldn’t have made that second attempt.  If it wasn’t in the print ad, the home may still be buried under all the other homes for sale without virtual tours.  I now recommend all my clients to at least add something that says “virtual tour” to their prints advertisements, and so far I am getting a pretty happy response.

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Changes to RTV Weekly Hit Report

Good afternoon RTV! Throughout this week a number of our virtual tour provider clients commented positively on the Weekly Hit Reports coming out on Monday. Many providers stated that the number of responses they received from customers off the stat emails were more than double of what they typically receive when the stats go out on Sunday..

As a result the weekly reports will now be emailed out on Monday. This new timing will allow you to share with your clients the complete weekend activity too. We truly hope you’re having a good summer and are making use of all the new technology. 

As a final thought please don’t forget to register for Ben’s show next Tuesday by logging into your 

I know each and every one of you will take something away from this show!

See you on the next FORMULA RTV!!

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PS.  Thanks for your support 🙂

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Think Win-Win

Thinking Win-Win as outlined in habit 4 of Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly effective people is a Great strategy to employ while building and sustaining your Virtual Tour Company. At DragonFly 360 Imaging we always look for the opportunity to utilize this strategy, has indicated by a recent conversation with a new Client, JR Gnerich with RE/MAX Alliance of Albuquerque.

While photographing the first of many Albuquerque Virtual Tours for JR, he mentioned that he had a listing for a home by the nationally renowned architect, Bart Prince . Bart Prince, an Albuquerque based Architect known for unique architectural styles had designed this home to resemble an Airplane. JR has had this listing for a year and had utilized his own photos and was looking for an exceptional way to showcase it and wasn’t sure if a conventional Virtual Tour was the right way to go.  He was looking for a more dynamic presentation.

A nearby listing, which has since expired of a Geodesic Dome Home, the only one in Albuquerque, was photographed using HDR technology and he had inquired of the photographer, what it would cost to do the Bart Prince “Airplane House”. He was quoted $1100! This was just Photography not a 360 Virtual Tour.

Well, thinking win-win as I always like to do and wanting to keep this client I told JR that I had wanted to get into HDR photography but didn’t have the funds right now but if he was willing to advance me the cost of the technology, would do the house for that cost; considerably less then the previously quoted $1100 and it would include 360 Panoramas.  He went for it and I photographed it this past weekend. It can be seen here: He then asked me to re-shoot that first listing in the HDR format.

Since then, he has recommended to me a homeowner whose house has languished on the market for 6 months with no activity and I received a lead from RTV for a Realtor looking to photograph 2 high-end homes. After sending him the links to conventional & HDR Tours, It’s looking like he’s going to go HDR

From the 7 Habits: Win-win sees life as a cooperative arena, not a competitive one. Win-win means agreements or solutions are mutually beneficial and satisfying. We both get to eat the pie and it tastes pretty darn good!

Dale Hart
DragonFly 360 Imaging
Albuquerque Virtual Tours
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Virtual Tours for Insurance Documentation

Just close your moment………… mentally make a list of everything in your house.

In the past few weeks, two of our close friends in two different cities have had their homes broken into. Imagine walking into your home and finding that someone violated your sanctuary and taken your stuff. The trauma and shock of that experience must then be followed by the stress of dealing with police reports and insurance companies to detail what is missing.

Next weekend, Ben and I are going to Ringold, GA with our church to help that community which was decimated by a recent tornado. Homes and businesses there were literally flattened by the tornadoes…families lost everything. Again, in addition to the trauma of surviving the storm, can you imagine trying to remember everything you own and providing that detail list to your insurance company?  While we are there we hope to do a little hotel photography too!

Our professional photography business has recently finished shooting 30 cabin virtual tours for a North Georgia vacation cabin rental company. Within a week after shooting these tours, one of the cabins had an unfortunate incident where renters using fake identification and stolen credit cards stole many of the valuables from the cabin including electronics, linens, decorations, dishes, and much more.

Luckily for the cabin owner, there was no questioning what was stolen because they had a room by room cabin virtual tour that showed the cabin exactly as it looked prior to being wiped out. Virtual tours are not just great for marketing, they are also invaluable should there be the sort of tragedy that we have seen examples of recently.

We specialize in high definition 360 degree virtual tours and vacation rental photography too! Professional photography, cutting edge technology and a national presence are just some of the reasons that we have been chosen to provide healthcare virtual tours, school virtual tours and vacation virtual tours to businesses in 26 states this year.