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Las Vegas Home Virtual Tour Marketing – Real Estate Marketing

With Gas prices on the rise and homebuyer becoming more educated and savvy when they buy – Let Virtual Marketing IQ show you the how to better communicate with your future buyers and sellers. We are your everyday virtual tour, we have the best software in the business, we can market your home, we can market your business, your commercial locations, you it name we have done it.

We have a marketing package to get your products on the internet. Virtual Marketing IQ serves Las Vegas NV , Southern Nevada and Southern Utah . We offer the most complete online marketing solution with 360 Virtual Tours – Using the RTV Engine (the best I have seen in the business) , We offer the ability to not only shoot the Virtual Tour but take it viral on the Internet .

Vegas 360 Virtual Tours are a great way to bring your business to the internet – It offers potential customers a way to see your Business, Property or Location . Virtual Marketing IQ uses the highest quality 360 Virtual Tour Software in the Industry . Some of our past clients have been FSBO For Sale By Owner Home Sellers, Realtors, Real Estate Agents, New Home Builders, Hotels, Resorts, Mountain Real Estate Companies, Cabin Owners , Commercial Real Estate Agents / Owners and even a National Park.

As you can see the uses for 360 Virtual Tours are endless . With RTV-Software – We provide online solutions that allow your customers to view it using any browser and they never need to download a plug-in. email your 360 Virtual Tour, Can offer a single property/business websites along with a PanoRider that can gives that property a way to stand out from the competition and provide a direct source of leads and potential customers. Las Vegas 360 Virtual Tours also offers the ability to have property map downloads, custom music, voiceovers – You will be amazed with the quality and versatility of the Las Vegas 360 Virtual Tour that is Las Vegas based.

Las Vegas Virtual Home Tours

Jody Harris
Las Vegas Virtual Tours

Night Photography Can Spice Up a Virtual Tour

If a property being listed has a pool, porch, lanai, or great view of a sunrise/sunset, then promote it under a different light. Using Night, sunset, sunrise, and twilight photography are great ways to promote a property and to enhance real estate virtual tours. It is a way of showing the property with a more enchanting or glamorous feeling. Buyers will look at it with a different perspective.

Perfect Images 360 Virtual Tours, shooting virtual tours in the Vero Beach Florida area, will use their professionalism to shot the property with a different feeling. Click our services page below and scroll down to view a sample night shot.

Using the right equipment, we wait for the perfect moment, when the light is just right in order to get the perfect shot. These photos add lots of interest and allow buyers to have a feeling for the home at a different time of day. Night shots are the way to go with a beach, lake or river view property also.

Thanks to the RTV our 360 virtual tours with night shots look fantastic. We use the most up to date technology, which allow our virtual tours to look very natural without any distortion and with the greatest views out the windows.

Working with a company like RTV has enabled Perfect Images to give our customers the best service possible and keep us ahead of the competition. Through our partnership with RTV we guarantee the best possible virtual tour.

For Indian River, St Lucie, and Martin Counties in Florida give us a call and Perfect Images can explain what we can do for you!

Claudia Jaramillo
Perfect Images
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Real Estate Marketing and the Mortgage Crisis

A recent article on, Experts Tell How to Deal with Mortgage Crisis, answers questions that millions of homeowners find themselves asking. CNN’s Larry King talked with several real estate and financial experts to get advice on handling the mortgage meltdown. Another article on, New Home Sales near Historic Lows, sheds light on just how low home sales have fallen.

The articles are everywhere; foreclosure rates are up, the economy is down and everyone is asking whether or not the worst is behind us.

While years ago simple marketing strategies would sell a house with little to no extra effort, today’s competitive market demands more creative marketing. According to an article from the Kansas City Star, Real Estate Agents are looking to marketing to survive this weak housing market. It is now more important than ever to look at your current marketing strategy and ask the hard question. Is it working? Is every dollar I am spending bringing me leads, or am I wasting money in some areas? Am I using the proper combination of marketing media to bring in more leads?

As a RTV virtual tour provider and RTV Inner-Circle Marketing member, you have access to the tools you need to accurately measure the effectiveness of every component of your marketing strategy. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to log-in, download the tools and start analyzing your marketing strategy. If you find one media is bringing you more leads, allocate more advertising dollars toward that media. If you find that another media is bringing you zero business, cut off the funding for that media and allocate the funds elsewhere. If you don’t know what marketing is actually working for you, then you may be making some advertising rep very happy, but you are hurting your business.

It begins with accountability. Make every marketing expense accountable for the results it produces. If there are no results, then cut the expense. RTV has provided our Inner-Circle members with the tools you need to succeed in this weak housing market! Log in and get started optimizing your real estate marketing strategies today.

-Team RTV

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PRESS RELEASE – BakerB Solutions and James Seip Photography

BakerB Solutions and James Seip Photography Join Forces

James Seip of James Seip Photography ( has added BakerB Solutions Interactive Virtual Tours to his portfolio of professional photography services ( James continues to operate his photography business, but now also heads up the BakerB Solutions Eastern Shore office in Salisbury Maryland. Services areas include Ocean City, Salisbury, Bethany Beach, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach as well as surrounding areas.

James has over 10 years of experience providing event photography including Weddings, Parties, Sporting Events, Studio photography and more. The addition of the BakerB Solutions Virtual Tours to his suite of offerings is a natural progression for his successful photography business.

BakerB Solutions is the first Interactive Virtual Tour company to be part of the approved Long and Foster Home Services- Agent Services program. This means that we meet or exceed the Long and Foster standards for a certified vendor including quality of service, experience, customer satisfaction, insurance and more. In addition, BakerB Solutions is an independently approved Virtual Tour supplier to the MRIS/MLS system and an approved Picture Path vendor. Only approved vendors can submit virtual tours to these systems.

Please give BakerB Solutions a call if you are in need of an Interactive Virtual Tour from a professional photographer for any of these types of properties:

* Beach House
* Summer Rental Property
* Single Family Home
* Townhome or Townhouse
* Condominium
* Commercial Business
* Wedding Reception Hall or Banquet Hall
* Restaurant
* Golf Course
* Theme Park
* Boardwalk Business
* And more…

To order your virtual tour, visit us online at, or call us now:
Order Submission – Headquarters (Gaithersburg, MD)

Washington DC Metro Region (MD,DC,VA)

Eastern Shore – Ocean City (Salisbury, MD)

Western North Carolina (Ashville, NC)

European Services (Vienna, Austria)

United Kingdom Services (Surrey, United Kingdom)

Alex Saenger
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PanoRiders from RTV Earn You Additional Income

Ever wish you had more time? Tired of running around unnecessarily? Wish you could spend more time calling existing or past clients to see if they need any help?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have a great way for you to save time! If you are a great RTV provider who has decided to offer PanoRiders, you can save time! By ordering your genuine PanoRiders directly from RTV you are able to focus your attention on your business, and not the logistics of having a PanoRider manufactured and shipped. The only sign rider in the industry with a web address and a panoramic scene right on the rider is the official PanoRider from RTV. All others are copies and are not true PanoRiders.

The process for ordering is easy and can be done right from the TMS. When you are editing your 360 virtual tour, just click on the “Add-Ons” tab and scroll to the bottom of the list. Then click on the PanoRider option. Next, fill in your details for the sign. Note that you can ship the PanoRider to anyone in the US. This means you can ship it directly to yourself (so you can deliver the PanoRider in person for that special touch), to the client’s office or home, or directly to the homeowner. Each PanoRider comes with 2 zip-ties, so it is ready to hang right out of the box.

Be sure when you order to include a “high resolution panoramic scene”. The larger the file, the more clear the result when printed. You can export this image just after you stitch the panoramic scene in TourBuilder, but before you name and save it to your tour. Look for the “Export High Resolution Image” button.

Also, be sure to include the URL you want printed on the sign. It is important that you type this exactly the way you want it printed on the PanoRider. Some clients prefer their address compact (, while others prefer spaces so the URL is easier to read from the road (www. PanoRider Street .com). Whichever is preferred, we will oblige your request.

Remember that when you order your PanoRider you can order just the sign (Basic PanoRider Package) or include a Single Property Website (Deluxe PanoRider Package). With the Deluxe, we will secure the URL or web address for you, and forward that URL directly to your branded tour. This saves you time and money. Just think that charges $35 for a URL for 1 year! RTV only charges $22.25, and not only do you get the URL, but we do all the work for you. This gets back to our original point…we save you time! With the Basic package, you have to do all the work securing and establishing your Single Property Website. Why bother? Let us do that for you!

In the end, your Virtual Tour Business is a volume business. The more you sell, the more you make. The more you off load your work onto someone else, the more opportunity you have to sell your services. You have to ask yourself, how much is a new client worth to you? If you charge $100 for a tour (not including any extras, like the PanoRider), and sell just 6 tours to each client you secure, you are generating $600 extra a year. The time you save having RTV process your PanoRider order is enough time to call a couple of past clients and find out: a) do they have any business coming up that you can help with, b) ask past clients for referrals of other agents that could use your service, c) call new prospects from yard signs that don’t have a PanoRider or d) get in contact with a broker office you have not served yet, and introduce them to your great services, including the PanoRider.

So you can see that the RTV PanoRider is an easy product to order, saves you time, and gives you an additional USP (unique selling proposition). So what are you waiting for? Go out there and sell more tours with genuine RTV PanoRiders and start earning more money!

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