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Virtual Tours Show it all!

“All Around” Virtual Tours show it all!

In my years of providing Virtual Tours I am glad to say that being an RTV full service provider works out best for our clients. That is what we are there for right? Rather than just taking a few shots of a home, hotel or establishment we take it a step further. For starters our clients don’t always have the time or want to deal with photography or better yet, the virtual tour software and post processing. We do this for them taking into consideration bringing out selling features of the property with images and 360 tours so that the buyers can get the “Big Picture.”

When I shoot a tour I always work with the Realtor walking around the property and inside the house asking for their input of what is important to them and their clients. Then I shoot the property so that the tour will show the property to it’s full potential. This has worked out best for all of us. It’s to the point now that some of my Realtors order a virtual tour they just open the door for me and let me “do my stuff” as I have been told.

Most the time while I am shooting a property the Realtor is on the phone. The other advantage for Realtors, is that they get to tell their customers that they use a professional photographer to photograph the home. When a Realtor gets a call from their client with rave reviews of how well the property is presented it’s a win win situation for all.

The biggest bonus 360 virtual tours provide is the increased exposure from local to long distance. Two instances here for example:

One property I did, I got a call from the Realtor that she got an offer on the house shortly after the tour was online. The second is when a husband was here who was relocating from another part of the country. He went to see the house in person while his wife and family viewed the home from the online virtual tour. No matter which way you look at it, virtual tours are the way to go.

Stephanie D Potter
Photographer & Virtual Tour Provider

Virtual Tours – Best in Show

On April 26-27th we will be participating in a booth at the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors (GLVAR) Realtor Rally 07. This is an event that is held once a year for Realtors to catch up on their CE credits & for vendors to showcase their products. Our booth will be # 419 & we will be offering a great promotion. Realtors can get their head shots done while visiting our booth at this years Realtor Rally for only $15, which will be on disk with a copyright release. If you’re in Las Vegas please come join us to see what we can do for your listings.

Angeline Olsen
Las Vegas Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours – No Kidding

As a virtual tour company owner with RTV I have found that with my children in pre-school it’s a good opportunity to meet prospective clients. I was talking to the owner of my child’s pre-school and asked him if he would like a virtual tour of the facility. He immediately responded with a YES and said that he had been wanting to get one done since he bought the place.

Until now he had not known anyone that could do one as nice as the Real Tour Vision tour was. I did his tour and posted it at the end of last month. This month alone he has had over 50 views and the month’s not even over. He put my company on his parents directory and told all the real estate agents about it. Last week I was dead with no virtual tours on the books. This week and next I’m booked solid with almost too many real estate virtual tours to handle.

Vance Kirkland
Dream Home Virtual Tours

Real Tour Vision – We Love You!

WE Love RTV!

We are Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours, a Real Tour Vision Full Service provider, located in Shreveport Louisiana. Our customers frequently share their sales success stories with us. One customer told us they received a call and eventual purchase from Belgium because the buyer saw our virtual tour of the property over the internet. We have had several similar stories from our customers receiving calls and eventual purchases from other states.

Recently we were informed that one of our major Real Estate Brokerages was being absorbed by a larger firm. The new leadership team was considering going to a different media format. When this was brought up in their Tuesday Realtors meeting, there was an outpouring of support not only for the virtual tour concept but our company in particular. Not only was the other media plan set aside, we were asked to come again to give a new presentation at the next Tuesday Realtors meeting to demonstrate how to fully utilize and market our virtual tours.

Besides a couple in-house tour providers, the Shreveport/Bossier City area was an untouched and undeveloped virtual tour market area. With the marketing strategy and advice from Real Tour Vision, we took this untapped market and developed it into a strong tool benefiting our Real Estate Community. Our market growth has brought the attention of competing virtual tour companies. Thanks to the superior virtual tour software enhancements of Real Tour Vision, these competitors have not impacted our market very much.

We are very grateful to be a part of the Real Tour Vision family. Their continued strive towards excellence will insure our continued success as well as that of our customers.

Gary and Rebecca Bolda
Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours
Shreveport Virtual Tours
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How Well Does Your Home Show?

Your home’s for sale. How well does it show? A better question might be, “Does it show at all?” The old adage that a picture’s worth a thousand words is never more true than in today’s competitive marketplace. With over 70% of home buyers starting their search on the Internet, why not showcase all of the many highlights of your unique home?

There’s a lot of competition out there and, if you’re like me, you’ve got to be sick and tired of hearing about the high inventory of homes and the almost cavalier attitude of buyers who expect so much more from sellers today versus just a year ago. The reality of today’s real estate market is that there are 12 other homes in your same development that are for sale, and they are exactly like yours – or so it seems. So, how do you separate yourself from the pack?

It’s simple and easy to stand out from the crowd. Hire a professional photographer to highlight your home’s best features. You can’t go wrong with lots of quality, professional-grade photos of your home since your investment will come back to you many-fold. Your REALTOR can guide you to a professional photographer who will capture the gorgeous vignettes all around your home’s interior and exterior. It’s true — you yourself can take a picture of two of your own home but quality, professional photos will set your home apart from those many others competing for the same audience.

These are the photos that are going to get your home shown – and, we all know, if your home doesn’t get shown, it won’t get sold. The choice is yours – a fabulous 360 virtual tour along with a slide show of stills highlighting your pride and joy is a great idea as well to show off all of the great features you love about your home.

Your home’s for sale. So, let’s go forth and sell. However, do not make the mistake of discounting the other important factors of getting your home sold. Make sure you use a good REALTOR to help you price your home correctly, be sure to de-clutter, take the time to clean up, get the landscapers out there (or do it yourself if you’re so inclined), and SELL that beautiful home of yours!

Lanette Branch
My360Pix Virtual Tours