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More 360 Virtual Tours Please

When it comes to Virtual Tours or even the Internet, less is never more. Think about the last time you visited a website. Were you satisfied finding out that a company you never heard of says they carry the product you are searching for with no additional information or you see a page with just a single picture of a product and a basic, introductory type description.

If you are like me you were hoping to find more information such as product specs, additional views, compatibility with other products, performance, capabilities, etc. Not happy with the limited information you were given, you began looking else where. We want visuals and imaging to feed our imagination and satisfy curiosity. Buyers are seeking to find as much information as possible, instantly. 360 Virtual Tours have the same purpose as a website, they provide information. Since buyers are looking to find as much information about a potential home as they possibly can, the tour needs to provide it. Every panorama and every still picture highlights a part of the home giving the buyer another reason to continue to consider this home.

Ben Knorr
Real Tour Vision Lens Engineer

May 2007 Columbian Home Book

A home we did a virtual tour for has been featured on the cover of the May 2007 Columbian Home Book. The magazine can be seen online at

Debra Kaufman has used our virtual tours since she learned about us. All About Virtual Tours has a “banner ad” across the bottom of her full-page ad. Her full-page ad says “View Virtual Tours At” ..

Ads like these reach both the listing agents and homeowners alike.

Dawn Shaffer
All About Virtual Tours

Real Estate Home Tours for FSBO’s

A lady called to ask if we could create a FSBO virtual tour of her home. They had signed up with a discount broker, who had listed their home on our local MLS for a flat fee. She and her husband were trying to think outside the box to market their property and heard about the quality of our real estate home tours. Here’s what we did.

1) Sent them “virtual tour preparation tips” to make sure the home was show ready.

2) Created the virtual tour

3) Gave the tour its very own website so they could tell people where they could look at it.

4) Created a youtube tour using the work we did that day.
All she needed to do was create a free youtube account, which she did right away.

It is simply great owning the best virtual tour company in my area! I have the flexibility to give people what they need; that is, something more than your ordinary, cookie-cutter virtual tour. Simply put, we help homes stand out!

Dawn Shaffer
All About Virtual Tours

360 Tour Preparation

I received a great request from a new Realtor(R), he asked for a list of tips to give to home owners for their upcoming 360 virtual tour shoot. This is something I thought was a great idea! We have all walked into a house that is just not ready to shoot. I started a key list of tips and sent it out to all my clients. I told all my clients to feel free to let me know if they have tips they want me to add and have gotten great feedback! The home owners seem to feel more comfortable knowing how to set their houses up for their 360 virtual tour. I have to say it has made some shoots a little easier!

Tips for your virtual tour shoot:

This is the most important tip…Remove your clutter! Remove all papers and clutter from all surfaces, the refrigerator, counters, desk, tables, bathrooms, and other rooms. Get rid of or hide those magazines and mail lying around.

Remove as much as you can from your kitchen and bathroom counters. Hide those lotions, tooth brushes, sponges, and dishes. Clutter in a small room can make it look even smaller. Clearing the counters will give the room more space.

Simplify. Sometimes moving a few small pieces of furniture out of the room can make the room feel larger. When you simplify a room it gives your visitors a chance to imagine their things in that space.

Make sure your yard is in order. Arrange your patio furniture and plants. Hide your garbage cans and tools.

Don’t be afraid to stage. Put some flowers in a vase, set the table, a candle here or there. These are nice details as long as they are kept simple

As you can see, simplifying and removing clutter are the most important steps in getting ready for a photo shoot. This can really make the most difference in a photograph!

Laura Nelson
Media Carrot

Single Property Website and 360 Tours

It is great to see articles such as the one below published by RISMEDIA today regarding single property websites. Many of our Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers have been purchasing domain names of their addresses and forwarding the virtual tour to the web address now for years. It is just now starting to go mainstream. It is great to see that our virtual tour providers are always staying ahead of the curve out there.

RISMEDIA, June 5, 2007-Per an article dated May 31, 2007 by Robin Morgan, published on RISMedia, “Eighty percent of all home buyers are searching online, and are looking for more information than ever before. The most important thing that a potential buyer wants to see is photographs, followed closely by detailed property information. Individual property Web sites allow sellers to provide exactly what these buyers are looking for.”

Dennis Handa, the owner of a site dedicated to developing individual property Web sites explained, “I was glad to see the article as it really reinforces this new concept.” He continued, “We are in a tough real estate market. There are fewer buyers and today’s seller really does need to market their home differently.”

“There are four primary reasons that an individual home Web site gives a home seller an advantage,” says Dennis.

1. They really attract buyers. For example: Most buyers will drive by a home and may like what they see, but don’t want to call and get involved. With our home Web sites, when a prospective buyer drives by, they only need to remember the from the sign rider. They can then log onto the Web easily, privately and see a complete presentation.

2. A home Web site is a 24/7 presentation. Buyers can access these Web sites whenever and wherever. An individual home Web site is first and foremost a live sales presentation, much better than just a flyer or show sheet.

3. A home Web site is both inexpensive and easy to promote and advertise. A Classified ad example: Incredible Florida Keys Estate, visit Nothing more needs to be said. Just a strong headline is required.

4. Individual home Web sites allow sellers to feature photos, virtual tours, Google maps and unlimited text in their property descriptions. When a buyer logs onto one of these Web-sites, he sees a complete description of the home and its features and benefits, plus he has the sellers contact info and e-mail address to ask further questions.

Using today’s technology to get to today’s buyer, Dennis concludes, “If you combine all the features and benefits of a home Web site, the benefits for a seller are incredible.”

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