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Dear team RTV,

I wanted to share with you how fantastic your team has been to me, I finally got my Virtual Tour Training completed and I have been working to get up and running. As you know, I bought my package over 2 years ago and because of my mother passing away I wasn’t able to train or even launch my virtual tour company in a timely manner. But last week I finally completed my training.

Ben has been a great asset and quick to respond as if I am the only person in the world. He is a true customer is #1 type employee. The other person was the gentleman that trained me , he understood every detail of the process and set the pace of the training to my needs , didn’t treat me like some noobie when he saw that I had some computer skills.

By the end of the conference call , I felt like I completely understood the process and he left no stone unturned . RTV is truly a leader in the marketing of anything related to housing, businesses or anything else that you can imagine.

You have a fantastic core team so far in every person I have had the pleasure of working with to date . I also do commercial real estate in the valley and will be adding this to the many marketing services that I provide for my clients.

Joe Plante

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All Virtual Tours are Not Created Equal

With over 84% of home buyers shopping online, internet marketing has become essential to selling real estate in the Shreveport and Bossier City area. Home buyers are demanding quick, digestible information at their fingertips. If this information is not there for the buyer to see, then the home is getting overlooked. In the frenzy to acquired these shoppers’ attention, virtual tours have become indispensable. The buyers and sellers in today’s market are demanding virtual tours, for many reasons, but foremost because virtual tours are a quick source of a large quantity of information. In competing for these buyers’ attention (and phone calls) it is important to consider what is being placed in front of them.

The term “virtual tour” is a murky one. It seems to include everything from pictures on the internet to slide shows to 360 virtual tours. The real estate agent who is willing to go the extra mile and put a quality product in front of the market is the one people remember. In looking for a quality virtual tour there are several things to consider.

Pictures of a home placed online are important, but do not constitute a virtual tour. The purpose of the virtual tour is to provide the viewer with additional information about the home and to actively engage them in the listing.

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings very true here. It is essential that the virtual tour have high quality, viewable photographs that encourage rather than discourage the viewer. The virtual tour needs to be 360 if the viewer is to obtain real information about the room and the layout of the home. Still shots can’t tell the viewer what’s behind them, only a 360 panoramic photo can do that. Engaging the buyer in actively touring the real estate listing keeps them on the listing longer and provides them the information they are seeking. It is this kind of interaction that generates high interest leads for the listing agent.

In order to set a real estate listing apart from every other listing in the Shreveport / Bossier City area, Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours offers add-ons to customize their 360 interactive virtual tours. Additions such as narrative audio or scene specific text will engage the viewer further and provide a memorable impression for the seller. An impression that says, “I go the extra mile for my client”.

Lastly, Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours aides in virtual tour syndication. Internet marketing is the key to exposure of the virtual tour and the listing. Without exposure, the virtual tour is not doing its job. And if the virtual home tour is not working on behalf of the listing real estate agent, then it is time to reconsider your tours. A virtual tour which just sits on the listing and collects dust is ineffective, but that is another blog…

Rebecca Bolda
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Educating Real Estate Agents – The Starting Point

We’ve loved going through different homes and determining how it should be shot. My wife and I are also actors and directors so we look at things from a theatrical point of view. It helps tremendously.

The frustrating part has been the local real estate community. I think some of them will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the computer age. Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina have been booming areas for real estate over the last 20 years and now that things are slowing down drastically they’re scrambling to figure out which end of a keyboard is up.

But it’s been the most enjoyable thing I’ve done in years. I look forward to many years of digital photography and 360 home tours. Thank you Real Tour Vision for the spin!

Found It! Virtual Tours is coming up to its first anniversary in less than a week and it has been a interesting, fun and sometimes frustrating ride. While we’ve only been operating on a part time basis up to now we look forward to using the new marketing tools from the RPM marketing system to help expand it to a full time operation.

Elvin Clark
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Ozarks Virtual Tours Going BIG

What an exciting, or at the very least interesting, time to be in the real estate business! My husband Roger and I have been in (and out) of this somewhat volatile business, since 1983, and I’m telling ya, there’s not a better business to be in if you can “weather” the ups and downs, not get discouraged and look for days to turn lemons into lemonade.

For a little background on myself, I have my own brokerage, The Real Estate Store, and am a member of the Greater Springfield Board of Realtors and Springfield Multilist Service for the sole purpose of networking with other agents. I offer my services as a virtual assistant to real estate agents and help them with their websites, brochure creation, photography AND producing TOP-OF-THE-LINE virtual tours.

I own and operate my virtual tour business under the name 360 Ozarks Virtual Tours. In addition to serving some of the finest and most productive agents in my area, I have been chosen by southwest Missouri’s leading local magazine, 417 Magazine, to help bring their online presence into the 21st century. We do interactive 360tours of restaurants, retail businesses and any other venues that might benefit from quality 360 tours.

In this current climate of slower sales, depreciating home values and longer times on the market, the challenge the agents we serve face is keeping the listing long enough for right buyer to come along. Here’s where we can turn lemons into lemonade. With 87% of home buyers beginning their search on the internet, there is NO greater cost-effective means of marketing a home than an RTV virtual tour.

Think about it, no matter what market you’re in, for approximately $100, the agent can offer their seller a beautiful top-of-the-line tour, making their property a “virtual” open house, 24 hours a day, for AS LONG AS THE HOME IS ON THE MARKET!!! You can’t do that with any other form of advertising — believe me, I’ve been that agent since the mid 80’s — I know that of which I speak!

Anyway, we’ve got a product that agents need right now so SELL IT! And here’s a little secret, from one virtual tour provider to another; shhhh, I don’t want any of my local competition to know this. You just need one REALLY GOOD agent. Do what ever it takes — wine them, dine them — offer to babysit their kids every weekend (just kidding!) .

But seriously, if you will offer your virtual tour services to one exceptionally good agent (big hitter) in your area, and take extra care with them by servicing their listings in a timely manner, doing extra panoramas, create a nice banner and go ahead and do some extra still shots future business will come on it’s own. As other agents look at “big hitter’s” listings and see your tours, guess what? They all wanna to be like “big hitter.” They’re going to want YOUR tour.

Trust me, it’s happening for me, it’ll happen for you. Like I said, I LOVE my virtual tour business. I REALLY do. I work in the most beautiful area in the country (gotta feeling we can all say this) for the best agents in the country. You can too — just do it. Do it now. There’s no better time to be in the business.

Sharon Wasson
360 Ozarks
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Strangest Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are a useful tool for selling real estate, booking hotel rooms and checking out your local Doggie Daycare. While these type of tours are commonplace, Real Tour Vision providers everywhere have had some strange and unique virtual tour requests.

About a year ago I had a virtual tour provider in Florida have someone in his area fill out a Contact for Order on our website. Her business was listed as a popular discount hair salon so when I called the virtual tour provider I speculated that maybe she wanted a spin of the salon. He pondered this with me, wondered how many spins he could possibly do for a $10 hair cutting place, but made the call anyway to see what she wanted. Turns out we were way off! Apparently this woman didn’t want a tour of the salon she worked at, but wanted a virtual tour of herself…, interesting situations. I received a very amusing call from the provider after his conversation with her. Sure, it didn’t turn out into a sell, but it sure gave him a good laugh and that can be worth a lot.

Of course not every unusual request is of that comical nature. Here are a few unique virtual tours I’ve seen come through our server. View these tours and start thinking outside the box about how virtual tours can be used in more ways than you’ve imagined.

For instance, have you ever seen a virtual tour of a cemetery? This one was shot by Steve Domark and makes for a very interesting addition to his tour gallery.

What about Motor homes? You may wonder how one can shoot in such a confined space but our provider in Texas did a phenomenal job!

Speaking of motor home, Britt Mcallister did this tour of a mobile cigar bar. Now this place is definitely unique!

And our Rock Star of interesting and amazing tours, in my opinion, Tinus Le Roux. He has done tours for entire cities like Cape Town , Sports stadiums like Gauteng Stadium and a whole slew of national parks like Augrabies Falls National Park . His tours are amazing and beautiful!

What are some of your interesting and unique tours? What has been your most unusual request?

Jacqueline Burke
Director of National Accounts
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