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Virtual Tours Boost Real Estate Client Base

RTV has boosted my client base in my Real Estate Market and now I am making steady money on superior virtual tours.

I bought a Real Tour Vision complete kit a couple of months ago after the agent who used to produce our “virtual tours” left the company. Little did we know her leaving would be a HUGE benefit to Arlington Properties. I bought the RTV package and NC Home Tours has been producing all virtual tours for Arlington Properties, ever since.

Not only does NC Home Tours produce a product that is infinitely superior to what we were used to offering, but now I use my virtual tours to pick up new clients from the for sale by owner market. Offering a Panorider and single property website greatly increases their marketing potential, and if they are interested in using a Realtor down the road, I have already shown my commitment to excellence and I hope they will call me for that service as well.

Being able to show future clients my virtual tours on is a great marketing tool and everyone loves the weekly and on demand tour hit stats. By posting virtual tours on the home page we are maximizing the exposure of every home that is listed with Arlington Properties.

I have always prided myself on giving people a top quality product and maintaining honesty above all else in my business. I now offer clients, associates, and for sale by owner customers incredible marketing tools at a fair price. I can’t thank the Team RTV enough for getting me started in this wonderful industry. I look forward to years of association and years of providing the best virtual home tours in Eastern North Carolina.

Taylor Keith
NC Home Tours
North Carolina Virtual Tours
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Dear RTV

I just wanted to let you all know that I still find RTV the top product and service when it comes to virtual tours. You guys have been there for me from start to finish on everything.

Last year was really tough. Many aspects of my life were looking bad and on top of that there is a bad situation with economy. Fortunately, this year I’ve got everything going in the right direction. My virtual tour business is picking up. Check out my new website

I really like RTV’s new ideas, solutions and powerful property marketing tools. The new Marketing Center also gave me a LOT of materials, brochures and flyers to customize and generate ideas from. Honestly the RTV corporate website has been like my home base.

I am also really looking forward to what’s to come this year both from my virtual tour company as well as all of the new innovations and programming from RTV. I have a feeling it is going to bring smiles on many faces including the RTV team.

Thanks again for everything!

Tom Worek

XL Visions
Chicago Virtual Tours
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Virtual Tours of Park City – EyeWireMedia

Good evening all you Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers out there!!

I just want to share my experience up to this point with RTV. I decided to become a full service provider about 3 weeks ago after doing much (intense) research on different virtual tour software and virtual tour companies.

I feel that I made the absolute right decision. I received my equipment and software in a very timely fashion. I quickly completed my virtual tour training course over the phone. During my research I found companies that offered no training at all and even some that required that I fly in for on site training. Real Tour Vision has the virtual tour software and the training course down to a science which allowed me to get things up and running in just a few hours.

At this point I am happy to say that I am out selling and building virtual tours. The virtual tour software is very user friendly and everyone I have dealt with has been a great help (Jason, Ben, Sue, and Eve just to name a few). I am excited about this virtual tour business opportunity and believe this is a superior poduct and system Realtour has developed. Until next time….Cheers!.

Kevin Blanchard
Park City Virtual Tours
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Composing Great Stories with Virtual Tours

I’m not much of a writer, but put a camera in my hand and I can tell a story. I’ve been creating virtual tours for about three years using RTV software. Over those three years I have learned alot about the art of creating a good 360 virtual tour.

In general, good photos result from careful attention to the basics of composition, together with appropriate lighting and an interesting subject. When I shoot a still image I always have a subject to focus on. I don’t just shoot a kitchen; I use rules to help me compose the image to make it pleasing to the eye. For example, I use the rule of thirds which is theory that the eye goes naturally to a point about two-thirds up the photo. Also, by visually dividing the image into thirds (either vertically or horizontally) you achieve balance.

I also use framing in a photograph. Framing is using something in the foreground that leads you into the picture or gives you a sense of where the viewer is. Such as a dining table partial in the photo leading to the main focus of the kitchen, but not distracting from this focus.

Another rule I use is to place the main subject off-center and balancing the “weight” with other objects which will be more pleasing than placing the subject in the center. Use composition to help you tell the story. A picture that is well composed, should be telling a story about the subject being shot. As, they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”!

So, how does this apply to the creation of virtual tours?

What many other tour builders do, and what I used to do, was stand in the middle of the room and photograph the real estate virtual tours from there. It may be an easy way to do it, but it is not the best. I now take a moment in each room to compose my panoramic, before snapping the first shot. I divide my panoramic into three scenes and I look for the most interesting thing or things in the room (artwork, fireplace, windows, appliances, a bouquet of flowers, furniture). I fill each part of the panoramic with at least one element. If a room is empty, this can be hard to do, so I might only do a particle panoramic and focus on filling the scene with a window, a stairway, an interesting architectural feature or a door lead out of the room. If possible, I’ll open up windows and capture something interesting outside. This will help me locate the best place to setup my tripod for my 360 virtual home tour.

I then decide how I’m going to enter this room from the previous scene using navigational hot-spots and where i will place the hot-spot to exit from this room. This gives me a starting point and saves me time when I layout my tours in the tour building software.

When I layout my tour, I think about how someone visiting the home would walk through it and try to layout my hot-spots, so they travel through the tour the same way. Once you start to do this on a regular basis, it only takes a quick scan and a moment more to shoot a tour. If you take the time to compose a tour, you’ll improve the way your tour tells the story. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well done virtual tour can tell a great story.

See examples of my Phoenix Arizona virtual tours.

Rudy Gutierrez
OnView 360
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Team BlueLaVa Hits the Show

On Wednesday, May 7th team BlueLaVa packed up and hit the local Traverse City Board of Realtors trade show entitled Strawberries and Toast. This show is an annual event that typically brings several hundred Traverse City real estate agents and many vendors from in and around the Grand Traverse region. We were fortunate enough to be the only Traverse City virtual tour company to attend the show this year.

With Jim being what many would call a local living photography legend here in Traverse City, the people continuously flocked around our booth to see what new and exciting powerful property marketing tools were now available. For the most part people really loved the concept of our single property websites and our PanoRiders™. The next big hit of the show was our cute business card sized CD’s, Night Shots and our Blue Bird’s-Eye elevated shot. Most of the attendees found that our offerings were priced very affordably and loved the fact that we are fully insured and have our lock box certification allowing Jim to move freely in and out of the homes during his virtual tour shoots.

Shooting Traverse City virtual tours is one thing, but being able to offer a real estate agent an entire marketing program is another. When we meet with a new customer for the first time we sit down and lay out all of our offerings that leave a lasting impression on a home seller and a shopper. We let the real estate agents embed our virtual tours and marketing tools right into their marketing pitch thus giving them the upper hand when it comes to leaving that lasting impression during a listing presentation.

Our unique offerings and beautiful interactive virtual tours are winning over new customers every day. Thanks to Jim Blue photography, the RTV virtual tour system, our powerful marketing tools and a little creativity BlueLaVaMedia is heading into what will be a great and profitable summer.

Until the next local trade show! Good luck out there everyone.

Team BlueLaVa
Traverse City Virtual Tours
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