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Virtual Tour Business Picking Up

On 27 September 2007, I get a frantic call from one of my clients. I was needed in Chesapeake, VA to shoot 2 virtual tours for the Homearama 2007. I thought, “Wow what a break! I have my foot in the door in Virginia!” I have an Outer Banks virtual tour company, started in April of this year, but hope to expand into neighboring markets. This chance to shoot a couple of tours for such a big event has really helped my credibility in the area.

The fact is people are starting to know that Real Tour Vision virtual tour company produces the best virtual tours in the industry. To make a long story short, I met with the contractor at 6:30 AM Friday 28 September and was informed that I had until 10:00 AM to complete both tours. One house was 9500 sq. ft. the other 6500 sq. ft. I finished at 10:10 AM. Both of these fantastic house are on my virtual tour company web site They weren’t shot to my liking because of the time constraint but still 2 really nice virtual tours.

Since these two 360 tours have been seen on my web site business has increased. I am keeping busy.

Thanks to Real Tour Vision for producing the best virtual tour software for our industry.

By Dave Kondracki
Dave Kondracki LLC
Chesapeake Virginia Virtual Tours
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Seeing is believing!

After deciding to join the Real Tour Vision family and doing all my preparations, I finally had everything up and running and I was set to go. That’s when I started to worry. Go where? I’d sit and think for hours about ways to promote and gain new customers. I started to get nervous and wondered if I had what it takes to succeed with a virtual tour company.

I finally came to my senses and decided not to pass up any opportunity I came across. While walking to my car one day I noticed an Open House a few houses down. I casually walked in and introduced myself. I explained that I offered 360 Virtual Tours. He replied that he had a few ads out in the paper and wasn’t interested . Ok, at that point, do I take this answer and leave? I decided to stick it out and get at least 3 declines out of him before I left. I kindly explained that a Virtual Tour is more cost effective than an ad in a local paper and can reach a much broader audience. He declined again. At this point I ran to my car, grabbed my laptop, and headed back inside with my web page up on the screen. I showed him a few sample tours and he was hooked. I could see it in his eyes.

Virtual Tours by Real Tour Vision are far superior to any of the competitors in the area and getting a sample tour in front of the customers eyes is all it took. He was blown away by the hot spots on the tours.

The Real Tour Vision staff has been very helpful and friendly. I look forward to growing my Staten Island virtual tour company and working with you for many years to come.


Jonathan Waide
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Year One – A Quick Look Back

Hello fellow Real Tour Vision providers around the World. I would say this has been a very exciting year. The 16th of October 2006 was our first Virtual Tour.

I did it free of charge for a Friend of mine. In one year we’ve done 150 Real Estate Tours, 10 FSBO, commercial and business tours. Amazing!!

We started this virtual tour business out of desperation, and despair. Nothing was working with Real Estate. The market was starting to plunge and investors were watching there investments disappear.

We were thinking about having our own Treasure Coast virtual tour company for a while, but did not have the impulse nor the capital to start in our new journey. We found Real Tour Vision and everything seemed so simple. We actually borrowed our investment in order to start. It wasn’t much, but for us at that moment, it was a fortune. It was amazing how quickly we made back that borrowed money and continued establishing our business in our quaint and quiet town. Thanks to Real tour Vision we managed to survive the Buyers market we had found ourselves in.

Real Tour Vision helps you through all the process, with their excellent customer service and supportive staff. Anyone can be a part of the success. You only have to take the chance and see your world change. We are proud to be a part of Real Tour Vision providership. The greatest Virtual Tour company in the world.

Now there is no more looking back. Think Shift Grow – RTV!

Claudia Jaramillo
Perfect Images
Treasure Coast 360 Tours
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Automatic 3D Walkthrough Praise

Dear Real Tour Vision,

I just wanted to thank your entire team for all of your hard work on making our dream a reality. It was amazing how quickly you put together our first 3d virtual walkthrough from the 2d Floor Plan sketches that we faxed you. I am so grateful to you for being so easy to work with and always responding quickly to our requests.

We are in the process of building and selling a home so naturally we are very excited to be able to show what they house will look before it is even built. In the past we simply had to show someone a floor plan and the customer would have to visualize which is not something that everyone can do very well. Your floor plan and 3D walkthrough service really made the house come to life before our eyes. We are so grateful to you for making this happen.

We have just started to use this tool and we will be sending in over 20 more sketch and fax floor plans over the the next week or so because we are so happy with the product that you have provided to us. We are very glad that we found you and your company and we will be talking to you soon about the new floor plans and the new builders that this tool will attract.


Sal Mercurio, Broker/Agent /Virtual Tour Provider
Idaho Dream Properties
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Virtual Tour Camera Migration

I started my virtual tour business in Lawrence with my nice Point and shoot digital camera, but I was not getting the “professional look” that I was aiming for since I had little or no experience nor example on my website to show off. I decided to jump into the SLR world and of course it’s more complex than what I thought.

One mistake that I made and quickly learned from:

A point and shoot is automatically turning on to the widest angle possible which is how you should take your pictures for your 360 virtual tour. Even if you take it the camera off of the Real Tour Vision rotator to do a nice still picture, set it down and let it turn off, that digital camera will always set itself back to the widest angle setting where it was left at. This I quickly found was not the case with my digital SLR. At least mine anyway.

The Real Tour Vision tour builder manual says on the quick shoot checklist – BE SURE YOUR CAMERA IS ALWAYS SET TO THE WIDEST ANGLE POSSIBLE BEFORE EVERY VIRTUAL TOUR SHOOT! If you don’t follow this simple rule once you’re back at home trying to stitch them up it won’t work. For everyone out there just going into the SLR world be sure to always check that you have your camera set to the widest angle possible before every shoot. Especially after taking it off the tripod to zoom on a detail!

Kate Huchet
Lawrence Virtual Tour
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