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Fusion = Maximum Customer Attraction

Dear RTV:

I’ve just got to congratulate the entire team on a truly magnificent achievement in the new Fusion virtual tour system. I’ve never seen anything like this. You’re a good 14-18 months ahead of anything else out there! I did my first two virtual tours on it this week and the response has been fantastic.

I think the computer generated voice over brings a whole new dimension to the interactive virtual media presentations. My new customers were in awe and agreed that it gravitates the viewer to the items being highlighted, and makes the viewing experience more enjoyable. Best of all it took less than a couple minutes to add to the virtual tour.

The ease of compiling the new flyers, virtual tours to YouTube, Craigslist ads, e-brochures and more were a real pain in the old virtual tour system since it had to be updated weekly. RealTour Fusion has really helped me save time and make more money!!  I enjoyed the webinar last night, even though I was a little late in getting in.

Please see the comments below from Mary Rocco, first time in her office, Rich Realty in Orland Park.
The second virtual tour is for a builder in New Lenox, and this is the second virtual tour from him.

“Dear Jim,
Thank-you for all your hard work, you did a great job and I’m very
pleased with how it turned out. I do think when the agents in my office
see your work they will be calling you to make there listings look as
beautiful as mine. Hope to work with you again very soon. – Mary”

Again, to the entire team over at RTV, many thanks for creating the most superior virtual tour product on the market today. I’m not sure if you can really call these virtual tours anymore. They’re more like a work of art!

Mary’s Virtual Tour:

Camelot Homes Virtual Tour:

Thank you all so much!


Jim Griffin
LaVelle Studios LLC
New Lenox Virtual Tours & Real Estate Photography
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Snagging Virtual Tours Just Got Easier!

With the recent addition of the new Fusion virtual tour software platform, RTV has made the client acquisition side of our virtual tour business even easier.  Having been an RTV provider since 2004 and doing business all over the country, there has never been a lack of clients that want the virtual tour services we offer. From business owners to realtors ordering 360 home tours potential customers are everywhere you look.

Just showing examples of what the new virtual tour system offers has recently landed a high end client that owns multiple businesses…on an island in Lake Erie. Yes, the quality of our work was a factor, but it’s the virtual tour technology and support that RTV offers that made it happen. I have only created a few new Fusion virtual tours, but know that there are many more projects to come since RTV has stepped it up a few notches with the new tech and I love it!
I personally thank all of you at RTV who have helped make our virtual tour business the success it is today. The teamwork, attitude and helping hand is much appreciated.


Rob Lenthe
Got Robo?
Internet and Mobile Marketing
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Wisconsin Virtual Tours – Summer 2012

Spring has sprung and summer is here. With all the great weather it has been a busy time in the real estate market. Home sales are up and so are prices, even with the promising news, 360 Image Media a premier Wisconsin Virtual Tour Company, continues to develop and implement virtual tour products to help its customers sell homes faster and for top dollar.

First I want to introduce our all-new venture with our virtual tour software partner, RTV.  360 FUSION, our all-new virtual tour experience. 360 FUSION, offers so many virtual tour features and tools, it will make your head spin. Full 360 x180 panorama capability, full motion video, lead generation, enhanced tracking reports, online syndication, and interactive gyro enabled mobile 360 tours. These are just a few of the features that will make the 360 FUSION tours the best in the Wisconsin Virtual Tour marketplace. Stay tuned to our blogs and website for a 360 FUSION sample coming soon.

Next we are ecstatic to announce our latest venture with Wisconsin Home Collection. Wisconsin Home Collection is an all-new all-Digital real estate publication for Wisconsin Homes for Sale. This amazing publication allows a niche-marketed avenue for realtors and home sellers to reach even more buyers, at a fraction of the cost for a print advertisement.

You can head over to Wisconsin Real Estate and view the current June sample issue.  So with sales and prices picking up, 360 Image Media, Wisconsin Home Collection, and Real Tour Vision are dedicated to helping our customers look amazing online.

Contact us today for your Professional Photography, Virtual Tours, and Online Advertising needs.

Robin Duran
360 Image Media
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Wisconsin Home Collection

360 Virtual Tours for Businesses Do I Really Need One?

Recently I sat down with a friend of mine who happens to be a very successful  business owner. The conversation quickly got right into 360 virtual tours.  I was thrilled when he started asking me how I have been but more thrilled when we started talking about my new 360 virtual tour business ventures. He said to me that he wished that we had more 360 virtual tours covering his area as this was something a bit new to him and he was delighted to see them..Really I asked? Well, you see, I actually myself have been looking for a new place (to live) and a new warehouse/office to lease.  Wow I said again…As we talked more he told me how frustrating it has been for him as a busy and successful businessman to have to stop, take time out of his days to read through listings and then go see the listings only to be hugely disappointed.

So this really got me to thinking we as authorized virtual tour providers are really are doing an amazing and great service here for our clients and yes you really do need a 360 virtual tour. If you are a business owner or realtor, this should be proof enough, that the customers are there and are in serious need of the virtual tours, it was for me. He absolutely was so excited for me and my 360 virtual tours which was great but I was just so disappointed that he had no access to a virtual tour for his personal or business needs at this time.

I assured him to hang in there and told him to keep checking my site out at and maybe very soon we would get lucky and be able to help him out some time soon. Let me tell you that the main purpose of this blog tonight is not to talk about my conversation with my friends but rather to let you as a valued business owner and/or realtor know that your potential customers are out there and they want to see the 360 virtual tours! They need to see the virtual tours so they can make smart decisions and act on what it is they need now whether it be a new house, condo, apartment, office or warehouse space.

It just makes smart business sense in today’s market with ever changing super fast internet speeds, coupled with the ability for us to deliver to you the most sophisticated, yet easy to navigate virtual tours and superior seo not to mention the ability to place the virtual tour links into any social network space, website or emails etc It just makes sense.

Question of the week…”Me as a Businesses and 360 virtual tours, do I really need one”? The honest answer is, I think you do.

Mirage Virtual Tours is located and services Southern California including Los Angeles and Palm Springs areas and Coachella Valley. We are an authorized (RTV INC) provider for Southern California.

* Need a 360 Virtual Tour? Got questions or not sure what you need? Contact us for a free no hassle consultation. We are now taking pre bookings for July 2012

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Gloucester Photography Company Expands Offering

I’ve been doing real estate photography as well as Hotel Photography for a while now, and I’ve used a number of the virtual tour software products out there to produce the slide shows and virtual tour images … mostly based on what the agents were using (some have their own virtual tour software or like a particular system, so I learned to work within their business model).

In an ever-changing real estate market, I decided to find a virtual tour solution that would accommodate my own business model, I chose RTV!   After my initial conversation, I knew that RTV would have all the powerful marketing tools that I wanted to incorporate and would give me the flexibility to grow my business.   I had almost forgotten about the convention until I received a blog post about things to come.  Wow !  The types of things that I was interested in adding to my business were all there — and not just that, they were better than I had imagined !

Making the decision to come to the virtual tour convention was an easy one.  Some ‘life’ things changed, and I was disappointed that I would probably miss the convention — but, as luck would have it, they changed again!  Wow, I could go … but no flight, I would have to drive.  No hotel, all the RTV providers had the entire hotel booked.  What to do ?   Wow!  Ben Knorr called me — out of the blue for some follow-up questions I had.  I don’t believe in coincidences!   I told Ben that I was interested in coming but didn’t know what to do about a room.  Right then, on the spot, Ben found me a hotel room at the same rate, got me confirmed and I was on my way.  Thanks, Ben !

Day 1 — Not knowing what to expect, I found a seat and looked around.  Lots of folks with their cameras, laptops, tablets, smartphones …. yep, I’m in the right place.   I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions that I attended.  The opportunity to go over the new Fusion virtual tour software platform in open forum was a huge help.  I was so excited when the MagicPlan was presented.  That’s what I’ve been looking at and now to find that it’s going to be bundled with the virtual tours takes it over the top !   I have been curious about the spherical virtual tours for some time as well.  I’ve been doing a few walk-thru videos for folks as well as some other “testimonial” videos, and now, being able to bring it all together just knocks it out of the park !  I look forward to hearing more from Ben on all the equipment and software specs.  I don’t want to forget the other training sessions either.  The sales and marketing session was packed full of ideas and things to think about – I took lots of notes – Thanks Real Tour Vision! 

Overall, I took away a lot from the convention and all the participants.  I had the opportunity to compare notes with the folks sitting around me … it was great to hear ideas and share information and compare challenges, notes and experiences.   Needless to say, I left the RTV convention excited !   The drive home gave me time to process my thoughts and ideas.  I was so excited to get started with the new marketing materials, doing a little road show and getting in front of the agents at the various office that I work with, and wowing them all with the new add-ons that I plan on incorporating.

I still have a lot to process, but have been feverishly putting together the elements of my presentation and marketing materials.   I’ve already started with my BNI network group … they are my sounding board and are hearing about the upcoming changes.  I’ve already spoken to the local MLS board and have offered to do a social media lunch & learn for them … just to get the face time to talk about the importance of photography, interactive virtual tours, interactive floor plans and “top of mind”.

I left the RTV convention with new confidence to be able to talk to my clients, and potential clients, and to take my business to the next level.

Thanks for the RTV staff for everything, and thanks to all the presenters for taking the time to share their virtual tour business practices so that we all can learn and grow.

Karen Lawson
Gloucester Virtual Tours
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