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Insight 360 Rebrands With Fusion Power

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We’ve made other changes too!
Introducing . . .   
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Our revolutionary NEW Virtual Tour System Insight Fusion,
is changing the way people view virtual tours.
  • Full Motion Video
  • 4 Unique Lead Capture Tools
  • Agent Tool Box
  • Powerful Listing Exposure Generator
  • Amazing Tour Traffic Reports
  • Gyro Enabled HTML5 Mobile Tours
  • Scene by Scene Voice Over Narration
  • Click here to sample Insight Fusion
Insight Fusion is here and you will NEVER look back!
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FUSION Flash and HTML5 Media Player
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Don’t Look Back!

I am officially registering to run the St. Louis Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  It will no longer be me wanting to run a half marathon but me committing myself and my money to run a half-marathon.  In addition to blogging about this, I am going to actually post it on Facebook and tell all my friends, family (and those people on my Friends list who I am not quite sure how I know) that I am going to run a half marathon. Wow, that makes it real!!

Now understand, I have the option of waiting to register until I am closer to the race date to see if I can really do this.  I can justify waiting to make the commitment — I have never run 13.1 miles!   I don’t know for sure if I can do this so maybe I should wait.  Trust me, if there was a medal for procrastination, fear and excuse making, I would win GOLD!

But something changes when I actually make the commitment official.  Something changes when I pay the registration fee.  Something REALLY changes when I make the commitment public.

When we originally started photographing 360 tours, we both had full time jobs and virtual tour photography looked like a great source of additional income.  Greg was the Assistant Manager of Recruiting for the 2010 Census.  For the first time since getting his degree in Commercial Photography, he had a job doing something other than working as a professional photographer.  I was working as Assistant Director of Admissions at a therapeutic boarding school.  We had a comfortable income with paychecks that came in every two weeks.

Our virtual tour business was a priority for us but honestly not our top priority.  In addition to working full time, we were remodeling a house and planning our wedding.  We started the virtual tour business with the ultimate plan of having it eventually be Greg’s full time job but for a year and a half, we had other things that got in the way.  One of those things was my fear that we would not generate enough income doing residential real estate virtual tours.  Because we had the safety net of those regular paychecks, we didn’t have to make our virtual tour business our top priority.

All that changed quickly when the Census wrapped up and Greg’s job ended.  Shortly after that the house remodel was finished, we got married at the house and then moved into a small apartment.  A month later, the school where I was working was no longer able to make payroll.  Suddenly our virtual tour business moved up the priority list very quickly and we were forced to make a commitment.

EVERYTHING CHANGED when we made that commitment.  Hotel photography was a great IDEA when we bought the equipment for our virtual tour business a year and a half earlier but Vision Quest Virtual Tours became REAL the day I quit my job and took that leap of faith with no safety net or Plan B.  Within two weeks, our virtual tour sales had replaced both of our full time salaries and there has not been a month since that our income has not been enough to live comfortably.  We just hit an income milestone that would have seemed impossible when we first started.

I hate to think of all that we would have missed if I had allowed fear, procrastination, a desire for comfort and excuses get in the way of our successful virtual tour business.  The same principle applies whether it is starting a new business or running an endurance event like a half marathon or marathon.  There is a big difference between an idea and a commitment so COMMIT and just watch how far you can go!

Traits of a Natural Born Salesman


In a recent Facebook post, a fellow virtual tour provider bemoaned that he needed to hire a sales and marketing team to grow his virtual tour business.  Someone quickly responded that he should call me to which my husband quickly replied that I was already booked and definitely NOT available.  I am the sales and marketing department for our successful assisted care photography business. I work with many new virtual tour providers who worry that they can’t do what we do because they aren’t good at sales.

When you think of a natural born sales man what traits and characteristics come to mind?  We all know that person who could sell anything to anybody…whether they need it or not. Your experiences with sales may color your thinking.  If you have been hounded by people trying to sell you something then the traits that come to mind may include pushy, obnoxious, distracting and someone who won’t take no for an answer.  If you know someone who is truly successful in sales you may think of things like an outgoing personality, the ability to listen and a genuine interest in others.

One of my first jobs after college was selling fax machines in Atlanta.  This was in 1989 when fax machines were the hottest new thing to hit the market and everyone wanted one because people were just realizing that they weren’t only for big businesses.  The company I worked for offered a fine product but the price was over double what Sharp was selling their products for and my product offered no additional bells or whistles.  For a comparable product, our entry level fax was $1,795 and Sharp’s was $995.  The reason I did not close many sales was because when someone asked me why they should pay nearly double for a comparable product, I had no good answer.  I had all the makings of a good salesperson but I was not selling a product at a price I believed was fair.  I was told to sell the “value of the brand” but frankly, in a side by side comparison, there was no additional value.  I originally led the company in appointments and cold calls but I failed miserably in closing sales and quickly became discouraged.  This experience led me to believe that I was not cut out for sales and I didn’t try my hand at sales again until nearly 10 years later.

I have trained hundreds of salespeople and I have seen this proven many times.  The people I thought would be the best at sales — those naturally gregarious folks who never met a stranger — often turned out to lack the discipline necessary to actually succeed in sales.  In fact, I am one of those people.  I, like many people who gravitate to sales, am a big picture thinker but am not so great when it comes to details.  Luckily my husband is a great partner in our virtual tour business.  As the virtual tour photographer, he is the creative genius behind what we do but he is also the detail guy who makes sure that those pesky details like invoicing and paying bills get done.

The secrets to the success of our virtual tour business are consistency, persistence and having a great product.  Sales is nothing but a numbers game — the more contacts and calls I make, the more sales I make.  This happens for two reasons.  One is the fact that the more people I talk to, the more likely I am to find someone who is interested in what I am selling.  But the second reason is that the more people I talk to, the more I understand my market and the perception of my product.  Each time I overcome an objection or answer a question, I am better equipped for the next time.

Persistence doesn’t mean not taking no for an answer.  Instead it means finding out if No really means No or does it possibly mean Not Yet.  I continue calling a lead until I have determined that they do not need or want my product. If I have understood all their objections and explained the benefits of my product then there is nothing wrong with taking No for an answer.

Finally, I have a virtual tour software product that I believe in and THAT is the biggest secret to our success.  Our virtual tour technology allows us to provide an excellent product at a very competitive price.  My husband is a great photographer and has created workflows that allow us to provide exceptional virtual tours at a very affordable price.  With the introduction of Fusion by RTV, Inc., we now have what I consider to be the greatest virtual tour platform on the market so all I need is the opportunity to show it to someone and the “sale” is easy.

Sales and marketing consultant Mike Sigers says it well, “There is no such thing as a natural born salesman. You become a “natural” by talking to and negotiating with thousands of people.”  In other words, sales is something you learn to do – not something you are born with.  I am definitely proof of that!

Traverse City Virtual Tour Company Launches Unique Property Marketing Solution

BlueLaVaMedia Launches Unique Interactive Virtual Media Platform for Local Real Estate Agents and Business Owners.

TRAVERSE CITY MICHIGAN – AUGUST 2012 – BlueLaVaMedia, a Michigan Virtual Tour Company has announced the release of their all new BlueLaVa Fusion virtual tour system. The BlueLaVa Fusion system combines high definition (HD) full motion video, HD 360° panoramic images, HD still photos, and scene by scene voice over narration into one lighting fast interactive virtual media experience. Traditional virtual tours displayed still photos and panoramic images only. BlueLaVa Fusion, which has been redesigned and given a sleek, modern look and feel, takes a quantum leap by adding full motion video, lead capture, weekly hit reports, printable flyers, and many other enhancements designed to captivate viewers throughout the viewing experience. BlueLaVa Fusion delivers a one-of-a-kind immersive virtual tour experience for website visitors that keeps them focused on business and real estate listings longer.

Some of the most impressive features of BlueLaVa Fusion include:

* Full motion HD video support and  instant tour-to-video capabilities
* Gyro enabled interactive HTML5 virtual tour player viewable across all mobile devices
* Advanced traffic reporting allowing clients to analyze visitor history and repeat visitors
* Easy distribution to major social sites and dozens of real estate portal sites for maximum exposure
* Four powerful lead capture tools with client login portal for lead download and tour management
* Elegant flyers, e-brochures, Craigslist flyers, QR codes, and offline kiosk tour
* Scene by scene voice over narration by one of five, natural sounding computer generated voices

To further enhance the launch, BlueLaVaMedia has also recently added their new “TrueBlue Photography” to their list of services offered. Jim Blue, virtual tour coordinator for BlueLaVaMedia said, “Our new TrueBlue photos allow us to go into any situation regardless of where the sun is that day and create stunning digital still photos. It definitely sets us apart and we’re able to always get the perfect exposure.” The new TrueBlue imaging process gives BlueLaVaMedia the “upper hand” on photos coming out perfect every time. This unique imaging process enhances colors and balances light and shadows.  Most importantly TrueBlue is capable of always getting perfect window shots, which before was quite difficult. Some samples of the the new Fusion system and the TrueBlue images can be seen by visiting

About BlueLaVaMedia:

BlueLaVaMedia is a provider of Northern Michigan interactive virtual tours and professional photography with team members Jason LaVanture, Heather LaVanture and Jim Blue. Together LaVanture and Blue’s talents come together to create a one stop shop for northern Michigan virtual tour and digital marketing services. For more information, visit their website or call (877) 941 ¬TOUR (8687).

Becoming a Virtual Tour Photographer

Are you
thinking of becoming a virtual tour photographer?  You may be searching
for a virtual tour company to join so you can learn how to provide the
best virtual tour in your area.  Well let me say that there are many out
there and the cost can be overwhelming.

You will get
a lot of promises of fortune, you will make $$$ thousands of dollars per
virtual tour once you get verified as a trusted photographer. The promises are
many and the results are none.  At least with the virtual tour companies that
make all the outlandish statements and promises.

The only way
you will make a living in the virtual tour business is to get out and
sell yourself, don’t depend on the virtual tour company to send you any
business. It just won’t happen, I don’t care how much they push you into
joining there company.  I’ve been there and back!

Model homes – virtual tour

Take a minute, let me explain my experiences with you. I joined a
tour company about four years ago and learned how to make virtual tours
and sell them. Things were going great until business slowed down. I
wanted to continue growing and thought by changing virtual tour companies I
could make more money with their system.  Wrong!
I was told
that I’d make $1,200 per tour, that they would sell for me in my area.
They made false claims about having hotels and night clubs that were begging for a virtual tour and
if I passed the test I’d be making nothing but money.
Well that
was just BS and when I confronted them, I got more BS. I had made the
grade and was told that I became one of the trusted photographers and
was on my way to making money.  It never happened.  I was told that I
needed additional training, training at $150 per hour and if I didn’t
take the training I wouldn’t get any business from them.
I had
already invested $2,600 with them but got nothing but lies, BS and
talked down to.  SO – now I’m back to the virtual tour company that I can trust
not to lie to me, not to fill me with BS and empty promises.  I had to
learn the hard way, I hope you don’t make the mistakes I have made that
cost me a lot of money. Do your search and listen close, don’t buy into the hype. 
There are only a small few virtual tour companies out there you can trust and RTV is one of them for sure! I am with Real Tour
Vision, the best virtual tour company of all. They train for free, they support for
free, they are willing to help you be successful and provide a lot of
great information to get you there.  They’re are on top of virtual tour technology and
they are a lot less expensive to join.  Buy the equipment or you may
have most of the equipment already, and then learn the right way to
create virtual tours.  The rest is up to you.

Black Hawk Virtual Media
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