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It’s a slide show, it’s a tour, it’s Real Tour Vision!

Over the years, real estate professionals have asked me whether we can create slide shows in place of a full Real Estate home tour which just don’t justify the cost of a full-on virtual tour. We’re excited to have been doing this successfully now for months, and its popularity is growing quickly in our market.

We’ve done hundreds of virtual tours at All About Virtual Tours and understand the logic which a viewer follows when looking at homes. The result is a means by which real estate professionals may show more than the allotted still photos on MLS, for a much reduced cost, while still using RTV’s crystal clear technology.

If you’re interested in seeing a sample, please click here.

Thank you,

Dawn Shaffer

Virtual Tours Show it all!

“All Around” Virtual Tours show it all!

In my years of providing Virtual Tours I am glad to say that being an RTV full service provider works out best for our clients. That is what we are there for right? Rather than just taking a few shots of a home, hotel or establishment we take it a step further. For starters our clients don’t always have the time or want to deal with photography or better yet, the virtual tour software and post processing. We do this for them taking into consideration bringing out selling features of the property with images and 360 tours so that the buyers can get the “Big Picture.”

When I shoot a tour I always work with the Realtor walking around the property and inside the house asking for their input of what is important to them and their clients. Then I shoot the property so that the tour will show the property to it’s full potential. This has worked out best for all of us. It’s to the point now that some of my Realtors order a virtual tour they just open the door for me and let me “do my stuff” as I have been told.

Most the time while I am shooting a property the Realtor is on the phone. The other advantage for Realtors, is that they get to tell their customers that they use a professional photographer to photograph the home. When a Realtor gets a call from their client with rave reviews of how well the property is presented it’s a win win situation for all.

The biggest bonus 360 virtual tours provide is the increased exposure from local to long distance. Two instances here for example:

One property I did, I got a call from the Realtor that she got an offer on the house shortly after the tour was online. The second is when a husband was here who was relocating from another part of the country. He went to see the house in person while his wife and family viewed the home from the online virtual tour. No matter which way you look at it, virtual tours are the way to go.

Stephanie D Potter
Photographer & Virtual Tour Provider

Bakersfield Virtual Tours

RTV salutes Julie Lagan from Julie’s Virtual Tours for her outstanding success and uncanny ability to convert marketing tips and trips into dollars.

Julie’s truck featured above is sheer testament of wholesale NBA jerseys Julie’s dedication and respect for her virtual tour company. Her entire vehicle is wrapped in a high resolution 360 panorama, an incredibly slick logo design, and of course her contact Pricing information.

Julie has been a part of the Real Tour Vision team entry since wholesale NFL jerseys early wholesale NBA jerseys 2004 and has contributed greatly to the success of our company. She is always willing to speak out cheap nba jerseys to us when she sees technology that we should pursue and listen carefully when tell her about marketing tips that really do work.

Julie has mastered the art of keeping a constant buzz of excitement about her company and virtual home tours by using whistle stops Tour and client newsletters. From day one of her virtual Fine tour company she has sent every homeowner a CD with their tour on it as a gift on behalf of the realtor and herself. Julie wins over the hearts and minds of her clients by displaying confidence in her work and marketing suggestions that keep her client base coming back and asking for more!!

Thanks for being a leader among the provider network, a cheap NBA jerseys great listener and
communicator, and above all thanks for choosing RTV to power your Bakersfield virtual tour company!

Julie Lagan
Bakersfield Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour – 661-322-1401