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Spreading the Word – RTV Marketing Tip

Tips for marketing your virtual tours once an RTV virtual tour photographer has created your online production.

Once you’ve had an RTV virtual tour photographer put together a fantastic virtual tour for your business or property, the next step is getting people to view your virtual tour. Waiting around for your website visitors to find your business and virtual tour won’t get you many views, so it’s important to call attention to your new powerful online marketing tool through marketing.

Marketing your virtual tour doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. There are plenty of ways to get the word out and draw viewers to your virtual tour page. Most RTV virtual tour providers are trained in such a way they can help you with the several strategies listed below.

First of all you’ll want to make sure there is a prominent link to your virtual tour from every page of your website. Let’s take for example. Visit the site and notice how the business owner here has a visible link to the virtual tour off of every page of her site. Linking directly to your RTV interactive virtual tour off of your website is a GREAT way to get your tour indexed by the search engines too.  RTV virtual tours are programmed to gain rank in the search engine results when users google your business name.  It’s amazing!

Aside from the idea listed above Here are some additional ideas on engaging viewers with your interactive virtual tour.

E-brochures – More effective than a simple text-based message, a colorful e-brochure is an excellent way to attract viewers, compelling people to click through and learn more. If you have existing marketing lists, you should be sure that you talk to your RTV virtual tour provider about getting you an E-brochure of your virtual tour.  RTV’s powerful Fusion virtual tour software allows our providers to create for you a gorgeous E-brochure that is like an e-mailable version of your website.  And, best of all, it directs all uses right to your virtual tour.  Here’s an example of an E-brochure for a real estate virtual tour: you can send out an e-brochure announcing your virtual tour to any of your lists and they’re sure to impress! 

Real estate portals – For Realtors marketing virtual tours, a great place to start is popular real estate portals such as, Craigslist, YouTube, Trulia, Zillow, Frontdoor, Hot Pads, Dot Homes, and many more.  It’s a very wise idea to ask your RTV virtual tour provider about syndication. While this will typically cost a bit more, the traffic increase that you’ll see on your RTV weekly traffic reports will be well worth the extra money spent.  Here’s an RTV virtual tour traffic report:

Social media sharing – Posting a link to your virtual tour on your active social media pages, like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, is a good way to spread the word. While some RTV virtual tour providers will include this in their syndication as mentioned above, it’s still a good idea to open up your RTV virtual tour and click on the buttons on the right side to Facebook, Tweet, and Pinterest your tour to your sites too. This allows you to easily share the 360 tour with your friends and followers online.

Physical marketing – Don’t forget about advertising your virtual tour at your place of business! You can place signage, flyers, single property webiste, a Tiny Tour URL, and even QR codes in your store or office, so your existing customers can view your interactive virtual tour and of course share with their friends on social sites and more. By scanning a QR codes, they can view a mobile version on the spot. Finally, your RTV provider can also provide you with our new Kiosk tour that could run continually on LED or Plasma screen.  

RTV’s powerful Fusion virtual tour software includes so many digital marketing tools that let you automate marketing for your virtual tour, from the gorgeous printable flyers and E-Brochures to the syndication via Exposure Engine, which sends your tour information to dozens of popular real estate portals. Be sure you talk to your virtual tour provider and let them inform you with the many popular add-ons that go along so well with your interactive virtual tours. 

Have you seen our new Features?

Thanks for your continued support!

Team RTV
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For Agents: The Strange Thing I’ve Noticed About Real Estate Branding

While creating Aurora Virtual Tours in Ontario, I’ve been working very closely with Real Estate Professionals and have the opportunity to see different marketing techniques at work.
In Real Estate, it is common knowledge that creating a brand for yourself will help you distinguish yourself from the bzillions of other Real Estate professionals out there. You need to stand out, be memorable and be uniquely YOU!

Branding one’s business is a commitment and an investment (in time and money)…and also, a whole other blog topic. So, we’ll skip that part for now (sorry, I have a guest blogger currently working on a piece about that).

Once you’ve developed your brand, here are the two most important factors:

Getting Your Brand Out There – Exposing potential clients to your branding on a frequent basis  will help them remember your name when the time comes for them to choose their Agent. Utilizing different media platforms for your marketing will help you reach more people, more often.

Keeping Current & Consistent – While the homes you advertise will change, every piece of marketing material with your name on it must ‘match’. Same colour, same format, same fonts, same picture of your pretty face and so on. Not only does this consistency make you look like a polished professional, it helps potential clients recognize you – over and over again.

Strange thing I’ve noticed while watching the local Aurora, Ontario agents….

Almost ALL the agents that have made the commitment to branding their business have overlooked an absolutely HUGE opportunity to get their branding out there and show consistency.
That’s right, if you know me – you’ve guessed it….the Virtual Tour. Actually, I meant OUR Virtual Tour, as we have the only customizable Virtual Tour available on the market in Aurora, Ontario.

Every PanaPix Virtual Tour comes with branded and non-branded virtual tour links. The non-branded tour is MLS compliant and meant ONLY to be used on the MLS. It beautifully showcases the property anonymously, no agent details are allowed to be present anywhere on the 360 tour.

Our Branded Virtual Tour is a very powerful marketing tool that can be totally customized with your logo, tagline  and even your choice of background  colors. Your picture and information shows in many places within the virtual tour – on the loading screen, on the top right hand corner of the tour while the tour plays, in the Agent Information section on the Tools page, just to name a few….and we can even create a custom screens (like your website banner) that can show anywhere within the tour.

Matching your Virtual Tours to your current branding adds an additional level of consistency to your marketing – helping you build that repeated recognition in buyers and sellers alike.

Call us today at 905-713-9690 to discuss how our comprehensive Aurora, Ontario virtual tour system can help maximize your marketing efforts, giving you an extreme competitive advantage. Stand out from your competition…we do!

Here at PanaPix, we aim to be the very best in our field – never, ever wavering on our commitment to providing superior service, quality and dependability while we create your virtual tour!

Carolyn Noel, Owner
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Don’t just show it – Show it off!

My RTV Virtual Tour Convention Experience

A few moments after I signed with RTV virtual tour software to power my Caledon virtual tour company, I made a spontaneous decision to attend their 2nd annual RTV Conference that’s coming up in 2013 in Las Vegas.

Did I mention previously that one of the reasons why I signed on with RTV was the incredible support that they offer.  Aside from the fantastic virtual tour software and equipment, I was quite pleased with the fact that they had RTV providers world wide and an annual conference.

I booked my room at the Park Place Hotel in Traverse City a couple of days before the conference. With husband and kids in tow we were off on a road trip to Traverse City Michigan for the 2012 RTV Conference/ family road trip. Our trip wasn’t really off to a good start though; the weather conditions were less then perfect as we were headed right into a storm and our children started to ask the dreaded road trip questions, “Are we there yet?” and “How much longer will it take to get there?” only fifteen minutes after we had left.  It was going to be a super long drive! Finally we arrived and we survived the 10 + hours of driving.  We were very happy to get out of the confines of a minivan.

I was really excited but also a little nervous to attend the virtual tour conference.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I didn’t know anyone at the conference with the exception of Jason whom I spoke with via telephone and Ben whom I had contact with via email.

My mind was immediately put at ease when I was greeted by a very friendly woman by the name of Jacque, RTV’s National Accounts Manager. I eventually met Ben and the rest of the RTV team from Traverse City and numerous RTV providers and virtual tour providers from across the United States and a few Canadians.  There were many full service RTV providers whom had been with RTV for some time.  They offered tips and advice that would help me get established. The seminar topics were wonderful and the speakers were very knowledgeable.  The food provided was good and the company was great!

I am really glad that I decided to attend the RTV virtual tour conference because it was well organized, very informative and it was a lot of fun.  Not only was I made to feel very welcome, I got the feeling of being a part of something big as they launched their new Fusion virtual tour system.

I went home feeling extremely pumped and so motivated that the fact that I had a long drive ahead of me  with children, didn’t even phase me.

I’m looking forward to attending the 2013 RTV Conference in Las Vegas.

Carmen Joseph
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Just Start Running!

In 2006, the American College of Sports Medicine reported that 70% of first timers who sign up to run a marathon end up dropping out before the race begins.  Training for an endurance event is HARD.  Much harder than one might imagine so many people underestimate their level of commitment in getting ready to run 26.2 miles.  Many marathons also offer half marathon courses — there’s a big difference in running 13.1 miles and 26.2 miles though both are lofty accomplishments.  For this reason there is an option at the race expo for runners to switch from the marathon to the half-marathon. 

This is also how it happens in most businesses.  Professor Amar Bhide showed in his Origin and Evolution of New Business that 93% of all companies that ultimately become successful had to abandon their original strategy — because the original strategy proved not to be viable.  Note this statistic refers not to business that failed but to businesses which ultimately became successful.  I wrote recently about finding the right strategy for your business and referred to the fact that my greatest successes have come after my worst failures.

Professor Bhide points out that the key to those business that became successful after abandoning their original strategy is that they had the resources left to pursue a different path.  One great benefit to operating our virtual tour business using RTV technology is that the infrastructure and start up costs were the same after we switched our strategy to national healthcare virtual tours as they were when we thought our focus would be local real estate virtual tours.

The reason that we were able to continue our virtual tour business after the strategy switch was that we made the decision up front to earn while we learned…not wait to learn everything we needed to know THEN start doing business. It took a while for our virtual tour business to generate enough income to replace our other income but the income steadily grew as we put in the effort.

When we compare our older 360 tours to our current work, we have to laugh at how far we have come.  Far too often I see new virtual tour photographers spending months perfecting their technique prior to building their virtual tour business.  One benefit of the RTV virtual tour software technology is that it works no matter what your experience level is.  Sure, our tours have gotten MUCH better as we gained more experience but that is not because of changes in the virtual tour technology as much as it is due to the fact that we are better after a thousand tours than we were after a few.  We didn’t present ourselves as experts in the beginning — instead we charged lower prices, bartered and did pro bono work to build our portfolio.  It was through these tours that our big break came and our current strategy was launched.

My advice is to start running…whether it’s your business or a race.  Start running and decide later exactly which race you are training for.  Stop worrying about the finish line — just start running!

The best part is that RTV will send you apartment photography jobs too!  It is amazing! Thanks RTV

Another Smooth Virtual Tour Company Start up

My name is Kim Harrison.  I live in CA and I had discovered RTV online back in April before the new Fusion virtual tour system was officially released. I’m sure like many of you too out there sitting on the fence, I did not think I could build a success virtual tour business by myself.  There were so many options out there.  One shot lens technology, straight video tours, still image only tours with a pan and scan.  There were companies that were hosting only and looked to offer little to no support on the start up. There were companies that just sold software and you were completely on your own. Then there was RTV. Ahhhh…so refreshing. Finally a company that could work with you at any level of expertise, gave you the “Straight Talk” and helped get you going. The sales team was very gracious with their time and wished me well, no pressure. 

A few months later I met a young man, a website builder whom I contacted with some issues I was having with my sites.  One thing led to another, and we have become business partners.

One of the first things Dexter did was to caution me on my spending habits, in the sense that I wanted the best tools to grow our business, (marketing.)  One day I said, “Dexter, check out this virtual tour company.”  It was the RTV website and Fusion was live…and AMAZING!

Dexter was quiet, staring at the screen for a few minutes, flipping through the pages.  All he said was “We need this…NOW!”

I am telling you, we were pretty jazzed to see our virtual tour equipment arrive, especially the camera.  The people at the other end really walked us through the process.  Ben got the virtual tour software set up on my PC over the phone, then we were scheduled for our over the phone training.  In the meantime We did a ‘360 virtual tour’ of my living room.  The virtual tour looked better than my room does in person!  We were hooked.

Next was our training session. It was fun and our personal trainer made sure we weren’t going to mess up our work.  Cool.  And he worked with us late, on a Friday no less!! Seriously. WOW!

Before we knew it we received a phone call from Jacque in the RTV Tour Track department.  Apparently we had already ‘passed’ the Tour Track qualifications and we received our first virtual tour dispatch with a $250 payout! RTV said they would send us virtual tour jobs but they also told us not to expect them or count on them but here it was. Another WOW moment. 

Dexter did the photos, and I was ready to work on the virtual tour with him, figuring between us we would know what to do.  As luck would have it, Dexter had a family emergency.  After meeting an obstacle (which turned out to not be a big deal) and was quickly resolved by a phone call, I uploaded my first virtual tour all by myself.

I also want to say that I called in after hours (the 3 hour time difference), but even the operator knew how to help me!  Ok, so I can’t stop saying great things about this company. 

After we finished our Tour Track job RTV sent an email to us with congrats and a little note that they would certainly be using us on more of the jobs they get from their national accounts.  They said they had 35 when we signed up back then and I’m guessing have more now. 

There just has not been a bad experience with this virtual tour company; just the opposite.  Maybe I am a little biased, being from the Midwest myself, but I don’t think that’s it. RTV is simply a great company all around and if you have looked around the web at virtual tours, it’s pretty obvious that your search ends with RTV. TONS of features backed by great service, amazing startup team, marketing, leads, and the list goes on. Thanks RTV and best wishes to all of you.  Our website is next!


Kim Harrison and Dexter Salazar
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