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I’ve had many businesses in my life time, but none that I’ve enjoyed more than making Virtual Tours, and what makes it more enjoyable is working with a GREAT company that is on top of everything. Their staff is always there when you need them with the best customer service you can find. Knowing that if you have an issue or a problem they will take the time to help you solve it quickly is very reassuring.

We are like a big family in Real Tour Vision. Virtual tour providers from all over the world are in constant communication with each other through the inside Real Tour Vision provider forum and inside there we share tips and tricks of the trade with each other to make sure we knock out the competition and stay ahead in the race. It’s just great!!

I believe this person in Indiana was very happy with what I said to him and very soon we will see him showing us his 360 virtual tours and leadership within our great network.

Thank You

Claudia Jaramillo
Perfect ImagesTreasure Coast Virtual Tours

CirclePix Virtual Tour VS The B

Okay, so I’m sure some of you in major markets have had the question, “So how do you compare to CirclePix virtual tours?” Well, price IS certainly a factor, but take a look at this example and price suddenly no longer becomes part of the conversation.

What do I mean? Well, recently BakerB Solutions had a “summer shutdown” to let all of our people have a vacation. One of our clients hired CirclePix virtual tour photographer during this time. Upon the completion of shutdown, we received an order from them with the following in the comments section of the order: “VT done by CirclePix during shutdown – CirclePix Virtual Tour is no good! MUST HAVE it replaced with BakerB VT ASAP!”

After completing the “redo” of this property I discovered that, while the property is certainly a challenge to do a premium tour, the CirclePix tour lacked some basic elements of a good 360 tour (regardless of the subject). Here are just a few examples of what I found:

1) The broker’s name was not spelled correctly, they called it “Llewellyn Real Estate” when it is actually “Llewellyn Realtors”

2) The street name was spelled as “Briar Wood Terrace” when the actual street is “Briarwood Terrace”

3) The front shot highlights the dead tree stump in the front yard. It is fairly unavoidable, but look at the BakerB/RTV tour and you will see how the interface allows us to “crop” that portion of the image out.

4) Just take a look at the bathroom shots in the CirclePix virtual tour. Is that what you would expect after paying $120?

For more examples, do a side by side comparison for yourself, and you will see why our client demanded our virtual tour replace the the CirclePix tour.

**Note: Please note that while our tour was done on an overcast day after some rainfall (per the agent’s urgent request), we were still able to get “light” into the rooms by overexposing some shots. The CirclePix tour was done late in the day/early evening.

See the Baker B Virtual Tour Powered by Real Tour Vision HERE

See the CirclePix Virtual Tour HERE


Alex Saenger
BakerB Solutions
Interactive Virtual Tours
& Marketing Specialists

Ready Set Tour

After my official “go live” date of 1 September 07, I will be using the Pay Per Click Advertising service offered through Rock Pointe Marketing to further improve my site’s visibility. And, of course, I will continue to contribute to this blog, which is having some amazing results so far! My goal is to have a Page Rank of at least a “3” and be on the first page of Google’s results inside of six months. Locally, I want to be THE go-to website for real estate listings and virtual tours in Oklahoma. As one of only two RTV Full Service providers in the entire state, ( and nearly no other competition) I think I’ve got a pretty good shot!

Simple Solutions for Today’s Online Marketers

I am brand new to the virtual tour software. I am a Realtor, and had six new listings to do virtual tours on. After looking at the cost involved to pay someone else to do my virtual tour, I would be better off purchasing the software myself to do my own since I have enough free time to do my own. At first I was a little hesitant as to if I would be successful. My concern was soon gone when I went through the training session on using Real Tour Vision virtual tour software. They were able to walk me through the 360 tour software, giving me the confidence I could do this.

Virtual tours are becoming necessary with today’s market. We as Realtor’s are becoming not only Realtors, but also a marketing agent. With a lot of buyer’s relocating across this great country, with the use of virtual tours, families are able to see and make decisions about the biggest event in their life, with less stress and more confidence.

One of my clients was being transferred from Toronto, Canada. He would bring his video camera to record the homes we went through to show his family upon his return home. Well needless to say, the videos were very hard to show a true picture. The homes with virtual tours were much more true pictures. The home that was finally decided to purchase was the home I had listed with a 360 virtual tour.

Thank you Real Tour Vision for being there for agents in needed of a usable product. I look forward to the future updates and the magic of the virtual tours in the future.

Dan Hammar
Remerica Country Homes
Detroit Area Realtor

The POWER of the Virtual Tour

This Blog is for Real Estate Agents who want to have the POWER of the Virtual Tour in their corner. [say the word POWER like Darth Vader].

What slump in Michigan? Mom [Carol Gillentine] and I are experiencing a huge upswing in sales here in SE Michigan. Why? Buyers are saying it’s because of our 360 Virtual Tours.

We had a Buyer of a home on Brittany St in Canton tell us she had never seen a more complimentary Virtual Tour. Why? Because WE had the power to go back 2 times to re-shoot 3 rooms [the Dining Room, the Living Room, and the Kitchen]. We had the POWER to get it right.

I’m not saying that any of our esteemed VT Vendors would not re-shoot a few rooms if asked.

But when a Real Estate Agent has the camera, the Stick, and the Base in her hands, then that Agent has the POWER to do it herself. I readily encourage Real Estate Agents to create and take the pictures for their own Virtual Tours.

Gena Giannuzzi
Real Estate Professional
Keller Williams Realty – Plymouth