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Selling New Construction Virtual Tours

I am a Realtor in the Orlando Florida area and work with buyers and seller. I use the RTV’s Fusion virtual tour software on all my listings if possible and find them extremely valuable when it comes to incurring showings.

I know of a number of occasions where a potential buyer called his agent after viewing the virtual tour of my listing so that they could arrange for a showing. These days agents have lost somewhat of a control which listings are getting on the showing list. Thanks to and other IDX listing sites buyers have access to listings and virtual tours. Good virtual tours like RTV’s Fusion virtual tours get you definitely more showings and increased exposure in the market place. However, make sure the house is cleaned and tidy and shows nice for the full benefit.

I sold recently a new construction home in a vacation resort community to an European couple. They told me that they have a few friends that might be interested in something similar. I went to the builders model home and did a virtual tour of the two models. I posted a link on my website and sent the link to those tours to our client. Within 8 weeks I now have another vacation home under contract. They bought it sight unseen. The virtual tour and their friend testimonial was enough to make the deal. It really helps to convey a sense of space. I gave the builders rep the link to the non branded virtual tour so they also can use it to send it to their interested buyers. It really helped me to build a good relationship with the sales staff.

I am now considering adding more 360 tours of new construction models to my website. It will help me to capture more of the second home business in the Central Florida Region. RTV is the right partner to develop a powerful virtual tour representation that is much more than the usual boring slide shows that other companies try to sell as virtual tours. I am glad that I signed up with RTV! They truly help me to become a better marketing expert. Thanks guys – keep up the good work!

Malte Strauss
Southern Realty Enterprises, Inc.
Broker Realtor

Panoramas, PTGui, my 8mm Sigma Fisheye Lens

I ordered the FusionMax XS as part of my virtual tour software package since I think that 360×360 degree virtual tours are a great tool to have when you need them.  Expensive chandeliers, crown moulding, skylights and vaulted ceilings should be showcased in an Interactive Virtual Tour. 

Getting set up with the Fusion Max XS was fairly simple. The training provided by RTV was solid and thorough. (A little too thorough Ben) I wanted to share a couple of things I learned along the way in hopes that you guys might avoid some of the tough lessons I learned!

Make sure all your nuts and bolts are really tight!  Halfway through a 360 tour when you realize that your XS has been shifting on the camera plate each rotation or one of the arms has shifted an inch and your Nodal Point is WAY off and suddenly your photo stitching software isn’t happy with you!

One of my 12 shots was blurry and PTGui is calling it an orphan??  I spent the better part of an hour setting points, editing the panoramic image in Photoshop.  Yuck!  Finally I tried deleting the blurry image all together! Wahoo, 11 photos and PTGui produced for me an ‘Almost’ perfect image. Again…you must make sure you’re on your nodal point and keep the settings that RTV gives you to avoid this from happening.

I love my Sigma 8MM!!!  With my Sigma 8MM I could probably use 6 images and still have a great pano! My T4i has a built in HDR setting.  While I bracket all of my stills and edit them separately, I couldn’t get over having to edit 12 HDR photos for one panoramic image.  Voila… Kinda.  It works great outside in the daylight, but inside it is pretty inconsistent.  So I’ll be using my HDR feature for Panos outside but bracketing inside from now on.

Did I miss the part in the training videos on how to remove the elongated distortion from panos?  I know it’s possible!  I keep watching RTV provider tours with flawless panos and NO DISTORTION!  I tried calling one of em’.. as per my last post.. but failed to reach them.  I was desperate to figure out how to fix my disgusting distorted panos!  Finally!!.. It’s so Simple.. In the ‘Pano editor’ while creating the tour, zoom in on the image… That’s it!  That was easy. Geesh, 20 Gray Hairs Later!

Mike Seiler
Tour Tank Productions
Owen Sound Virtual Tours
Order a Virtual Tour: 519-375-6585

Every Business Has a Busy Season!

Port Aransas Virtual Tour CompanyEvery business has a busy season. For retailers it’s the holiday season, for car companies it’s the new year’s model, and for us it’s right now! This is the season when our rental clients have a narrow band of time for us to photograph rental properties that have been updated or new to the rental pool, and our realtor clients are bringing more properties online for sale. It’s also a time of less than predictable weather so we end up rescheduling filming of weather sensitive properties in some cases multiple times. This week alone we re-scheduled 18 virtual tours of properties because of weather.

Please give us as long a runway as possible when making your appointments. If you know a property will be ready four weeks from now, give us a call now and schedule it in advance. If you are not very concerned about weather for a particular property please let us know that when you schedule your appointment as we can often times move you up on the schedule if a cloud is coming into the picture at another location.

We schedule our appointments very close together during this busy season and you can help us stay on schedule. If possible please have the home ready before we arrive. The home being ready is having the pets removed from the residence, pet dropping removed from the yard, lights turned on and ceiling fans turned off and drapes opened the way you want them to look in the photos. Personal belongings should be out of sight and clutter should be put in closets, garage or storage. If the owner is in residence they may meet the photographer on-site but please tell them that they need to leave after a brief walk through.

Each year we have scheduling challenges during this time period and we get through it within a couple of weeks and then scheduling returns to normal. Please know that we are doing everything we can to schedule your photos and tours as soon as possible. Now if we could just control the weather…..

We appreciate you choosing us as your digital marketing partner.

Alan Fon
Local – (361) 749-0901

Fusion Slim – The Lighter & Leaner Virtual Tour

RTV is very proud to announce the launch of our brand-new virtual tour
player, Fusion Slim. Designed specifically for users who prefer a very
simple interface, Fusion Slim offers just the essential basics, without
all the bells and whistles of our regular Fusion player.

loads much faster than the full Fusion, plays panoramas, still images
and video in high definition, and supports our interactive floor plans,
hot spots, voice over narrations, and affiliate banner ads.

We invite you to explore some samples of Fusion Slim virtual tours:

As an RTV virtual tour provider, you can add Fusion Slim to any new or existing virtual tours. Simply activate the feature in the “buttons” menu when editing the tour.

Fusion Slim has a very easy, intuitive navigation pane on the lower left side of the viewer window, as well as a room scene indicator at the upper right. Best of all, if a user wants to see all the bells and whistles, they can instantly switch back and forth between Fusion Slim and our full Fusion player.

We’re excited about this amazing new technology. With the introduction of Fusion Slim, the RTV virtual tour software system has surpassed the competition even further.

Log in to your RTV Virtual Tour Manager and give Fusion Slim a test drive today!  Don’t have your Fusion account setup yet?  Get one now before this passes you by:

Enjoy the new virtual tour technology RTV!


Team RTV

RTV, Inc
Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training
Order a Virtual Tour: 866-947-8687

The Trouble with YouTube

As more and more people are realizing the need to showcase their businesses with 360 tours, we have started seeing lots of YouTube videos on websites.  YouTube is a great option for showing sneezing pandas and little British boys biting their brother’s fingers but maybe it should not be the first choice for showcasing your business in a professional manner.

Today I was watching a video introduction for a drug and alcohol recovery program.  The video was posted to YouTube so when I was finished watching the video, I was given an array of other choices of videos to watch.  This particular program has 6 videos so those were some of the 12 other suggestions that YouTube offered me…

The other six however included a video for a medication for premature ejaculation, a video titled “Tall Brazilian girl finds love”, and one called “the Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation” which apparently is very popular as it has 72 Million views (well 72 Million and One now because of course I watched it)!!  The video I went to YouTube to watch only had 182 views so clearly Ultimate Girl’s Fail garnered more attention than the drug and alcohol treatment program.

As a national healthcare photography provider, we photograph virtual tours for behavioral health programs and residential treatment centers all over the country and we know that prospective clients and their families want to see the facilities where they will be spending their time and money.  I was in admissions for a behavioral health program and one of the first virtual tours we did was of the campus where I worked so I know from experience the power of a multimedia presentation in explaining the program and showing the campus to families.

But I also know that not all “virtual tours” are created equally.  Our healthcare virtual tours are created using a combination of 360º panoramas, still images and video clips to provide a one click overview of the program.  We photograph everything using high definition wide angle images to capture the images a program needs to tell their story but because we specialize in healthcare virtual tours, we know how to do so without disturbing the therapeutic milieu. 

A YouTube video is a great addition to an interactive virtual tour — in fact we often create a YouTube video of our virtual tours as a supplement — but it’s our opinion that YouTube isn’t necessarily the best choice as a stand alone option.