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Virtual Tour Opportunities are Everywhere

Don’t let real estate agents be your only source for virtual tour leads. The sky is the limit!

Airports, restaurants, parks, golf courses, resorts, stadiums, theme parks, shopping centers, marinas, boats, government facilities, motor homes, and bed-and-breakfasts are all virtual tour possibilities.

With more and more people and business having websites, I think ‘VIRTUAL TOURS’ everywhere I go.

Today I went with a friend to Cornwell’s Turkeyville, USA located in Marshall Michigan. This is a local antiques and flea market known for their outdoor fun, community theater dinners, seasonal festivals and of course great food (specializing in turkey everything). A fantastic Saturday afternoon spent enjoying the sun and fun. Like many of my travels this was also an opportunity to let our community know about RTV and the virtual tours we provide.

Not only did I drop off a Power Play Multi-Media Productions card and a PowerPoint presentation on cd to Cornwell’s, but one of the vendors present happened to be a construction company specializing in home remodeling. Plus the other independent vendors present were also interested in learning about just how a virtual tour could help promote their business.

On the way home from shopping the other day, there was our skating rink, another opportunity. The hotel across the street, a new restaurant in town next door, fun parks opening up for the summer, everywhere businesses just waiting for me to stop by.

You can be assured that Spring is here in Hillsdale County and is out and about finding ways to promote 360 tours and RTV everywhere we go.

Sandra M. Gibson
Power Play Multi-Media Productions
South Central Michigan RTV Virtual Tour Provider

Dear team RTV,

I wanted to share with you how fantastic your team has been to me, I finally got my Virtual Tour Training completed and I have been working to get up and running. As you know, I bought my package over 2 years ago and because of my mother passing away I wasn’t able to train or even launch my virtual tour company in a timely manner. But last week I finally completed my training.

Ben has been a great asset and quick to respond as if I am the only person in the world. He is a true customer is #1 type employee. The other person was the gentleman that trained me , he understood every detail of the process and set the pace of the training to my needs , didn’t treat me like some noobie when he saw that I had some computer skills.

By the end of the conference call , I felt like I completely understood the process and he left no stone unturned . RTV is truly a leader in the marketing of anything related to housing, businesses or anything else that you can imagine.

You have a fantastic core team so far in every person I have had the pleasure of working with to date . I also do commercial real estate in the valley and will be adding this to the many marketing services that I provide for my clients.

Joe Plante

Groovygeeks – Virtual Tours
Dapper Development
Las Vegas Virtual Tours

Learn the Power of Interactive Media

Since e-toursonline Interactive Media Solutions started making 360 virtual tours with Real Tour Vision software, I have realized how addicted I have become to interactive media and how powerful it is on your senses when searching for a product or service. When you search the competition to see what they are using and, in most cases, what they are not using, it is real easy to come to the conclusion that most of these “other guys” are missing the real point of what consumers need. Interaction!

Powerful forms of rich media content will retain your visitors much longer, thus giving them the ability to retain more of the presentation put in front of them. Essentially what this amounts to is that a visitor that experiences an impressive presentation with lots of interaction is more likely to recall your products and services over all the other competition.

Through the power of Real Tour Vision, e-toursonline Interactive Media Solutions, a virtual tour company in Sarasota, Florida, is able to provide its clients with the most comprehensive interactive media solutions available. Our 360 virtual tours are packed with more interaction than any other virtual tour product on the market. By combining several types of technologies, e-toursonline Interactive Media Solutions is able to capture the senses of our client’s visitors the second they click on our 360 virtual tours. If you are still stuck on stills and simple forms of media, you are missing the technology boat.

Marketing your products and services on the internet is not an easy task. But e-toursonline Interactive Media Solutions has made it simple. You can choose from a variety of high quality products and services without burning a whole in your pocket book. Some of the great products that we offer are 360 virtual tours, virtual tour audio solutions, interactive 2D/3D floor plans, PanoRider sign hangers, single property websites and interactive business card CD-Rom.

When it comes to marketing your business online, keep in mind that not everyone has the consumer in mind. As leaders in 360 virtual tour technology, Real Tour Vision has allowed e-toursonline Interactive Media Solutions to utilize the best technologies at a fraction of traditional marketing. In turn, we are putting more punch in their online campaigns without the worries of spending thousands on fruitless efforts.

Lance Ziegler
e-toursonline Interactive Media Solutions
Bradenton Interactive Media Company
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Finding LaVa – The Jim Blue Story

It had been 5 months since I had closed my photo store Blue Photo. After 32 years of faithful service and being in business for over 80 years in my family it was time. I closed down the shop and spent a wonderful summer being a family man and spending time with the two children remaining at home. We camped, hiked and shot lots of photos. I also spent the summer trying to keep up with the domestic duties but according to my wife Pam I was not doing the best job. As the summer came to a close I was getting a little restless and decided that it was time to figure out what I would be doing in my second life. Pam assured me I would not make a good chef and also not to consider trying out for Dancing with the Stars. Yes indeed it was really time to look elsewhere.

As I sat at the computer late one evening cruising around on my new favorite website,, I saw an ad to become a virtual tour photographer to operate what seemed to be a virtual tour franchise of some sorts. The details of the job seemed to be right up my alley since I am well versed in running a business and have over 35 years of professional photography experience.

The virtual tour company that placed the ad was an out-of-town company looking to establish virtual tours in Traverse City. I nodded to myself, filled out the online application, clicked submit and retired to bed. Just before I nodded off that evening I felt excitement at the thought of embracing the next generation of photography.

The next day I awoke and it dawned on me that I would have to call my long time friend Jason LaVanture and see what was going on with his company Real Tour Vision. Jason and I had been friends and had a business relationship for almost 9 years. I still remember the very first day that he and his business partner came into my store to test out cameras. It was then that they told me they were looking to support local business by finding one good supplier for all their hardware needs. They said they were starting up what would be one day a worldwide virtual tour company.

I showed them my lineup of cameras, let them take a few for a test drive and they ended up making a purchase a day or two later. I don’t recall if I ever expected much to come out of it but what I do remember is the energy and excitement those two had in my shop that day. That’s something you just can’t forget.

About a year from that very day, Blue Photo of Traverse City was selling more cameras, tripods, leveler heads and accessories to Real Tour Vision than I had ever imagined. In fact, I’ll never forget the day my Bogen rep called me and said, “Jim, congratulations are in order to you. You’re the number one reseller in the entire nation for the Bogen 329 RC 4 two-way leveler head! What the heck is going on up there? You know you’re pushing out 40-60 of these each month?” I chuckled and told him to send me a 329 RC 4 shirt so I could give it to Jason sometime.

Anyway, I called up Jason to find out how things were going in the virtual tour industry overall. I really didn’t know much about their business model other than they sold virtual tour software to real estate agents to do 360 home tours. I had no idea that Real Tour Vision sold virtual tour software to entrepreneurs looking to startup a virtual tour business!

When I explained to Jason that I saw an ad in the paper and was considering starting up a virtual tour company he instantly said to me, “Did you see my ad in the paper Jim? Are you putting me on here?” Apparently at that exact time Jason was setting up shop to take over the local virtual tour business in Traverse City. The previous Traverse City Real Tour Vision provider had become accepted an opportunity of a lifetime and got her real estate license to partner up with another local real estate agent. The Traverse City virtual tour market was wide open.

When Jason finally realized that I was being straight with him and was not referring to his ad in the paper he quickly invited me over the a local pub for a burger and a beer so he could explain the Real Tour Vision model in more detail to me and what his plans were for his local providership. Within minutes of sitting down we both knew that some greater power was at work here. Something had brought us together at that very right time. In fact, Jason told me that night over dinner that he was making an offer to another person the very next day! Neither of us could believe the timing, it seemed to work out so perfectly. Not to mention the fact that Jason liked my last name, Blue, when added to LaVa and he instantly put a full halt on moving forward with his current name TheLaVaWorks.

Over one dinner BlueLaVaMedia was formed and plans were swept into action. To date I must say that I could not be associated with a more knowledgeable or skillful individual in the field. With Jason’s virtual tour expertise and my photography experience, we make an unstoppable team. Oh yeah, I did hear from that other virtual tour company about a month later. I told them that they should take their cameras and so called “opportunity” and just go home; there’s a new show in town.

Jim Blue
Virtual Tour Coordinator / Manager
Traverse City Virtual Tours
Order Virtual Tours : 877-941-TOUR

Virtual Tours Outside the Real Estate Box

Restaurant virtual tour prospects are becoming very competitive right now. My Philadelphia virtual tour company has a plan that works like a charm.

Offer a restaurant a free virtual tour shoot. Do one or two 360 panoramas and about 5 stills. Put it together on a practice virtual tour and go back to show them by logging into your account on your own laptop if possible. Make sure you deal directly with the owner. Show them the nearest competitors’ websites that have 360 virtual tours. Tell the owner the other places that have accepted your promotion, and demonstrate your virtual tour.

Go UPSCALE ONLY! Play up to their egos. These people seem like they are all buddies, and they often may be in some association together, but the fact is they are very competitive and will do anything to be better than their counterparts.

Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, Banquet Halls and Art Galleries are all great opportunities too. All of the above are constantly remodeling, you know what that means, new virtual tours every year or two! Show them some of the RTV sample tours and get an idea of what they want. Stills of prepared meals, tables full of happy patrons. Let them feel as though they are helping to form a work of art, because they are. Then when all is complete compliment them on their input. “This was the layout you designed here, it looks fabulous!”.

Take your time (take a few weeks to bring back their tour, and make it good.). Dress to impress, do quality work, and be professional and you can charge big!

Michael R Scanlon
Philadelphia Virtual Tour Company
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