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Oak Harbor Washington Virtual Tours – T4 Status Achieved

RTV’s latest T4 certified professional photographer comes to us from Oak Harbor Washington.  On an island, but willing and able to travel, Al Everett who goes by Tre owns and operates Intrepid Media.  This Oak Harbor, WA virtual tour company services all of North West Washington and more!!

They deliver only the very best 360 virtual tours, portrait photography, HD still images as well as many powerful marketing tools for real estate professionals and local business owners.  Also available are self service solutions for brokerages that elect to make the switch over to Intrepid Media’s powerful DIY service and still reserve the option to have Intrepid Media service those special listings that need a professional touch.

Tre says, “All of our services, and tools are elegantly designed so you look your best, drive more traffic, and increase sales while spending less. Through our network of service providers, we are also able to offer virtual tour services anywhere in the United States and Canada! Our virtual tour technology is not limited to real estate virtual tours. We can customize the look and feel of our 360 tours to create a professional grade virtual tour of any type of property and business.”

Intrepid Media’s powerful virtual tour exposure engine is currently something that no other virtual tour company in Island County, Skagit County, Whatcom County, or Snohomish County offers. They are able to distribute real estate virtual tour listings to over 100 portal sites world wide.

If you are a real estate agent or a business owner in the Oak Harbor or Washington state area, we encourage you to reach out to Intrepid Media so you can quickly see how easy it is to make your website receive more traffic.  Contact Al today!

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Al “Tre” Everett
Intrepid Media
Oak Harbor, Washington Virtual Tours
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Of course a virtual tour!

Remember when you called a business for information and asked them if they had a website?  It really wasn’t that long ago that the answer could be yes or no.  Remember when a one page website with basic contact details was an acceptable option for a business to share their information with their customers?  Again, it really wasn’t that long ago but oh how quickly things have changed.  Now businesses have Twitter, Facebook and Linked In accounts and a well designed and easy to use website is almost as crucial and expected as a working phone number.  The question is no longer “Do you have a website?” because the website is an Of Course item in any  marketing budget.

The same progression is happening with virtual tours.  At our hotel photography company, about 90% of our business is commercial virtual tours for businesses.  Consumers have gotten spoiled and want to see a place of business before they decide to visit.  Residential real estate virtual tours and hospitality virtual tours very quickly became the norm and that trend is continuing to other businesses.  Many of us can no longer imagine booking a vacation without watching virtual tours!

As the economy has tightened, many people are becoming more cognizant of where they are spending their money.  Dinner at a nice restaurant is a luxury these days so consumers want to plan ahead.  We have a date night this weekend and I have already been on the restaurant’s website to check out the menu and plan my meal (by the way I’ve decided on the prime rib!)  We photographed the restaurant’s virtual tour so we already know what to expect from that aspect but this will be the first time we’ve eaten there.  This restaurant virtual tour gets tons of hits on their website of people looking at the tour so I know that I am not alone in my desire to see before I spend.

As the digital age continues to evolve faster than the economy is growing, businesses are having to carefully decide  to spend their marketing dollars and a virtual tour is quickly becoming an “Of Course” item as in “We need a website, good SEO, a Facebook page…and of course, a virtual tour.”

Scheduled TMS Manager Maintenance & Up and Coming Updates

Hello everyone and good afternoon to you. I wanted to drop by here today and let you know that we’ll be working very hard Thursday evening on several updates  to the RTV virtual tour manager system (NOT OUR TOUR SERVERS).  We’ll be taking our manager offline on Thursday, August 2nd at 9:00 PM Eastern.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may case you but it’s in preparation for many enhancements over the next several weeks.

Virtual Tour Software Updates:
We’re working hard on finishing up virtual tour syndication and distribution for virtual tours in both the USA and Canada. If you missed our Syndication video you can watch that in our Facebook group. Over the last week we’ve been continually working on perfecting our image detection system allowing you to save more and more time during your build process. Secondly, I’m sure that all of you have noticed how FAST and ZIPPY the TMS has been since our last update.  We have even more improvements to make in this area as well and you’re going to love where we take things as we move through August. You’ll see many improvements in the days to come on our Printable Flyer Engine.  The Flyers are going to be stellar and your customers will love how beautifully they print.  We’ll also be launching our EasyMLS  feature for USA and Canada which will save everyone time during the build process. Get ready for a wonderful month at RTV and all of us look forward to seeing you on our next show.

Yours Sincerely,

Jason LaVanture
Awesome Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training

Waiting Is The Hardest Part

I had a boss once whose least favorite word was “potential”.  As a salesperson working for him, I never understood his violent aversion to the word but if you wanted to see him bristle, all you needed to do was tell him about all your potential business.

Our hotel photography business is currently in negotiations for so much potential virtual tour business that it makes my head spin.  We have bids in negotiation for several huge 360 tour contracts that are right in our sweet spot and we’ve been told “Yes” by several businesses that are even now working out the logistics.  Webster defines potential as “existing in possibility; capable of development into actuality.”  Because I am an optimistic person, I look at opportunities that exist in possibility and calculate all the potential income.  The problem with this is that you can’t spend potential!

It’s frustrating and also presents a bit of a conundrum.  Our virtual tour business, like any small business, relies on a consistent and steady stream of new opportunities to stay afloat.  The conundrum is how to schedule current business in light of future potential.  For example, we had a hospital chain reschedule 12 healthcare virtual tours because they found out that they are having HUD inspectors come in for two weeks.  The challenge is that one of the other potential national virtual tour jobs that we are waiting on (the biggest of them all) told us that they would be ready to start about that same time frame as the hospital virtual tours wanted to reschedule.

Of course, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush but juggling potential business is much harder than juggling actual virtual tour business.  We frequently get ourselves overbooked with our virtual tour business and end up working frantically to fit everything in.  But it’s harder making decisions regarding potential business — that business that is capable of developing into actuality also presents the possibility that none of it will actually develop.

While it is exciting to look at the horizon and see all the potential, it is vitally important to not stop business development efforts when things look promising.  We have learned that until the virtual tour is photographed AND the check is actually cashed — all business is potential business. 


Inventory Your Home Using Virtual Tours

Last fall we had a house fire at your Nova Scotia virtual tour providers home. We are happy to report that we are back home, settled and looking forward to the RTV convention.  OMG has RTV been rocking it with Fusion or WHAT!

I’ve procrastinated filling out the reams and reams of paperwork for the insurance company. It’s been on my “to do” list since January. I need to itemize everything that was lost in the fire and put an approximate replacement value. It’s a lot of work.

Lucky for me I had a virtual tour of my home on file. Why? Because you forget. Forget about the china elephant figurine your great aunt bought you. The hand carved book ends, the size and artist of the painting that hung over the sofa.

So, it got me to thinking…. ALL of my friends/family should have a virtual tour of their home for the purpose of inventorying their precious belongings. Special items could have still photos, artist info etc., could be posted in the comments.

You only have to forget one thing to make that virtual tour pay for itself.

So do your family and friends a favor and tell them my story. Although you can never get those precious belongings back, or put a “replacement cost” on them, you should be compensated by your insurance company. If you don’t  remember to put it on the list, you don’t get compensated.

We were lucky that most of our precious belongings including photographs were not lost. Imagine if they were? Your online digital virtual tour is safe/secure and never goes away. It could possibly be the last link to your precious memories. Do it for yourself today.

See you at the RTV Virtual Tour Convention!

Nancy Bain

Nancy Bain
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