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Keep Your Customers Loyal by Making It Fun!

What makes your virtual tour consumers love your Web site and stay loyal to your product and brand? The answer is simple! Research shows that customers have a more upbeat attitude toward a site when their online experience is engaging and enjoyable. Enjoyment is a top reason as to why consumers browse on the web in the first place!

When they become engrossed in your site, customers need to view being on it as fun rather than work. If their experience feels like play, they return for more—making them more loyal to the site, your virtual tour company and the services it sells.

What creates this captivation? You gain loyalty when:

•    The site impresses customers. Customers don’t want to be bored. They want their experience to be an enjoyable escape rather than a burden.

•    Customers have the ability to interact directly with the content on your site. Customers need to be entertained and enthralled by a form of media to stay focused and bond with your 360 tour company

•    Customers feel they have control over the search. If the navigation is too complicated for the average user to master, they won’t return to the site. If customers can’t follow the site navigation, they will lose interest in their search and, perhaps, your company and its products.  Make your company’s Web site more appealing by adding sharp visuals created by the RTV Marketing Team.

Customers prefer one website over another because it is more visually pleasing. When the client has an emotional bond with a certain product, they will rationalize spending more money on it and downplay its negative points. Start carving out a little time each week and work on your marketing materials and customizing your website.  Get marketing materials now by logging into your site

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