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Platinum Real Estate Photography

Port Aransas Virtual Tour CompanyWe all know that most home buyers today use the Internet to find the home of their dreams or at a minimum to find several homes that they think will fit their needs. If a home has poor photos online, chances are that the home buyer will just go on to the next property and not wade through poor photos. This is true also for those who rent and especially true for those who rent vacation homes.

At Virtual Digital Images we have always taken great pride in our ability to show a property in its best light by focusing on taking great photos. To help you continue to stand out on the Internet from your competition we introduced our Platinum level photography.

Our Platinum real estate photography uses the latest computer assisted photographic techniques using nine photo layers to combine into one outstanding photo. We recently photographed an apartment complex and took some photos using both our standard photography and our Platinum Photography to show you some of the differences between the two processes.

Platinum photos really help photos pop and grab attention when viewed on the Internet. Even outdoor scenes such as this pool area can really be highlighted through Platinum. Platinum photos really shine when you want to capture both the richness of the interior and the gorgeous out the window view.
So if you would like the advantage of our best 360 home tours and photography just ask for Platinum when making your property photo session appointment.

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Tips for photographing virtual tours of real estate property interiors:

When photographing your real estate property for a virtual tour, you want to present your best face. You make sure everything is clean and neat, and pay attention to the details that will show in your photos—so why do your images still look less than amazing?

The fact is, you don’t need truckloads of professional equipment or years of practice to take great interior shots of your property. Follow these tips for cleaner, more attractive photos that showcase the best of your offerings.

Equipment checklist
The list of equipment you need for excellent photos is fairly short: a digital camera and a tripod. The tripod doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy—you just need one that prevents the slight movement of your hands as you press the shutter, to prevent any distortion of the resulting image. As for the camera, you’ll need one with a flash, and a non-distorting lens. Wide angle cameras work well for photographing real estate interiors, but make sure it’s not too wide, unless you’re prepared to do some straightening in a photo editing program.

Let there be light
Before you start photographing, turn on every light in the house. Light adds more depth and color variance to your images, automatically enhancing the appeal of the photos. However, you’ll have to check each room to find any light that shows up as a reflection in pictures, windows, or mirrors, and either redirect them or turn them off.

Bright, direct sun through a window can ruin your shot, so take photos for your 360 tours at a time of day when the light is lower or higher than the windows. The best days for interior photography are overcast—so when the skies are cloudy, take advantage of the ideal conditions.

Positioning your shots
When choosing shots, keep in mind that you can’t fit an entire room in a single photo. Of course, with your virtual tour, you’ll be able to assemble a panoramic view from multiple photos—so stick to shooting one area at a time. Make sure that the lines of the room are straight, both horizontally and vertically.

Experiment with where you stand to take the shots. Backing into corners can yield great photos for your home tours. You may achieve better results by kneeling or sitting on a stool while shooting. Just be sure to check mirrors and windows, so you don’t accidentally photograph your own reflection!

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The Virtual Tour Tie Breaker!

We recently photographed some real estate virtual tours for a family in our hometown.  The family was relocating out of state due to a job promotion and needed to sell their house quickly.  They were given two choices of Realtors by their corporate relocation company and they interviewed them both.  While we were photographing their home, the homeowners were quick to mention that they made their choice between the two Realtors solely because of the fact that the one they chose was going to have a professional virtual tour done for the house and the other was not.

We know both these Realtors and can attest to the fact that all else really was equal.  They were dealing with two very successful and experienced Realtors.  We live in a small town where every Realtor in town knows the others listings for the most part.  Both Realtors suggested the same price for the house and were taking the same commission for the sale.  If it had been a personality contest, the Realtor they chose would definitely not have been the winner!

Because the home owners are moving out of state, they are searching for their new home mostly online and then will go to the new location for a few trips before they actually have to start the new job.  Their time is limited when they are in town for these short trips so they said that professional photography and good virtual tours are the one thing that allows them to narrow down which houses they are going to look at on these short trips.

For their upcoming home buying experience, this professional virtual tour and high quality pictures allowed them to create a short list so they knew that the buyer for their home would likely do the same.  The winner of the Realtor choice for them was easy — they chose the one who would be providing a professional virtual tour of the home they are selling.  If you need assisted care photography or real estate photography give us a call!

Austin Virtual Tour Company Love

We have had the privilege of working with RTV virtual tour software company for 7 years now. We are constantly reminded of how fortunate we are that we selected RTV when we started our own Virtual Tour business here in Austin. 

They continue to provide savvy hi tech product updates all the time which keeps all of us ahead of the competition and making a good living with our photography and virtual tour business.

We very much love most of all their constant continuing education classes via GO TO MEETINGS online every month. They are extremely prompt with any questions we have, i.e. New camera ideas.

We would refer anyone to RTV with a 100% guarantee for their success.

Locally owned and operated offering Austin Virtual Tours and
digital marketing services. As a Digital Marketing company featuring effective
and value priced marketing solutions including Virtual Tours, Media Exposure and
Mobile Web Sites we offer unequaled property marketing solutions. As a centrally
located AUSTIN TEXAS Virtual Tour Company we also support the
communities of the Texas Coastal Bend with our virtual tours, and all of Texas
with our Media Exposure and Mobile Web Site products.

We are dedicated to
providing our clients with high quality, cost effective products with an
emphasis on customer service. Our Internet Marketing includes full utilization
of cutting edge digital text marketing, virtual tours, video tours, and the
usage of our Turbo Charged Media Exposure Engine to create visibility of our
clients properties to prospects around the world by harnessing the power of the

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RTV Webinars Work For Me

Just letting you know that I have been enjoying all of the Virtual Tour Webinars that you are guys are putting out.

The Life Lock Webinar was such good information for protecting yourself and your business. Thanks so much for giving your providers the opportunity to be secure. It seems that identity theft is a way of life. It’s good to know that Life Lock has figured out how to help those who have had this problem and how to get a person set up safe and secure so that it doesn’t happen. Thanks again. 

The IMAGE virtual tour Webinars are so interesting and informative. Since the Night Shots Image Photo Webinar I have been taking a lot of pictures of my house at night to see what differences are changing the setting without the filters as discussed. I have some interesting photos as you can imagine. Thank goodness for digital cameras and instant delete!

C.Lee Images in Mesquite, NV is doing well. Our housing market is still not the best in Southern Nevada but a few homes seem to be moving. I enjoy when a client calls to tell me to take a tour down because it has sold. I always send back a Congrats and thank them for their business with a gentle reminder of my business when thinking of their next tour.

My client list is growing and I like how C.Lee Images is making headway with good relations within the Real Estate Community. Still a long way to go but I am positive that things will change in a positive way as agents become aware of the power a 360 virtual tour can give them. Very excited now about offering the new RTV HD Full Screen virtual tour. 

Thank you SO MUCH RTV, you have a great company and a great support system for us virtual tour providers out here in the field.

Here’s knowing that next year will bring us all great success with RTV!

Cher Lee

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