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Southeastern PA Virtual Tours Booming

Here at SCI we have been primarily a Medical Meeting Service and Consulting Firm for the past 5 years. When we got on board with RTV we thought it would be something to fill in down time in the very seasonal Medical Meeting Biz. It started out slowly but now we have quite a busy book. Restaurants, Real Estate and Even School Districts are ordering our interactive virtual tours.

Recently Virtual Tours of Clifton Heights have suddenly boomed. We have several appointments to shoot 360° Virtual Tours and many appointments for sales demos. We expect to add a second Camera setup within the next three months. Finally, I cannot say enough about the staff. Ben and Jonathan have been great working with me on a project with which I was having a difficult time. They all have been gifted with exceptional patience. Thanks Real Tour Vision!

Michael Scanlon
Scanlon Communications, Inc.
SCI- Virtual Tours
Clifton Heights Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour Needs are Increasing

Having been underground and commercial for these past two years I think, as I get a call here and there from real estate agents, that things are maybe turning around, slowly getting better in our world of virtual media. The clients I am connected to in residential real estate are even more optimistic than they normally are. We all know Brokers are eternal optimists, even by their own admission, and I see it as a very welcome change. It’s encouraging, moves me in a different direction, and makes we want to re-think my strategy.

The beauty of doing what we do is the flexibility tied in from the outset. After what seemed like a gazillion calls to real estate agents, Brokers and the like I made a decision to go down the commercial route. I made some nice contacts, I spoke to many people who saw a use for virtual tours and I made some money; very important with wife, three kids and all that is necessary in my situation, mortgage, utilities, etc… Commercial ventures are different, need a keen eye, have to go beyond a certain level at times, are very rewarding from an artistic standpoint and have been very necessary over these past two years.

Just lately though, I feel that agents I talk to, present to, call on the telephone, etc, are more receptive as we stumble into 2008. Again, Brokers are the eternal optimists, but an agent with no money in reserve, listings coming out of the ying yang and endless hours waiting for the phone to ring seems to me to be just a little more open to spending money on one of my virtual tours. See, to me, you can’t be in this industry and not use virtual tours. Is that because I am a provider of real virtual media, (not all virtual tours are virtual tours, but that is for a different post), or is it just fact based on statistics available to all at NAR?

It’s been hard to market to agents in my area for a good while now and I see a difference in attitude. I was on today looking for an MLS number that had gone A.W.O.L and a very nice banner presented itself at the top of the page. It was for a local Broker/ Assoc in my area and I called him directly. I explained that I was on and that I was calling to be of assistance, I’m local, quick to respond, shoot real 360 virtual tours not slide shows and blah di blah blah. The gentleman was nice, took my offer of samples, was in agreement to my follow up in two days and it went swimmingly well. It’s not always been the case. I am not a fan of cold calling and depending on who you listen to you may never do a cold call. There are some schools of thought that cringe at cold calling but it works for me sometimes. This cold call, recent presentations where I have taken orders at the end, chats at Chamber events all make me think that there is a change in the air…

Agree? Disagree?

Chris Grumley
Manatee County Virtual Tour Company
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The Real Estate Virtual Tour Freeze

Winter in Northern Michigan sure is a pretty time of year and there was plenty of that fluffy white snow this year to go around. Lots of snow is great for skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing and enjoying all those great winter sports. It is also a wonderful time to setup and establish ourselves for creating the best Traverse City Real Estate Tours around.

This time of the year is pretty slow in general and most Traverse City Realtors are waiting to do the big marketing push when the “Big Thaw” hits us around April. It is our goal to make the winters for this new Northern Michigan virtual tour company better and better as time goes on. For example some homes photograph brilliantly at night for our BlueLaVa Night Shots and we also have our BlueLaVa Green-Ups that are very affordable so agents can market year round.

While setting up shop, not only have I been very busy absorbing everything there is to know about making 360 home tours and virtual tours of businesses, I have also been spending much of my time becoming reacquainted with old real estate friends from my days in the camera store selling film products. I know all of these contacts will pay off as they are quite receptive when talking with them over the phone. They are also very complimenting when I send them the great marketing pieces that we get from the RPM marketing system. All in all thought I still hear the all too often “we will be doing a lot of tours in the spring Jim….a lot of virtual tours in the Spring!”

While spreading BlueLaVaMedia seeds all over Traverse City and Cadillac my wife suggested I contact a friend in the restaurant business who had expressed an interest to her, in a virtual tour. The next day we were on the phone with each other planning a 360 virtual tour of two La Senorita restaurants in Traverse City! The ball was rolling and we were on our way. They were interested at first with just having an online presence of the banquet room for prospective clients. We soon decided to include the lounge area at both locations and input some still shots of the dinning areas too.

The tour has been up a little over two weeks and the banquet room has received 67 hits according to the RTV hit stats with 197 hits of all the scenes. That is pretty impressive in my book. Perhaps winter is a great time to pursue those business and commercial virtual tours. They seem to be most interested in showcasing the inside of their establishments… the winter winds howl outside.

Be sure to take a look at this Traverse City Virtual Tour

Jim Blue
Virtual Tour Coordinator / Sales Manager
Traverse City Virtual Tours
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360 Perfect Images in Vero Beach Florida

I received a call from someone who was remodeling a house on the island in Vero Beach. My company Perfect Images was referred to him by a real estate agent. This person purchased a single story home and decided to embrace the adventure of remodeling. The house turned out to be more like a three story luxurious residence with a perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean, and even though it is not completed the owner decided to do a virtual tour to start advertising. This is the unfinished home:

Of course he will call us back when it is completed to do another 360 virtual tour. The beauty of virtual tours is how they can show a property. Certainly it all depends on the person who is behind the camera, the equipment used and working with a company like Real tour Vision and their technology. This home, although not completed, shows very well and lets the viewer see what could be the finished home.

As an agent myself, I’ve had several properties that are not that special but show beautiful on the real estate virtual tours and has helped me bring people into the house and guarantee a great lead even if they decide not to buy that particular home.

So to all real estate agents out there, virtual tours do sell properties! You get leads and eventually buyers and sellers. I’ve had calls form all over the world, of people interested in one of my listings. Great Photos are the foundation of successful real estate marketing. Virtual tours are a 24/7 open house, requiring no on site effort from you.

I’ve had Realtors tell me after they see the virtual tour I make for them that it doesn’t seem to be the same property. The technology that Real tour Vision uses is outstanding. I am very happy to be a Real Tour Vision provider.

For all real estate agents, renters, and FSBO clients located in Indian River, Saint Lucie and
Brevard Counties, Florida.

Log on to our website, look at our work, call Claudia at 772-559-2364 or Ivan at 772-532-9877.

We guarantee the best work ever, thanks to the best virtual tour software provider out there, Real Tour Vision.

Claudia Jaramillo
Vero Beach Virtual Tour Company
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Single Property Websites and the PanoRider Work!

Recently one of our Full Service providers contacted Real Tour Vision to let us know that our single property websites and PanoRider(tm) really work!

The Realtor who purchased the PanoRider for their property told our provider that they recently had a buyer contact them to see a home they had on the market. After showing them the home and writing an offer, the agent asked the buyer how they came to this particular home without an agent.

As it turns out, they had driven by the house and saw the PanoRider. They went home and punched in the single property website address into the computer. The individual property website took them directly to the virtual tour of that listing. Since the agent’s contact details were on the top of the branded interactive virtual tour and single property website used with the PanoRider, the prospective buyer had a DIRECT line back to the agent for the full commission.

So, not only do the statistics prove that the PanoRider works but now we are receiving RAVE testimonials from agents in the field as well!

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