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Dear RTV

I just wanted to let you all know that I still find RTV the top product and service when it comes to virtual tours. You guys have been there for me from start to finish on everything.

Last year was really tough. Many aspects of my life were looking bad and on top of that there is a bad situation with economy. Fortunately, this year I’ve got everything going in the right direction. My virtual tour business is picking up. Check out my new website

I really like RTV’s new ideas, solutions and powerful property marketing tools. The new Marketing Center also gave me a LOT of materials, brochures and flyers to customize and generate ideas from. Honestly the RTV corporate website has been like my home base.

I am also really looking forward to what’s to come this year both from my virtual tour company as well as all of the new innovations and programming from RTV. I have a feeling it is going to bring smiles on many faces including the RTV team.

Thanks again for everything!

Tom Worek

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Two RTV providers Join Forces

Extended Virtual Tour Service Coverage for Real Estate One® Agents in Michigan!

RTV today announced a strategic alliance between two highly successful Michigan service providers. Real Vision Studio , provider of Metro Detroit virtual tours and BlueLaVaMedia, offering Traverse City virtual tours, have aligned to offer Real Estate One® (REO) agents new powerful listing tools and extended virtual tour service coverage in Metro Detroit and Northern Michigan. Both companies utilize the RTV virtual tour software and property marketing technology services used by thousands of virtual tour providers and real estate agents worldwide.

The back-end real estate listing system that REO agents use to publish listings to the MLS features an integrated ordering page (created by preferred virtual tour provider Real Vision Studio) which allows agents to order a full service virtual tour at the same time they enter their listings. Until recently, only REO agents from the Metro Detroit area have been able to place orders for virtual tours from this system. This new strategic alliance between two Michigan virtual tour companies allows agents in both Metro Detroit and Northern Michigan to place orders for full service virtual tours using the same system they have always used for entering listings into MLS.

“It just made sense for us to partner with BlueLaVaMedia to service the two largest Real Estate One markets in Michigan. Home sellers and real estate agents, now more than ever, need access to sophisticated property marketing technologies and that’s been our offering since we opened our doors in 2002” said Mike Thompson of Real Vision Studio.

BlueLaVaMedia also announced their all new ‘PanoRider™ Custom Round’ which is a panoramic sign rider made specifically for the signature REO round yard signs. The PanoRider is a powerful marketing tool that has proven to convert foot traffic of a real estate yard sign into significant increases in online traffic. These eye-catching marketing tools feature a panoramic scene from the within the home which is printed on the PanoRider in full color and displayed above the REO round yard sign. The sign prominently displays a custom single property website address (utilizing the physical property address) which points directly to the online virtual tour and property listing information. This remarkable tool drastically saves home shoppers time and turns conventional foot traffic into highly targeted and qualified online leads for REO agents.

All services are already available on the back end of the REO real estate listing system in the Metro Detroit and Traverse City regions. Samples of the PanoRider™ Custom Round and virtual tours can be requested from either company by visiting their websites below or emailing them directly.
Northern Michigan Virtual Tours
Metro Detroit Virtual Tours

Building My Tampa Virtual Tour Company…For Free

I just started my Tampa virtual tour company about 2 years ago. Last year I cleared about two hundred and fifty virtual tours and this year is shaping up to be even better. Here is how I grew my virtual tour business and spent little to no money at all.

When I first got started in this I went all out and had some fancy flyers and high quality business cards printed. I spent quite a bit on those items as well as getting my website up and running. I knew image was everything on the web, in print and most of all…in person.

I want around to all of the local real estate offices, handed out business cards and flyers and introduced myself in person. That is really where it all began. I got a few orders from that campaign then I refined my process and stared the routine all over again.

After my second pass I realized that being a one person operation I was soon shooting virtual tours and did not have time for all of the sales anymore so I sat down and began working out a way to put my business on autopilot.

I already knew that most of my new business was coming from referrals. People loved my product, my deliver, prices and level of service so they naturally talked about me to other people. That’s when I decided to take that simple fact and make it work faster and faster for me…even while I was out in the field shooting virtual tours.

I immediately stopped printing the expensive flyers and dropped down to marketing with just the website and a nicer business card with an attractive panorama printed on it. To get the ball rolling I implemented a few basics that I had learned along the way and then simply amplified them. I was now ready to make word of mouth my primary form of advertising!

I had made it a habit to follow up with my customers weekly after each shoot that I did for them to make sure everything was in order. On this call I began asking for a referral. “Do you know anyone else in your office that may need a virtual tour?” “Have you visited any homes recently that do not have a virtual tour but could really use one?” Questions like these did not always “Pan Out” but on many occasions they did and I started landing more deals using less money and less time overall.

Next during my 360 virtual tour photo shoots I made sure to give my customers some extra business cards and told them that every new agent they sent off to me who gave me at least two virtual tour orders I would give them a free virtual tour in exchange for the referrals. That free single virtual tour that I gave away was well worth the twenty or thirty virtual tours that I would get from that new customer over the next year or two. After handing out my business cards to agents for a few months some of them actually started asking me for more cards from time to time. Why wouldn’t they? They were getting free virtual tours for simply handing out my cards to their peers and talking about my services from time to time.

Next I implemented a “Constant Contact” program into my business. (From one of the Ask Jack columns in an old RTV newsletter). My constant contact approach here meant that if I had not heard from a particular customer in three to four weeks I would call then and ask them how things were going. If they had placed a CD order with me I would drop those off at their office in person. Yes that’s right…I stopped mailing out my CD’s. It takes a bit more time to do the drop but it gets the gate keepers familiar with you at the front end of the office and it creates an amazing opportunity for you to meet the key players in the office. The more they see you around the better so long as you don’t become a distraction. The key to a successful drop off is to get in, make the delivery and get along your way. Keep in mind they are typically very busy but the fact that you hand deliver your goods shows a lot and will stay with them.

Finally I made a big focus on making my tour production as fast as I possibly could without sacrificing the quality. Turnaround time is key especially when other national companies take weeks to deliver the virtual tours. They all will remember you and talk about you more if you have fast turn around time.

Well everyone out there, I hope some of my ideas help you out and I wish you all the best.

Thank You
Chuck Small
Tampa Virtual Tours
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A Clean House is a Happy House

Here at Hintz-Rice we know that first impressions are key to leaving that lasting impression. Before our open houses, virtual tours and showing we give our home sellers a nice checklist to run through so everything will be in order. Here are some of our tips to making that lasting impression before your virtual tours and showings:


* Windows – Wash until they sparkle!
* Walks, steps and driveways – Sweep or hose down to remove debris and dirt
* Siding – Hose down and use a cleaner for vinyl/aluminum if necessary
* Gutters & Downspouts – Remove debris and hose down
* Decks, Patios & Backyards – Use a deck cleaner or power wash if necessary, stain, wipe down patio furniture and grills.


* Floors – scrub, wash and wax floors.
* Carpet – have carpets cleaned and deodorized
* Walls – wash walls, remove fingerprints & cobwebs
* Woodwork – clean with Murphy’s oil soap to remove film and restore luster
* Draperies & Curtains – dry clean or launder if possible
* Lighting Fixtures – wash and clean fixtures, replace light bulbs
* Windows, mirrors, glass cabinets – wash and clean to a sparkle
* Doorknobs, handles and pulls – clean and polish or replace if necessary


* Clean inside and out with mild detergent or Murphy’s Oil Soap to restore luster
* Clean, degrease and deodorize vents and exhaust hoods
* Clean appliances thoroughly inside and out
* Polish and clean sinks, remove stains
* Clean and deodorize garbage disposal and garbage bins


* Clean and polish fixtures until they sparkle
* Re-caulk tub and sink if necessary
* Clean and organize vanity drawers & medicine cabinets
* Scour sinks, showers and tub to remove mildew or mold
* Clean grout
* Wash mirrors


* Sweep or vacuum floors and ceilings
* Wipe down furnace, water heater, washer and dryer

Pet Areas

* Vacuum and deodorize area


* Scrub & deodorize all hard surfaces
* Spray an odor neutralizer on carpeting, drapes & upholstery

If these tasks seem too great, or time is of the essence consider hiring a professional cleaning company. The result will definitely be worth the small amount of investment.

Century 21 Northland
Team Hintz-Rice
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Knoxville Tennessee Virtual Tour Company is Building Business

My Knoxville Tennesse virtual tour company is getting on the boards! It has taken a few months of going out and making presentations and lots of phone calls, many emails, tons of business cards and all the marketing materials I’ve gotten available through RTV, and I’m getting phone calls!

I only wish I had joined RTV a few years ago. I had been providing 360 virtual tours in Houston up until a year ago, but I was never really satisfied with the quality of the tours. My agents liked what I did so I bided my time and I worked at making my virtual tours better. My wife and I moved to Knoxville and it has been a bit of a challenge for us to build up our business one agent at a time.

Joining Real Tour Vision a few months back has helped me a lot with my virtual tour company! It has provided me with marketing knowledge I’d been running short of, it has given me great confidence, and most importantly to me it has let me be a lot more satisfied with the virtual tours I produce.

My goal is for to become the premier virtual tour provider in Knoxville. Everyday in every way is getting better and better. It is our job and Real Tour Vision is helping us get to where we want and where we need to be. It’s great! Thanks!

Mike O’Neill
Knoxville Virtual Tour Company
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