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Virtual Tours – Not just for Real Estate

We recently we have had a number of requests to do virtual tours of businesses here in Colorado. We have been marketing to business sector for some time now and we are finding that it is finally starting to pay off. While Real Estate virtual tours are the high volume, fast paced, low dollar income stream the business tours are the lower volume, slower-paced high income virtual tours. When we first signed up with Real Tour Vision our sales rep assured us that the product was not only well suited for the real estate virtual tours but he assured us that it was also a great product for attracting the higher end clientele.

Our next project will be The Colorado Springs Sky Sox, a Minor League Team for the Colorado Rockies MLB! We are also going to be doing a Virtual Tour for the American Numismatic Museum which is sure to go over very well on their website. Finally because of all of the increased business that we are getting we have started to hand out our own branded water with our virtual tour company logo on it. We have partnered with a national water bottle company to promote this. We can offer the branded water to you as well so please contact us for more information.

Dan Rogers
Real Tours Now

My Virtual Tour Beat up Your Virtual Tour

Our company started out as an IT support company. One of our biggest clients is the local C-21 office. We have a great relationship with these people and have actually become friends with most of them. One day, one of the agents asked us if we knew anything about virtual tours. I think I can honestly say that I had never heard of them, however, I bill myself as the computer guru so I did some research to give my client a good answer. The answer I ended up giving him was “when would you like us to do your first virtual tour?”

In my research I landed (via Google I am sure) on Real Tour Vision site. The quality of the virtual tours knocked me out! Though they were the only virtual tours I had ever seen, I knew that the combination of quick loading, portability, and super high quality were important to me. What Real Tour Vision offers is hands down the best at all of these criteria!

To date, we are coming up on our hundredth virtual tour this month, and it just keeps getting bigger. The virtual tour marketing is a great foot in the door to market our other services. It used to be the other way around, we would go in trying to sell support and web-site services and then sell a virtual tour or two, now we market the tours up front, and mention our other services. We are preparing a marketing campaign into another market, and Virtual tours will be our flagship.

A few weeks after launching our virtual tour division, I received many frantic emails from a couple of our clients. It seems a competing virtual tour company had joined one of the local MLS organizations and had gotten a marketing blurb in the regular Monday newsletter. I shuddered a bit seeing the competition get such a leg up, until I actually clicked on the link to check out their demo tour.

I was on the phone with the broker at C-21 while I clicked on it, and he was following along. While we waited for the “other tour” to launch, I directed him to load one of our first tours. It was a whopping 30 scene tour that we had done the week before. Our tour launched and was into the living room before the “other tour” even launched. When it finally did launch, it was one scene…..ONE SCENE!!!! and they were selling that “tour” for the same price we were selling 6 scene tours for!

I immediately raised our prices. My broker/friend who I think was hoping to negotiate better prices from me because of the newly found “competition” bought 5 more tours before we got off the phone, and he bought them at the prices that I had just raised 50%. He stated. ” I want to by more of your tours now, before you realize that you are still way under priced!”

Sometime, in the last couple months, we stopped hearing from the competition, they actually tried to hire one of my photographers away but she told them she was only interested in doing the high quality tours that our virtual tour software offers.

I don’t worry about the competition anymore. as a matter of fact, I have found that they are wonderful for my marketing strategy. As soon as potential customers see the quality and features of our virtual tours, the competition is soon forgotten.

Kurt Steiner

How Well Does Your Home Show?

Your home’s for sale. How well does it show? A better question might be, “Does it show at all?” The old adage that a picture’s worth a thousand words is never more true than in today’s competitive marketplace. With over 70% of home buyers starting their search on the Internet, why not showcase all of the many highlights of your unique home?

There’s a lot of competition out there and, if you’re like me, you’ve got to be sick and tired of hearing about the high inventory of homes and the almost cavalier attitude of buyers who expect so much more from sellers today versus just a year ago. The reality of today’s real estate market is that there are 12 other homes in your same development that are for sale, and they are exactly like yours – or so it seems. So, how do you separate yourself from the pack?

It’s simple and easy to stand out from the crowd. Hire a professional photographer to highlight your home’s best features. You can’t go wrong with lots of quality, professional-grade photos of your home since your investment will come back to you many-fold. Your REALTOR can guide you to a professional photographer who will capture the gorgeous vignettes all around your home’s interior and exterior. It’s true — you yourself can take a picture of two of your own home but quality, professional photos will set your home apart from those many others competing for the same audience.

These are the photos that are going to get your home shown – and, we all know, if your home doesn’t get shown, it won’t get sold. The choice is yours – a fabulous 360 virtual tour along with a slide show of stills highlighting your pride and joy is a great idea as well to show off all of the great features you love about your home.

Your home’s for sale. So, let’s go forth and sell. However, do not make the mistake of discounting the other important factors of getting your home sold. Make sure you use a good REALTOR to help you price your home correctly, be sure to de-clutter, take the time to clean up, get the landscapers out there (or do it yourself if you’re so inclined), and SELL that beautiful home of yours!

Lanette Branch
My360Pix Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour Adaptation

Today’s market in real estate has changed. Have you changed with it?

The above question could be a negative or positive question, depending on your outlook in life. We constantly hear people complain about market conditions, which anyone associated with real estate knows changes continually. The question really becomes, are you ready to make changes according to market conditions? If you are, then not only will your tour business stay strong, but your influence with Realtors you work with will be a very positive one, both for you, the virtual tour provider, and they, the agents.

We all know that when a market slows, the tendency is to cut back on advertising. Isn’t this the exact opposite of what should be done? When sales drop off, a seller needs to increase the size of their market. This will never happen if you don’t let people know you are out there. The same holds true for the real estate agent.

What better way to reach a larger target audience than with virtual tours? Internet exposure with complete information provided to the potential buyer. Now that’s adding value to a market that really needs it, and at the same time getting interest for both the client (real estate agent or seller) and your tour business. When things slow down, you need to speed up, working to get more exposure for yourself and ultimately, your clients. Don’t let the market control your success. Control your market. Sound impossible? Well, it really isn’t.

Real Tour Vision constantly provides their providers with new and updated virtual tour software and information on the market, along with a host of ideas for reaching a larger audience. They also provide lots of marketing information that providers can provide their clients, thereby helping the entire process. Name me another Virtual Tour Company that considers the entire market, not just the photographic processes. This is the reason I became a Real Tour Vision provider. After an experience with one of the biggest tour companies in the World, I discovered that no matter how big the company behind you is, if they don’t give service, information, and all around concern for the market and the people that represent them, it really doesn’t matter how large they are.

Service and information are key words at RTV. That simply means that any RTV provider is well armed with all the latest technology and… information for their clients. When an RTV provider steps into a home, they are as well armed with knowledge, expertise and information as you can get in our business. Their clients benefit as well, and together, your local market and the market of your clients benefit. Get out there and let the world know what you have to offer, and your market will increase, good times or bad!

Mike Willett
MW360 Tours

Virtual Tour Company – The RTV Difference

Real Tour Vision recently sent me a lead for a virtual tour assignment in a town where I have had no prior business. I don’t normally have to travel far for my assignments, but I wanted to fulfill this request since it was generated by RTV and I am so happy that I went.

The homeowners were discouraged with their previous attempts to sell their home and they were especially disgusted with the quality of virtual tour they had received, citing the fact that it made their hand-sponged walls appear black instead of green. I assured them that I would do a great job and made sure to force the flash in all instances in that room!

Well, the client was so happy that she wrote her real estate agent “WOW! This is the very best virtual tour I have seen . . . since our house has been on the market, I have seen a lot of virtual tours. There is no question; this is by far the best! Thank you and Cynthia for all the work. I am absolutely delighted and can hardly wait to brag to my neighbors about the fantastic job you have done.

You have assembled a great Team!! “ I was so pleased to be able to present a quality virtual tour for this agent and her homeowners and I am starting to get more business out of this agency because of this one good experience. I don’t object to traveling any more when the results are this rewarding. Actually, these out of town jobs have been some of my favorites and I get to try out to new restaurants!

Cynthia Baldado