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What A Real Estate Virtual Tour Should Be

I have been producing virtual tours in Destin and the Florida Panhandle for a couple of years. As my virtual tour business has grown, I have put a lot of thought into what makes a good real estate virtual tour. When a buyer or buyer’s agent begins searching the Internet for a home, they usually start with criteria such as sq. feet, number of beds and baths, etc.. The nest step is to narrow the search by photos. The need for a good quality photo representation is crucial for the seller at this point. The search has now been narrowed to the point when a good virtual tour will set your listing apart from the competition. The lack of a virtual tour could also make your listing invisible, if the search has been limited to listings with virtual tours.

I strive to make my virtual tours as all-inclusive as possible. The viewer should be able to see all aspects of the property from the tour. When this is successfully achieved, the potential buyer should be able to make their decision, and only require a physical visit to inspect the fine details. Buyers are able to narrow their search to 1 or 2 properties, or better yet, fall in love with their dream home before ever visiting the actual property. For this reason, I do not limit the number of panoramic or still images incorporated into my virtual tours. I feel it is necessary to include every aspect of the property.

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Virtual Tour Websites!

Summer is coming! Make sure you have your virtual tour company website up and running! Having a virtual tour company website is only one of the many credibility boosters that you should have for your virtual tour company. You have four options when choosing a website:

You can design your own website. You can pay someone to have one created for you.
You are free to use the recently updated website available for download in the RTV Business Resource Center at no charge to you. Finally, you can purchase one of our template based sites that Real Tour Vision has recently has deployed.

No matter who you might currently have your website through now our new and improved Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider sites deliver the perfect marketing punch at the right price. Our new sites are now offering continual updates, back end access, and Search Engine Optimization.

We are even currently offering a rollover program for anyone with an old Real Tour Vision template site. Call your sales representative right away and make the rollover happen with no downtime and no cancellation fees.

2006 Virtual Tour Industry Stats

Here is some great stats from the PEW Internet source that was conducted last year on the virtual tour industry.

Article link is here:

The entire PDF file can be down loaded here:

It’s a slide show, it’s a tour, it’s Real Tour Vision!

Over the years, real estate professionals have asked me whether we can create slide shows in place of a full Real Estate home tour which just don’t justify the cost of a full-on virtual tour. We’re excited to have been doing this successfully now for months, and its popularity is growing quickly in our market.

We’ve done hundreds of virtual tours at All About Virtual Tours and understand the logic which a viewer follows when looking at homes. The result is a means by which real estate professionals may show more than the allotted still photos on MLS, for a much reduced cost, while still using RTV’s crystal clear technology.

If you’re interested in seeing a sample, please click here.

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Dawn Shaffer

Virtual Tours from any angle

Virtual Tours…they don’t always have to be 360 degree views!
Real estate agents and their clients are sometimes hesitant to use a virtual tour to show a less than perfect property or one that doesn’t have great neighborhood views. To them I say, “No problem”, we’ll just show the good parts in half a circle or so. Once they realize we are not limited to full 360 views, their eyes start dancing around the property looking for all the good views.

Careful camera positioning can make a huge difference in the way certain shots look. Use walls, window frames, furniture, plants, even slightly open doors to hide unwanted items or views. For an example, I just shot a house on a golf course. Right outside on the other side of the open metal fencing was a huge tree stump. I just put the camera in a spot where the fence post/wall lined up perfectly with the stump and the stump disappeared from my scene. The art of any and all good photography is the details. Keep this in mind when figuring out the best way to utilize virtual tours. Try using only two shots to make a scene. Even a little motion/pan of a view sometimes better than a full 360 or static still shot.

Joe Maguire
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