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Video Tours vs. Interactive 360 Virtual Tours

Video Tours vs. Interactive Virtual Tours

Not all “Virtual Tours” are equal. There have been a lot of virtual tour companies/technologies out there that call things like automated “Slide Shows” virtual tours. These are not. They are simply slide shows and should be called as such.

Now a true Virtual Tour is something different. This is a true tour of the property using still photos WITH panoramic scenes as well. In fact some people call the panoramic scene the virtual tour. While it does give you a sense of space in the room or scene, it is still not really a virtual tour, but this is what the industry has come to call a virtual tour.

Thus there is a need for yet another category of tours: the Interactive Virtual Tour. Why the word “Interactive”? Well, simply put the technology my virtual tour company (BakerB Solutions) uses (Real Tour Vision), allows the viewer to navigate from one room to the next by way of “Hot Spots”. These show up as little arrows within the scene (still photo or panoramic scene) and allow you to navigate through the property simply by clicking on the arrows. Why does this matter?

Well, it matters because you put the control of navigating through the property into the hands of the viewer. What’s behind door number 2? Just click on the hot spot and you can see. What is that in the corner? Click on the zoom feature to find out. Want to jump right to your favorite room? Just drop down a list of scenes and you are there instantly. The point is that the Interactive Virtual Tour is the closest thing to turning the property into an interactive video game.

The Video Tour definitely has a place in the market. But it really best serves the smaller audience that wants to just sit back and watch the video go by and they don’t have to do anything. It is for people who just want to watch television on their computer. When you are on the computer or on the Internet, you are probably skilled enough to navigate through an Interactive Virtual Tour and get a much richer self controlled experience. And if you don’t want that, just click on the “Autoplay” option (on by default) and you basically have your video tour right there anyway (oh, and with the option of being interactive if you want).

One final note, if you are worried about download times, fear not. The technology behind our tours, supplied by Real Tour Vision, is superior to most, and delivers tours at the fastest rate currently available. It strongly competes with that of streaming video. If you want to see for yourself, just click on one of the tours in our Interactive Virtual Tour Gallery.

Alex Saenger
BakerB Solutions, LLC

Real Tour Vision Welcomes Morgan Makowski

Real Tour Vision welcomes Morgan Makowski to the team. Morgan comes to Team RTV with and award winning personality, a great desire to achieve and a myriad of other wonderful assets and strengths that will benefit our company and providers. Morgan will be receiving cross training in nearly all of our departments in including Dispatch, Tour Track, Account Setup and, as a final challenge, she will be trained by our in-house Lens Engineer Ben Knorr giving us an additional lens engineer on staff.

Morgan relocated from Chicago where the rest of her family remains. She attended college at the University of Dayton, Ohio. It was there that she acquired her skills in entrepreneurship, leadership and discovered that the world is full of opportunities that you must go after.

“My passion lies in opening up my creative side and allowing myself to grow and learn from my surroundings. I am very excited to be on board with the best virtual tour company in the world and look forward to working with what appears to be a finely tuned machine!” said Morgan when we asked her for a comment for our Blog.

With dispatches at an all time high and new Tour Track accounts coming on every other week you are sure to receive a phone call from Morgan very soon if you are Full Service virtual tour provider with Real Tour Vision. Be sure to say hello and welcome her to team RTV!

Via la RTV!

Recently I took the plunge and became the first Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider in France. My first week out on the streets, selling my 360 tours, has been very interesting. Unlike the UK and the USA, 360 virtual tours are not common. Many of my customers have only a vague understanding of what they are. I quickly learned that many real estate agents have preconceived ideas. One Realtor(r) actually said to me, “I’m sorry but I can’t have a camera installed in all my houses!! The people living there would never approve!”

After a very difficult morning communicating my service offer with potential customers, I went home for lunch. Keep in mind all you Americans, everything closes for lunch out here. So I had a two hour window with no open businesses to visit. I headed home and made a flyer. I called it the “Myths about Virtual Tours” but of course in French.

I also made a 10 page booklet of nice photos of samples and a step by step guide of what happens after they agree to do it. I copied some sample 360 tours onto a pocket sized key drive, and was on my way. Having those marketing materials handy has made a big difference. It only goes to show you that even in Europe, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Michele Ryan
Cote d’Azur, France

More 360 Virtual Tours Please

When it comes to Virtual Tours or even the Internet, less is never more. Think about the last time you visited a website. Were you satisfied finding out that a company you never heard of says they carry the product you are searching for with no additional information or you see a page with just a single picture of a product and a basic, introductory type description.

If you are like me you were hoping to find more information such as product specs, additional views, compatibility with other products, performance, capabilities, etc. Not happy with the limited information you were given, you began looking else where. We want visuals and imaging to feed our imagination and satisfy curiosity. Buyers are seeking to find as much information as possible, instantly. 360 Virtual Tours have the same purpose as a website, they provide information. Since buyers are looking to find as much information about a potential home as they possibly can, the tour needs to provide it. Every panorama and every still picture highlights a part of the home giving the buyer another reason to continue to consider this home.

Ben Knorr
Real Tour Vision Lens Engineer

Real Tour Vision HOT Spots

One thing that really impresses my customers and me with the virtual tour software of Real Tour Vision, is the ability to click on icons (“hot spots”) and travel from room to room. This allows the viewer to choose where they want to go in the home, and gives a good sense of the home’s floor plan.

This interaction between Internet home shopper and real estate listing makes the tours “Sticky” and keeps them engaged with the tour longer than they would if they were simply watching a video online or on their local real estate home channel on television. The computer is a tool that we use daily in a much different manner than that of the television set. Our hand in on the mouse and the keyboard. We are ready to interact, click around, and discover new things. That is exactly what the Real Tour Vision tour sets up the home shopper to do.

This is one of the best functional features offered by all Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers that helps us stand out above the other virtual tour companies. Another interesting point about the hot spot icons, is that they can be customized according to who you are creating the tour for. A hospital tour might utilize a red cross as a hot spot while RE/MAX agents LOVE the floating balloon inside of their tours. I find that many of the real estate companies uses their logo as the hotspot icon. It reinforces their company recognition in a functional way.

Becky Miles
InSite Virtual Tours