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Virtual Tour Provider Meets Southern Hospitality

As always the virtual tour photographer hopes for a beautiful sunny day for a shoot, but on occasion the rain sets in and makes the shoot more challenging. On this particular day I was hoping that the rain was going to hold off long enough for me to arrive and get the shoot done, but instead it started pouring down just as I pulled into the driveway.

Whenever I setup for a virtual tour shoot I typically park the farthest I can from the home so my car does not end up in every one of my online virtual tours. Reaching to get my umbrella and putting together my game plan on just how I was going to get my equipment out, juggle the umbrella and stay dry at the same time out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the owner had raised his garage door and motioned for me to pull inside. I was so grateful and surprised by the thoughtfulness of this individual. They didn’t know me except for a phone conversation to set up the shoot.

It all ended well, by the time I was finished inside, the rain had stopped long enough for me to take the virtual tour shots I needed outside. I feel doing this profession I have friends everywhere!

Lisa Matherly
Virtual Home FX

Office Assistant Vs Virtual Tour Provider

I arrived at the shoot at just before 10 a.m., at the same time as the Realtor and her assistant. Her assistant was clearly not impressed that the Realtor had hired a professional virtual tour photographer to come in. The assistant approached the house, centered herself directly in front of the front door, snapped a few photos with her disposable camera, and headed for the front door. I looked at my watch, smiled, and followed her inside the house without taking any photos.

I assured the real estate agent that she would be able to download our still photos the same day, so she would be able to use them to list the property.

The assistant and I crossed paths a few times during the shoot. At a difficult bathroom shot, she stood in the middle of the doorway and took a photo. By this time, the Realtor had been watching us for awhile, and she asked her assistant to try and get the shot without showing herself standing in the doorway.

The assistant turned and said, “It is what it is.” “It’s just digital so if I don’t like it, I’ll just delete it.”

I smiled. Attitudes like this are what keeps my phone ringing all day long!!

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Panorama Jack

Differentiating your Virtual Tour Company

I don’t have a lot of competition, but I do have one guy in our limited market area who is a real go getter. My competition takes very nice photos, offers quick shoots, and a fast turn around time. He is a formidable foe, so to speak (I do respect him and his work a great deal.) What sets my virtual tour company and business apart from his? Here’s what my client’s tell me:

1. His photos are absolutely perfect high resolution shots. Although I shoot at 10 megapixels, I don’t go for high res clear. I go for capturing the right view, the right center point, and the right lighting. I don’t always shoot from the middle of rooms, especially small rooms, where I like to shoot from doorways. This is the view that people will scan a room to get the big picture quickly. Also it shows the quality of the room, floor walls, and all. A full 360 spin from the center of a small room shows a traveling wall, not a “room.”

2. He is quick, but that quickness comes off to his clients as cheap and superficial. Even though his photography is at least good, he appears apathetic. While I don’t waste time, I like to get down to business by first touring a property, discussing each unique trait, and planning in my head my plan of photographic attack. I make each set up deliberate, looking through the camera viewfinder as I spin around to make sure I like the whole spin – before I shoot. I often make adjustments to the placement of height of the tripod. When you come in to “shoot and get out” you miss stuff. Shooting everything from eye level often puts too much wall or ceiling in and not enough important features or it makes a room look unrealistically odd.

3. He charges for every little thing. I offer one set price for a basic tour and one price for additional spins and one price for CDs. I started out offering various tour packages and lots of options but what agents want is a simple, predictable, and consistent product that requires little or no extra decision making. I find so many Realtors are tech shy or too much in the hustle and bustle of selling that they just don’t want to become overwhelmed by options, options, options. Besides, this way they don’t feel like they are getting “nickeled and dimed” to death.

What I offer is a great virtual tour service and that’s what I give them. I contract to deliver a product and no matter what it takes, I give them that product. Sometimes I deal with a few change requests and I don’t charge for them. Sometimes I put in more time that the price of one tour is worth, but the payback comes with more orders and more referrals from dedicated clients. Any agent can buy a virtual tour set up, and while some do, what they get from me is excellent service. You see, service is the product, not just a set of photographs.

Brian Mead
RE Marketing, Video and Virtual Tours
Wasilla, AK

Going the Extra Mile

My latest virtual tour customer just switched real estate companies and continues to boast of the quality of the 360 virtual tours that I provide. Thanks to Real Tour Vision I am able to not only make her virtual tours stand out above the rest, but I also give her a more professional appearance online that commands the respect of her clinets, prospects, and peers. She has told me that the previous virtual tour company she used delivered virtual home tours that were almost always distorted and did not leave a professional impression.

She told me that while working at her last real estate office they had someone who would put the pictures into a PowerPoint with words and logo’s and such so she can email to clients along with the virtual tours. Since I already had all of the pictures I agreed to put one together for her and she was just thrilled that I went above and beyond her expectations. She told some of her friends and now I’m adding Power Points for a couple of other real estate agents as well.

Brian Bond
Bond Computers and Boerne Virtual Tours

Achieving Realism Within a 360 Tour

Around, around we go and where we stop no one will know. That in affect is the art of virtual tours. Virtual tours make a flat presence to a global view showing no seams or breaks. The goal is to make a cohesive seamless presentation creating the true distinctiveness of the room or area. A very common misconception is that 360 virtual tours are created with video. Of course we know that you could spin a video camera around in a circle but you would never achieve the end result of one single printable high-res image that you can move throughout.

The “HOW” a tour is made is the key to achieving the goal of realism and intimacy. There are many who use a fisheye lens or a One-Shot Lens and while a 360 image is created the realism of the imagery is distorted. Real Tour Visions proprietary virtual tour software allows the photographer to create a stylish, unique 360 tour. The photographer can use settings capturing the depth of a room or area. Really the only thing missing are the smells since we can also add in sound to our virtual tours with a click of a button.

When you want to create a virtual tour, take the camera out of Auto and experiment with the depth and lighting settings. You will end with a formation of your vision in a Real Tour Vision.

Greg Daley
Daley Visual Development