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Virtual Tours Your Way

By far the most satisfying part of owning our virtual tour company is the flexibility to offer our clients a choice.

I’ve personally done 360 virtual tours/slide shows/photo shoots of over 300 homes. It occurred to me that unless a realtor has done the same, I can take a lot of worry off her hands by doing it for her.

For larger homes with virtual tours, we will supersize the number of still photos so Realtors have a variety to choose from for their flyers and MLS. Some agencies have “built-in” slide show programs available for use, and many of my clients Supersize for that purpose.

For smaller homes which are not suitable for 360 virtual tours, we offer slide shows. Slide shows are a great way to get around the local MLS 8-still-photo limit.

We will advise against virtual tours when a tasteful slide show using our crystal clear, “page flipping” RTV technology would serve the property better.

We’re not all about getting your cash. We’re all about gaining you as our client.

We have a portfolio of some of our work on our website and you are welcome to kick off your shoes (that’s what we all do up here in the Pacific Northwest) and tiptoe through these homes 🙂

Dawn Shaffer
All About Virtual Tours

A Case of Newbie Mistakes

Greetings from France!!!

I was so excited when my Real Tour Vision equipment arrived. After getting my nodal point approved from the RTV on staff Lens Engineer I rushed over to Cannes, the next town over, to catch the last day of the Cannes Film Festival. I shot miscellaneous 360 virtual tours around the red carpet area and along the beach & inside the vendor’s section. I was looking forward to using them as my first practice virtual tours.

It wasn’t until after I returned home that I discovered that I had set my camera to the highest resolution…instead of the lowest. My camera is new and automatically resets to the factory defaults every time you change the batteries or turn it off. I was so sad that the festival was over and I thought none of my pans would work in the Real Tour Vision virtual tour software. Thank you so much to the guys and gals in the training department who taught ways to correct that mistake and helped me make that all work out. I now check very carefully before I begin shooting. But it’s nice to know that, at least in some cases, there are options when you make a mistake.

Merci beaucoup !
Michele Ryan
Cote d’Azur, France

Real Tour Vision in the Smokies!

Since becoming a Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider for East Tennessee’s Great Smokey Mountain area, SD Web Pros 360 has added many new features to their line of services which compliment the sales of 360 virtual tours such as professional photography, printing services and video tour services.

“Things are really picking up this season. We have built multiple real estate websites such as,, and The most complimenting service we now offer for real estate companies & individual real estate agents during the web development process is 360 virtual tours!”….Jacob Timmons, Managing Member

SD Professionals, LLC family of services which Real Estate companies & individual agents might find beneficial include:

– 360 Virtual Tours powered by Real Tour Vision virtual tour software
– Professional Video Tours for Real Estate
– Brochure Graphic Design, Printing, Lists & Mailing
– Logo Branding kits including logo, business cards, letterhead & envelopes
– Professional Photography including Aerials
– Real Estate Auction Brochure Design & Printing
– Website Development & Programming

We are members of GSMAR “The Great Smokey Mountain Association of Realtors”

All virtual tours are MLS, IDX Compliant!

Jacob Timmons
SD Professionals, LLC

Starting My Own Virtual Tour Company

Owning a Virtual Tour Company has been something more than an adventure. I could say I love it! I’ve never enjoyed a job like I enjoy doing 360 Virtual Tours. Coming across this business was pure luck. My Fiance had been a photographer in the Treasure Coast of Florida for over 20 years, working for the same company. The 2004 hurricanes hit and the company he worked for closed. He was left without a job. (This was before I met him). He worked for magazines and the Chamber of Commerce until he was hired by a virtual tour company as a photographer.

At first he had 5 to 8 jobs a day, things were great. A few months after, thing started to change, this company would send him 1 or 2 jobs, having to travel long distances to shoot them, at his expense. It was not worth it. (This is when I come into the picture). As a Realtor, and seeing the market change, I knew I needed another source of income. This is when he and I decided to establish our own Virtual Tour Business. After thorough investigation and looking a lot of virtual tour software and virtual tour technology out there it became obvious that Real Tour Vision was the industry best. I am happy to say today that our decision was the correct decision to make.

Real Tour vision has been an outstanding company to work with. Everything from their customer service to their technical support. They always get back to us very quickly and overall our experience has been GREAT! It has given me the income to overcome the Buyer’s market we have now. My fiance and I will be with Real Tour Vision for a very long time.

Thanks RTV!

Claudia Jaramillo
Perfect Images

RTV – The Italian Experience

Our experience in Italy where we have been present for two years now as a Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider working the real estate market. We are still to the beginning in how much we are paying an old market from the point of view marketing is for the presence of network that they work in independent way is from realtor of old generation. We are trying to offer virtual tours in several companies near the Venice but e’ the fear that the same ones lose something, when we explain to it that the tours are a benefit for the company!

To date we are changing marketing: we are activating a website ( where we create Virtual tours also to owner in order stimulate the market real estate about Internet and to short we will go in advertising through traditional means of paper. In tourist field we have made goal! Italy optimal wants advancements in tourism field and our 360 virtual tours in the hotels and villas are accepted well! We look forward to many more years with Real Tour Vision and all of the great virtual tour software updates to expand to more languages.

Great day!

Michele Belmondo