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Ready Set Tour

After my official “go live” date of 1 September 07, I will be using the Pay Per Click Advertising service offered through Rock Pointe Marketing to further improve my site’s visibility. And, of course, I will continue to contribute to this blog, which is having some amazing results so far! My goal is to have a Page Rank of at least a “3” and be on the first page of Google’s results inside of six months. Locally, I want to be THE go-to website for real estate listings and virtual tours in Oklahoma. As one of only two RTV Full Service providers in the entire state, ( and nearly no other competition) I think I’ve got a pretty good shot!

Quality Virtual Tours Do Sell Homes

For all my fellow REALTORS(r) – and specifically listing agents:

Interesting thing happened to me on my way to show some homes. As I perused our local MLS searching for listings to show my buyers, I came to the realization that 360 virtual tours actually do sell homes. Perhaps, I should qualify that – QUALITY virtual tours actually do sell homes (funky virtual tours and slide shows do a listing an injustice.

O.K, granted, I didn’t have quite the epiphany I describe above, since I must admit I have come to this realization before. Moreover, I understand, too, that once you know that I’m a real estate agent as well as a virtual tour provider you may think my positive view towards virtual tours a rather biased one. I’d need to stop you right there, though. Providing a virtual tour for each one of your listings is a no-brainer. When you look at the sheer numbers, and I swear it seems to go up a percentage point each month, there’s no disputing the fact that more buyers start their home search on-line than not. The actual figure was way past 70% at last glance. That’s a phenomenal amount of prospective buyers out there in cyberspace searching in earnest for their next home. I know this to be true since I work with buyers on a daily basis; they are extremely tech-savvy and ever searching.

So, here’s the deal – with my market experiencing a buyer’s market, there is entirely too much inventory to focus my searches on listings with no pictures, let alone no 360 virtual tour. And interesting thing is, my buyers feel the same way. The fact is that houses with the most pictures will generate the most interest and will get the most showings while those listings that have no pictures will get placed at the very bottom of the “to see” list at warp speed.

Case in point – on a recent weekend, I showed 31 houses to a buyer who was only in town (from Japan, I kid you not) for an extended weekend. There was absolutely no interest on his part in seeing anything without pictures (and believe it or not, there were many). Imagine if your picture-less listing was on our list and, therefore, at the bottom of the 54 that met his search parameters. What’s the likelihood of him seeing your listing? You don’t think he would’ve found his dream home among the previous 53? (His better half was searching homes from Japan on the internet and directed us to physically see the home they actually closed on last month. BTW, I just happened to do the virtual tour on it! I didn’t tell them until settlement, though.)

All that to say, the buyers market that we are experiencing right now will absolutely separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s time for you to be the best listing agent you can be, pull out your bag of tricks, rev up your marketing, call your virtual tour provider, and get your listings sold. Spend the marketing dollars necessary to get your listings in front of all those web-browsing buyers, then experience the return on your investment many-fold.

Lanette Branch
Lanette Branch Virtual Tours

Simple Solutions for Today’s Online Marketers

I am brand new to the virtual tour software. I am a Realtor, and had six new listings to do virtual tours on. After looking at the cost involved to pay someone else to do my virtual tour, I would be better off purchasing the software myself to do my own since I have enough free time to do my own. At first I was a little hesitant as to if I would be successful. My concern was soon gone when I went through the training session on using Real Tour Vision virtual tour software. They were able to walk me through the 360 tour software, giving me the confidence I could do this.

Virtual tours are becoming necessary with today’s market. We as Realtor’s are becoming not only Realtors, but also a marketing agent. With a lot of buyer’s relocating across this great country, with the use of virtual tours, families are able to see and make decisions about the biggest event in their life, with less stress and more confidence.

One of my clients was being transferred from Toronto, Canada. He would bring his video camera to record the homes we went through to show his family upon his return home. Well needless to say, the videos were very hard to show a true picture. The homes with virtual tours were much more true pictures. The home that was finally decided to purchase was the home I had listed with a 360 virtual tour.

Thank you Real Tour Vision for being there for agents in needed of a usable product. I look forward to the future updates and the magic of the virtual tours in the future.

Dan Hammar
Remerica Country Homes
Detroit Area Realtor

Got Memory?

Hi Guys and Gals! I just wanted to share a quick tip with you that was given to me be by our good ol friend, Panorama Jack at Real Tour Vision. I’ve been using the Real Tour Vision virtual tour software provider since June, 2004. I bought my laptop (HP Pavilion) about the same time. It came with 512mb of RAM. At the time I was using an Olympus C-5060 and taking my pictures for spins on 1280 X 960 (about 1mb each). It was taking approximately 2.5 to 5 minutes to stitch a full 360 spin. Not ridiculously slow, but still drove me nuts having to wait that long.

Recently I purchased a new camera (FujiFilm S6000fd) recommended by Ben, Jason and Mike and Joy Thompson . The new camera requires that I take my pictures on 1600 X 1200. When trying to stitch spins using the new camera it was taking me approximately 5 to 8 minutes per 360 spin! Now that was enough to drive me over the edge! Stitching a 6 or 7 spin tour was running an additional 20 to 30 minutes!

Finally broke down and bought some more memory (1GB or SODIMM) for $119. It effectively increased my RAM from 512MB to 1.280GB because I had to remove one of the existing 256MB cards. It was very easy to install and WOW what a difference!! I can stitch a 360 spin about one minute! SWEEEET! I wish I would have done this years ago! Just wanted to throw this out there for those of you getting frustrated like I was….Go buy some memory!

Dan McAllister
First Coast 360
Virtual Tours First Coast
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Starting Our Virtual Tour Business

We started our Virtual Tour business in a relatively small market in Montana.

The virtual tour business took right off after our initial marketing campaign. Our repeat business is sensational. Many of our Real Estate clients have ordered at least multiple virtual tours monthly. In the past 2 months real estate sales have slowed drastically but we remain quite busy.

However we have found a market that gets really “jazzed” when they see what our interactive virtual tours can do for their business (lodging industry).

In just 2 months we have produced Virtual Tours for (2) of the most popular resorts in Montana.

We are excited about our future as a Real Tour Vision provider!

Monte Jenkins