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24/7 Open House – Demanded by Consumers

Metro Detroit are you getting the most exposure on your real estate listings? This one is simple, in a slow Real Estate Market you need to do whatever you can to get that home in front of as many people as you can! 87% of potential home buyers look at homes with Virtual Tours FIRST!

Recently, I was at a homeowners house doing a Virtual Tour and she said to me that they where looking to buy a Home out of state and they relied on in looking. She said that they looked at homes with Virtual Tours 1st, homes with multi photos 2nd and did not even bother looking at homes with one or no photo. She thought with only one or no photo that they were trying to hide something.

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A Complete 360

Recently one of our virtual tour providers JR Fent from Real Tour Services in Reno, Nevada sent in an email letting us know how things were going with his virtual tour company. We were very pleased to hear…and SEE that his virtual tour business had just recently made headlines in the Reno Gazette – Journal.

No words can describe the overpowering feeling of pride and joy a business owner and entrepreneur gets when they see that very first article in the paper or the business journal. At that very moment your business is forever legitimized and held on a pedestal for the world to see. Today Real Tour Vision and it’s provider network give a Tip of the Hat to JR Fent and his son Colton for leading the virtual tour market in Reno, NV.

Here is the full story:

A complete 360
Posted: 9/4/2007

When a friend of Colton Fent’s family asked for advice on finding someone to do virtual tour photography for local real estate agents Fent and his father, JR, discovered a great opportunity for the teenager to start his own business.

Searching the Web and other resources, they found no other such service using high-quality equipment in the Reno/Sparks area.

That was 2½ years ago. Since then, Colton Fent has operated Real Tour Services, meeting the needs of local real estate offices and other businesses offering virtual tours used on a Web site, the Multiple Listing Service or on CD or DVD.

Initially, JR Fent primarily handled the business with Colton gradually assuming responsibilities.

Colton Fent, 17, is a senior at Coral Academy, a Washoe County charter school. He manages to sandwich in time to do the photography along with his studies during the week, but he has plenty of hours on the weekend.

He has worked for individual real estate agents as well as major builders such as Toll Brothers and a local hotel-casino.

Important to the success of his work is the high-end HP Pavillion DV1000 notebook computer and a Canon 3.2 Mega Pixel Power Shot S1 digital camera, along with a tripod by Slik with a special head by Mansrotto. This allows him to take still photos covering 360 degrees and provides a smooth transition from shot to shot.

Initially, the Fents prepared letters and thousands of fliers distributed to real estate offices in the region. But there was not a lot of response.

“We soon found that word of mouth was the best advertising,” Colton Fent said.

Kim Aramini, an agent at Dickson Realty, doesn’t recall how she first heard about Real Tour Services, but since using JR Fent’s work 18 months ago to promote a south suburban property, she has recommended the company to others.

“On that first job, JR did a great job,” Aramini said. “It was a very unique property, and he took the time to lay out the best (virtual) photography and give me quality. So, I continued to use him.”

“They are very responsive as to what we are looking for, and that’s important with the market the way it is today. Good photos make a difference for me, and I think (JR Fent) is great.”

Judy Lynn Mandeville, a Realtor with Remax Realty Professionals, also heard about Real Tour Services and began using it for virtual tours of her listings.

“Initially, the father came to do the work, but Colton (Fent) came along with him,” Mandeville said. “I’ve used them several times, and I find them very accommodating with schedules. Always early.

“Colton (Fent) now comes to do the work. He is very professional, very wise for his years. Always courteous.”

Colton Fent said he had never worked for anyone else, but always thought he would like to have his own business, knowing it would be a good challenge.

The young entrepreneur is seeing a lot of returning customers and is enjoying the prospect of watching his business grow and prosper.


This article was recently published in the San Francisco Chronicle. We thought it would be great to share this with those who frequent our virtual tour company blog as it reflects the growing desire for us to experience 3D walkthrough like technology and 3D animations. Recently the Real Tour Vision 3D department has been very busy working on many new projects with our 3D Animation crew. Some of our current work may be seen on our 3D walkthrough page of our website. Enjoy the article and remember that the Real Tour Vision Animators are industry best!

San Francisco Chronicle

By Tom Geller, Special to The Chronicle

The weather is perfect for an open house. The listing agent greets you at the door and you enter the clean, rambling home, its lofty rooms done tastefully in muted cream with brown accents. Touring upstairs, you remark to a winged white tigress that the bathroom would look better with colored lighting; she touches a panel on the wall to make the change, considers, then agrees.

This isn’t Narnia; it’s Second Life, a virtual world where more than 1.5 million “residents” use computers to control graphic representations of themselves and interact with others as they wander through realistic landscapes that other residents have created.

The game’s large audience has attracted real-world businesses, such as Circuit City, Toyota and Sears, that attempt to attract customers to their Web sites by “building” stores in Second Life.

Now, Second Life is a venue for selling another big-ticket item: homes.

The appearance of real-world home models in online worlds such as Second Life acknowledges that Americans are spending more time in virtual spaces that go beyond the Web. Sites such as already provide home buyers with basic property details, photos, and occasional movies of prospective properties. But immersive, 3-D online experiences such as Second Life, Google Earth and Google SketchUp go further by allowing visitors to fly over the city, stroll around the neighborhood, and even walk in the front door – without leaving the computer keyboard.

Last month, a Seattle-area Coldwell Banker office created a virtual model of a real-world 5,700-square-foot new home on Mercer Island, listed for a little more than $3 million. While several real estate companies have used Second Life to advertise their services, this is believed to be the first time a real home has been available for touring in this environment. Listing agent Suzanne Lane (“Suzanne Ibanez” in Second Life) said she’s been happy with the response.

“We’ve had tremendous interest. About 3,700 people have come in and walked around, including quite a few who are capable of buying this level of home,” she said. “It’s a property that does command a worldwide market, so we’re really excited about this new avenue because it’s more worldwide.”

She’s still not sure whether Second Life will ultimately help her sell the house. However, she’s optimistic about the project as a general marketing tool. “I’ve fielded quite a few questions from people who say they’re potential buyers,” she said. “The actual home is sort of a launch pad for more information.”

The real-world house was left unstaged, its empty rooms devoid of furniture, art, and the cliche breakfast tray in the master bedroom. The home’s Second Life version could have been filled with such homey touches at a tiny fraction of the cost of a real-world staging, but Charlie Young, Coldwell Banker’s senior vice president of marketing explained why it isn’t.

“We made a decision to represent it exactly as it exists in the real world,” said Young, who is known as Spuds Carter in the virtual world. “Even the handles on the kitchen cabinets are the same. If you look out the back window, it’s the real view. Just because you’re not actually in the listing doesn’t mean you can’t experience what it’s like.”

The Mercer Island home is part of a larger strategy for Coldwell Banker, which opened its Second Life office in March and revealed that it had secretly been buying virtual property for development and resale.

Read the full article is HERE

Spread The Word

I’ve had many businesses in my life time, but none that I’ve enjoyed more than making Virtual Tours, and what makes it more enjoyable is working with a GREAT company that is on top of everything. Their staff is always there when you need them with the best customer service you can find. Knowing that if you have an issue or a problem they will take the time to help you solve it quickly is very reassuring.

We are like a big family in Real Tour Vision. Virtual tour providers from all over the world are in constant communication with each other through the inside Real Tour Vision provider forum and inside there we share tips and tricks of the trade with each other to make sure we knock out the competition and stay ahead in the race. It’s just great!!

I believe this person in Indiana was very happy with what I said to him and very soon we will see him showing us his 360 virtual tours and leadership within our great network.

Thank You

Claudia Jaramillo
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CirclePix Virtual Tour VS The B

Okay, so I’m sure some of you in major markets have had the question, “So how do you compare to CirclePix virtual tours?” Well, price IS certainly a factor, but take a look at this example and price suddenly no longer becomes part of the conversation.

What do I mean? Well, recently BakerB Solutions had a “summer shutdown” to let all of our people have a vacation. One of our clients hired CirclePix virtual tour photographer during this time. Upon the completion of shutdown, we received an order from them with the following in the comments section of the order: “VT done by CirclePix during shutdown – CirclePix Virtual Tour is no good! MUST HAVE it replaced with BakerB VT ASAP!”

After completing the “redo” of this property I discovered that, while the property is certainly a challenge to do a premium tour, the CirclePix tour lacked some basic elements of a good 360 tour (regardless of the subject). Here are just a few examples of what I found:

1) The broker’s name was not spelled correctly, they called it “Llewellyn Real Estate” when it is actually “Llewellyn Realtors”

2) The street name was spelled as “Briar Wood Terrace” when the actual street is “Briarwood Terrace”

3) The front shot highlights the dead tree stump in the front yard. It is fairly unavoidable, but look at the BakerB/RTV tour and you will see how the interface allows us to “crop” that portion of the image out.

4) Just take a look at the bathroom shots in the CirclePix virtual tour. Is that what you would expect after paying $120?

For more examples, do a side by side comparison for yourself, and you will see why our client demanded our virtual tour replace the the CirclePix tour.

**Note: Please note that while our tour was done on an overcast day after some rainfall (per the agent’s urgent request), we were still able to get “light” into the rooms by overexposing some shots. The CirclePix tour was done late in the day/early evening.

See the Baker B Virtual Tour Powered by Real Tour Vision HERE

See the CirclePix Virtual Tour HERE


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