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Sunday Open House – A Thing Of The Past?

Are open houses outdated? Real estate agents who sit in the houses Sunday after Sunday afternoon could certainly tell you where they’d rather be. Will open houses soon be remembered as fondly as home milk delivery and telephones with dials?

It seems so.

According to a recently article published by RISMedia, ”Open houses have been declining in attendance for several years – they’re a relic,” so says Rudy Mayer, a Realtor of ERA The Masiello Group of Nashua, NH.

“With a record number of properties on the market, record gas prices and easier access to multiple photos and virtual tours online, buyers are less inclined to go out and drive around to traditional open houses,” Mayer says.

360 Virtual Home Tours create the 24/7 open house. It is more convenient for everyone, from the home seller, home buyer, and the agent that is representing the property.

“Since attendance is down (or non-existent) at most open houses, many buyers are also weary of being the only open house visitor and being made uncomfortable by a potentially hungry agent following them from room to room,” Mayer said.

The article explains how a webcast is going to create the virtual open house. This is truly experimental. It probably will take some time to refine and format. In the meantime, agents can create virtual open houses for all their listings, and take Sunday afternoons off, just by offering virtual tours on all their listings.

I am doing virtual tours in Lancaster, PA and I am waiting to see the first Sunday newspaper add that says something like, “Our Open Houses are always open because we always use virtual tours.”

George Sheldon
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As Easy As R-T-V!

When I first looked at Real Tour Vision as a potential business opportunity 3 years ago, it did not take me long to realize that this was one of those opportunities I just was not going to pass up.

After researching all of the other virtual tour software out there and testing their online capabilities, it was obvious that these guys were on to a good thing. It wasn’t just that their virtual tours were above and beyond the competition, it was the ease at which you could take pictures, stitch, upload and disperse the 360 tours from the fully integrated virtual tour management system (TMS).

The way RTV has it set up is remarkably one of the easiest systems to use. Now, RTV has gone and changed everything and has made it even easier to manage! You have everything at your fingertips and complete control and that my friends, is what makes the virtual tour business fun! If you are looking to buy into a 360 virtual tour system that gives you everything you need; the best virtual tour software, the best online presentation, the fastest load time, the various options of generating revenue and most of all, the best support staff in the business then Real Tour Vision is the one for you.

RTV has done a great job of providing the resources and tools to help me get my virtual tour company of Mid Michigan up and going and continues to be innovative and creative in product updates and finish product functionality. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Finally I have also integrated the new RTV provider website into my business and I am able to manage everything under one umbrella. For those of you in need of 360 virtual tours in Mid-Michigan and those of you who want to have the best online presentation give us a call or visit our website today. We make looking your best as easy as RTV!

Many thanks to all of you at Real Tour Vision!

Lance Ziegler
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Virtual Tours and Juicy Hamburgers

You’re watching TV, and an ad for “Joe’s Hamburger Shack” is on the screen. You read that Joe’s has the best, the juiciest, and the ad urges you to visit and taste for yourself. You see a picture of the front of “Joe’s” establishment.

At the next commercial break, “Tom’s Best Burgers” shows a video of a hamburger sizzling on the grill, then the juicy hamburger with a golden bun, a thick, bright-red tomato slice, pickles, onions and golden-brown French fries on the side. It makes your mouth water!

Now translate to Virtual Tours…

One of my earliest virtual tours in Naples was from a fairly new agent who picked up an expired listing. She told me that the former agency not only did not have a 360 Tour, but had only a couple of still images on MLS. They had the listing for 18 months.

In less than 2 weeks, she called to tell me the property was in contract. The buyers told her they had been looking for 2 years. They saw the Virtual Tour and knew they wanted to see this property in “real time”. They ended up buying.

Virtual Tours, and especially Real Tour Vision’s excellent virtual tour software technology, brings the “sizzle” to life. There is no better way to market properties in today’s market.

Paula Susi
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Treasure Coast Virtual Tour Provider and Realtor

After making over 160 Virtual tours for other real estate agents, I am announcing my very own first 360 Virtual Tour as a Realtor (r).

Treasure Coast Virtual Tour is here.

It is very satisfying to offer a virtual tour with all my listings, knowing that it is such a powerful and economic marketing tool one can use

I would say the most successful Realtors in my community have a virtual tour for each of his/her listings. It does not matter the price range of the property. Now-a-days buyers are researching their home purchase from their own homes over the internet. If a buyer is looking for a home, what do you think they are looking for? Pictures and lots of them.

No buyer would buy a home with just the description of the property. They want to see every nook and cranny of the home and what more than a virtual tour to accomplish this; a professional tour, done by a professional virtual tour company that uses the latest technology and has the best customer service. Only Real Tour Vision providers can offer this top notch level of virtual tour service. We are successful because we have the best Virtual tour Company working with us. Virtual tours of the Treasure Coast have never looked so great!

It is always a pleasure to work with Real Tour Vision. I have recommended this business to all my family and friends, because I enjoy it and I know that this company will be there for them at all times and all circumstances. Good work REAL TOUR VISION!

Thank You

Claudia Jaramillo
Perfect Images
Treasure Coast Virtual Tour Company

New Virtual Tour Manager Delivers

Dear Real Tour Vision,

I am amazed at how easy the new virtual tour manager site works. I can publish a 360 tour now in under 20 minutes. The fact that virtual tour approvals is now an option that I can turn on or off means that us power users don’t have to wait an extra twenty or thirty minutes to get approval from Real Tour Vision. Let me tell you that is a great help!! In the beginning when I was getting started I liked having their input so I knew that I was not messing things up but once I got things down I did not want to have to wait any longer. Especially over the weekends. My clients rave about the fact that if we do a tour on Friday afternoon it gets posted that very day. I know that my virtual tour delivery time is much faster than that of the other national virtual tour companies like Circlepix and Obeo and at the end of the day that really makes me look great!

I especially like the fact that I can easily put all of the city and school information into the virtual tour as well as mapping to the directions to the listing. Putting slide shows together is also a breeze as well as adding audio to my virtual tours. The virtual tour software is very easy to use and to date I haven’t crashed a tour yet!

One other nice thing great thing that I have really come to love is the new partnership that Real Tour Vision made with Rock Pointe Marketing (A marketing company that offers its services exclusively to Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers.) I am an affiliate member of the Albemarle Area Association of Realtors and I was just nominated the Affiliate of the Month for July! I used the custom marketing materials from the Rock Pointe Marketing CD and let me tell you, my sales went nuts! All it took was for me to change a few words and put my company name on the flyer and it sold the agents that had still had doubts that virtual tours sell homes faster. Shortly after getting a new client on board with a virtual tour they ended up representing both the buyer and the seller. The month of August has been my best month so far and being that this is my first year as a virtual tour provider I am sure that it will continue to get better and better each year.

Thanks to Real Tour Vision I am having the time of my life. I enjoy making a living, who would of ever thought working could be so much fun.

Dave Kondracki
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