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Virtual Tours on Pull More Traffic

Our interactive virtual tour technology is pretty advanced, but recently it blew me away….again!

Believe it or not, one of my favorite 360 virtual tours, a million-dollar-plus home in Ridgefield, WA, has received more hits (viewings) from than our local MLS.

Take a moment and click on the small blue circle at the bottom of the tour to examine this hit report.

Now, think how reassuring it is to the homeowner to be able to see for themselves that their real estate professional is “putting the tour out there for everyone to see.” — AND they can click on it whenever they want to!

It used to blow me away how few real estate agents would pay the $25 to link virtual tours to their listings. Hopefully, now that they can see for themselves that it works, they’ll consider it.

Dawn Shaffer
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Interactive Virtual Tours Your Way

It is just a simple fact of life that what one likes, the other does not. Last week, I was talking to several different business owners about adding an interactive 360 virtual tour of their property as part of their marketing strategy. What struck me is how some really liked a specific feature, while others did not.

For example, some loved the audio option of our 360 virtual tours. They liked the selection of music, and thought that it added a great touch to the experience. Several liked the idea of using their own voice, or a professional voice over artist (a service I offer to my clients here in southeast Pennsylvania). Several said it “adds class to the tour.”

Then there were others that did not like the idea at all and liked the fact that can add video to my virtual tours to create a video virtual tour or a ReelTour. One said, “half the people are looking at web sites while they are at work. When the music starts playing, they quickly close the window and I will have lost them.”

Whether you do or don’t like audio or video on our virtual tours, it doesn’t matter. It’s part of our service, which is customizing the tour just the way our customer wants. I have orders here for 360 tours in Adams to be built with and without audio. Same thing goes for some of other great options: floor plans, maps, brochures and so on. What one customer wants, the other says no to the option.

And that’s just what it is: an option to make the virtual tour personalized and customized for the customer’s preference. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we’re building virtual tours one at a time, and giving our customer – and new friends – exactly what they want – without trying to make them adjust to a one-size-fits-all plan. Real Tour Vision is truly the “have it your way” virtual tour solution. It’s so great to offer virtual tours in Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country – because I can give them exactly what they like!

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Appealing to the International Buyer

With the availability of online presence, agents in the U.S. can use their online marketing tools to appeal to buyers all over the United States and the WORLD. Our interactive virtual tours can be e-mailed and viewed anywhere in the world. They can also be posted to the MLS, your personal broker site,, and many other sites as well. Virtual tour syndication and distribution channels are key.

I created a virtual tour for a Real Estate agency here in Lane County for a United Country Real Estate site and it was seen by buyers in China. The buyers liked what they saw on the virtual tour and came and purchased the property after viewing it in person. With the interactive tours that we create, buyers can see and direct themselves from room to room and get a feel for the layout of the home. It is for this interaction that my clients choose my technology daily over any video virtual tours. Now is the time to use our interactive 360 virtual tours as a marketing tool to appeal to buyers all over the world. According to the Associated Press (AP), now is the first time since 1976 that the Canadian dollar is equal to the U.S. dollar. The AP also said that this could mean an influx of real estate buyers from Canada. Now is the time to use your online virtual tour to bring them your way.

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Building Your Identity

There’s a lot of talk in marketing about building a brand identity. It’s not just the visual aspect of your logo or brochure, it’s what your customer experiences emotionally.

Customer service is what is going to set you apart from the competition. Are you smiling, cheerful and read to go the extra mile? Do you promptly reply to phone messages? Do you make an effort to get to know your customers and their families or hobbies? Ask questions, be genuinely interested and listen…but most importantly retain that information, so you can ask about specific people or topics at a later date. Repeat business will happen once they know they will get the same pleasant experience each and every time.

Quality products and services also help to promote a positive brand identity. High quality = satisfied customers which results in repeat business. We don’t have anything to worry about in this area because we are Real Tour Vision providers. We already provide the highest quality virtual tours available on the market.

You – The RTV provider is often the brand. What do you say about your virtual tour company? What words, feelings or images do you evoke in your customers? Once you have defined the image and feeling you and your business evoke, the next step is to reinforce your brand with your marketing efforts such as vehicle signage, business cards, logo and customer service strategy.

Loyalty is what happens when your customers receive quality products and virtual tour services combined with consistently excellent customer service. They will become committed and loyal to you. Loyalty is what keeps you in the front of their minds, resulting in repeat business and generating referrals.

Your brand is your competitive edge and what makes you stand out against the competition. Take the time to carefully develop it and make every effort to support it…every single day.


Virtual Tours Sponsored by Mortgage Brokers

Are you looking for a way to “give something back” to the real estate agents that give you referrals? Do you need something that complies with RESPA? Have you thought about a BakerB Solutions Interactive Virtual Tour as that solution?

It’s almost common knowledge that 71 to 84% (or more at this point) of home shoppers use the internet to search for homes. That is a BIG number. One of the most significant tools they use is the 360 virtual tour. But how do Mortgage Brokers leverage this staggering opportunity for exposure to their services? Have a look at a sample BakerB Solutions virtual tour here:

In this tour you have the opportunity for exposure in two places. First is a link to your website through your logo at the bottom right corner of the interface. Next we can link YOUR mortgage calculator to the “Mortgage Info” tab at the top. Since you would be paying for the virtual tour, and you would be paying a neutral third party (BakerB Solutions, or one of our Network providers), no money exchanges hands from the Mortgage Broker to the Realtor. Thus you are in compliance with RESPA, and still able to assist with marketing.

You can see more sample virtual tours at Contact us and we would be happy to discuss how you can leverage these tours to help your real estate agent, the homeowner, prospective home buyers and your business as well. It’s a win all the way around! We do virtual tours in Maryland and Washington DC. And, yes, we do offer national coverage so either BakerB Solutions can provide you with the virtual home tour or one of our provider partners can. Rest assured you are covered!

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